What's your guys opinion on Black/Dark Magick?

I want to know how you guys view black/dark magick? I personally don’t mind it, nor care as long as it’s to defend yourself. Honestly, I personally feel dark magick is necessary sometimes…

But what do you guys think?
Btw…I also made this as practice to not care what people think for once…
I spent the majority of my life at the hands of other people’s opinions instead of what I believe.
And I believe dark magick has its rightful place in magick in general.
It’s not as bad as people make it out to be.

Some of it is dangerous, but if you think it’s worth it, then maybe it is.
Everyone has a different situation. And everyone has a different view of it.

Either way. This is just MY opinion, and if YOU don’t agree with it please don’t @ me trying to make me believe otherwise :laughing:
Or do…practice makes perfect.
And I am trying to ask other people’s opinions (To which I already know how a lot of witches view it) without taking it to heart. To release it, and let it go


I don’t have a problem with what most would consider baneful magick, i.e. hexing, cursing, binding, etc. It has been used for a really long time by those who were in terrible situations and had no other way out. If someone really wants to throw a curse? Go for it :sparkles: I haven’t done a curse specifically, but I am not afraid to toss a binding on someone and put them in my freezer :ice_cube:


Good morning, i personally have never used it, but there is or could be a time and place for everything so I can’t say that I would never use it. But for me to use it there would have to be a purpose to it and I would not use it just for the sake of using it. But I have done research into it and have found a few that I have saved that might be useful in a time of need. So never say never. Blessed be.


I think it depends on the caster’s situation. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never felt the temptation to hex or curse someone in my almost one year in the Craft. Personally, I would only utilize dark magick as a last, last resort, i.e., I’m in a dangerous situation and the police haven’t been much help.


It’s not something I’ve done, but I have researched it though. Mainly because i like to have a whole picture of a thing rather than one viewpoint if that makes sense? And it’s just like in the mundane world I suppose isn’t it, sometimes you would do things you wouldn’t normally do to defend yourself from danger. I’ve never been tempted but I don’t hold bad feelings for that side of the craft either. :heart:


I practice hexes and curses


I don’t and never would do negative magic. But that is just my preference. You have to decide for yourself. We all settle on our ethics when we create our magic, no one should judge you.
Be at peace and Blessed be.


I believe that each individual holds their own unique creation and is tethered to energies beyond our imagination. It is through duality that we find balance. Each one of us plays a large part in the balance between the two. I for one often practice far different from others that I know personally. I have an innate understanding what is right and wrong for me. However, that does not apply to anyone other than myself. I believe that Dark Magic is essential to the balance just as is Light. I am more prone to a Light practice. I for example do not believe in manifesting material possessions. While if your vibration Is high enough, you may get what you ask for but there always a price if you are not at a place in your life where these things resonate to your highest purpose at the moment. I always intend to manifest the most unapologetic authentic version of myself; so, that I may receive that which is what is meant to serve my highest purpose whatever that may be.


It really depends in the scenario you’ll find yourself in, I understand it’s only done when in the worst case situation in the past, media and different beliefs however have offered a different perspective with it and showed its done for entertainment of its practitioners. Once I actually did it without knowing what I did was actually black magick, it actually taught one of the bullies a lesson at school, it’s only now that I chose to keep control of my life force or magick did I tell myself to only use it if the situation’s really dire and no other solution mundane or other forms of magick can solve the issue


Great topic @jada1!!

Why would anyone want to change your mind on that? I hope we can use this space to promote unity in diversity. In other words, that there can be harmony and unity between individuals with different views.

Regarding dark magic, I feel that it’s important to make the distinction between a justice spell (e.g. a return to sender spell or a bounce-back mirror spell) where you don’t choose the punishment yourself; and a specific curse or psychic attack of sorts.

With the first case, there’s no drama. Maybe do a divination first (“Divine twice, cast once”) to make sure that’s the best course of action.

Regarding casting curses and hexes, I don’t encourage them but here’s some reading that may interest you:


I’m so glad you brought up this topic because it is a fascinating one. I don’t have a problem with other people practicing it and I’m interested in learning more about it, in an academic way. I don’t judge witches who do it. But you know the saying: when you seek revenge, dig two graves. I believe that. I also believe in protecting yourself and the ones you love, setting firm boundaries, and fighting back, when needed, so my banishing and protection spells can be pretty fierce! When I have been SO angry and felt SO helpless that I wanted to hex someone, I have increased my self care and sometimes also done beneficial spells for the person or the situation to just change that energy up. Everyone needs catharis every once in a while, though. I have written “I hate you” letters and drawn silly pictures and then burned them. I love harnessng that fire energy. You can use it for good or evil. Like you can build a fire to keep warm or burn down a house. I choose the former. Sometimes, in the process of getting all my feelings out on paper, is I come up with a new solution or something else constructive, or I feel I can let it go and refocus my energy on my own needs. For example, learning how to deal with conflicts effectively, which is what I’m trying to learn these days. Anyway, love the topic. Want to know all I can.


I don’t know if you’ and everyone else will find this Youtuber interesting yet I’ll still send and share it anyway, Scarlet Ravenswood discusses about, Hexing and Traditional Witchcraft in this YouTube video: Hexing & Traditional Witchcraft || Pagan Happy Hour Ep#28 - YouTube

Disclaimer: As always, I do not own the video link, this video is owned by Scarlet Ravenswood, not me nor do I earn any money from her too

Blessed Be,


This is a wonderful discussion- thanks for opening it up, and for sharing your personal insights about magick, @jada1! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My personal practice and beliefs have been influenced a lot by my time living at Buddhist temples :hindu_temple: . In my personal magickal and spiritual beliefs, I choose to never use Dark/Black Magick. This is because I strongly believe that what you give to the world, you will get back- whether that’s in this life or the next. I think that wishing harm onto others is just as harmful to the caster as to the person the spell is directed at- not always through a karmic hand, but rather that the caster willing chose violence, hatred, and/or fear over other options. It’s just my personal belief, but I think that harmful actions cause a cycle :recycle: - a chain of action and re-action, curse and retirubtion, that is then very hard for those captured inside to break out of. :chains:

Again, just personal belief- but I do not consider return to sender spells, cord-cutting, freezer spells, and most other kinds of defensive magick to be Black Magick. I see them as a kind of “grey area” of magick- if they do cause harm, it was caused by the original attacker and not the defendant. I don’t believe there is anything wrong in protecting yourself and your loved ones- in fact, I think this is a wonderful and important use of magick (albiet a use of magick that hopefully needs to be used only sparingly!)

It comes down to each individual witch to write their own code of ethics and draw their own lines. This is the beauty of magick, and I am very proud of all those who explored things and chose their witch code for themselves! :blush: It is always a delight to hear other’s opinions and see how everyone thinks of Black/Dark Magick in their practices.

Thanks again for opening up this discussion, Jada! :pray::heartpulse:


Thank you :heart:


Anger can be an excellent outlet. But use it wisely. Close all the doors and scream! Beat up a pillow. Take a sharp knife and kill a squash. all of these are great anger outlets.


Somethimes black needs to be fought by black.


Welcome to the Coven :heart: this is so true, we use black or protection after all :heart:


I too have used binding, freezer ,send back and mirror spells. Truth be told, I began studying witchcraft, because of a curse I felt from a neighbors mother they were islanders. The police would not help us, even After we bought a security system to record their actions. They destroyed our car, scratching it both sides among other things. Within a month of my first spell they were evicted. This was almost a 18 months ago. Good stuff. I use protection spells weekly.


Those sound like terrible neighbors. I’m glad you were able to get rid of them farily quickly. The perks of being a powerful Witch! :crystal_ball:

Thanks for sharing your experience with protection spells, Kathy!


Great topic of conversation! And I am enjoying hearing everyone’s responses. I feel that I fall more in line with some of our coven family with using justice spells or inward facing spells (spells that would remove me from a situation or person vs making something happen to the person) as my first line of defense. I’m still fairly new to my practice but thankfully haven’t had a need to consider using dark magic or any justice spell. But as also stated, I won’t completely discount it depending on the situation. “never say never!” I’m more of a peace and live and let live kind of person so if I can change something that will remove ME instead of the person, I’d rather try that first. But my opinion of dark magic itself is neutral. Everything has a purpose. I don’t find it inherently evil or bad. It’s what you do with it.