Ethical Witchcraft 🌻 What Are Your Thoughts?

:warning: NOTE This is a discussion only. I know there are those here who follow the Wiccan Rede, there are those who believe in the threefold law, and there are those that do not place any ethical laws on their magic besides their own. Please do not police the practices of others in this post, i.e. tell someone they cannot do something because it’s against the Wiccan Rede or threefold law. If you would like guidance on having a good discussion, I recommend reading this → Guide to Discussion Skills | UNSW Current Students and maybe I’ll create a post on it myself sometime in the future.

Last week, I made a video for my channel about ethical magic and my thoughts. I wanted to share it with you here, as well as a blurb or synopsis of the video itself, to start a discussion on the ethics of casting spells on or for other people, usually without their permission. Here is the video, and it’s subtitled as well for anyone that needs them. I’ll post the main points down below.

  • Ethics will vary from person to person and is defined, in part, as a set of moral principles.

  • I used to believe that it was okay for me to cast spells on/for others without their permission, specifically saying, “If Christians can pray for me without my permission, why can’t I work magic for them without their permission?” but now I see that view as childish.

  • Things I keep in mind when casting spells for others → consent, the situation as a whole, and my guiding principle of if I won’t do it without magic, I won’t do it with magic.

  • Sometimes, even with a person’s permission or at their request, a spell can still be unethical for me. For example, if someone wanted a fertility spell to get pregnant and trap their partner in a relationship, that’s unethical. However, if someone wanted a fertility spell because they have been trying to conceive and have been unsuccessful, and have a consenting partner, then that is ethical. See how the situation can change my ethical approach?

  • Different schools of thought approach magic differently. There are those who believe magic won’t have an affect on someone if the target’s energy doesn’t align with the spell. There are those who believe magic won’t work on others, period.

Obviously there’s more to the video, but I would like to get your thoughts on this and have a nice discussion on what your personal ethics are when it comes to casting spells!


This is funny because the book I’m reading for the book club this month is all about ethics. It was pointed out that unlike in other religions, we have to think about what we’re doing instead of getting forgiven after saying a penance and confessing. It’s a bigger deal to live an ethical life.

As for me, I pray for people who don’t know I’m Wiccan but who ask for prayers. In my mind who cares who the prayers are going to. I have one friend who is sort of agnostic but has given me blanket permission to light candles and do work for her, which is nice. She trusts me and I try not to betray that trust by letting her know what I’m doing.

But mostly, with exception to the coven here, I cast spells for myself. I just think it’s safer for me to stay in my own lane, as it were. Not because of ethics so much as I don’t know the whole situation and I don’t want to make anything worse.

That’s just my two cents worth.


Within my practice, I cast spells of health nature or protection for my family, but for other purposes or for outsiders I would not with out permission. But I don’t really have a social circle other than our coven and my family (hubby and kids), so I never have been in a situation to do spells for anyone else.
Blessed Be,


If I were to cast a spell for someone else, it would be for their health (physical, mental, and spiritual) and protection.

I’d be hesitant to cast a love spell for someone that isn’t for improving their self-image. Even if you think they should be dating, that they’ve been single for too long, they might not want a relationship, at this time. Even if they asked for some magickal assistance with their love life, I would have to find a way to construct the spell in a way that does not take away a potential partner’s free will (i.e., a love spell to meet the right person). EDIT: a spell to meet them under favorable conditions (like waiting in line at the store)!

Because of my experiences with money spells, I will NEVER cast one for another person, even with their consent. :sweat_smile:

As @MeganB pointed out, even if they asked for some magickal assistance, I’d have to ask, “who will this spell affect?” And “has everyone who will be involved given their consent?”


@Amethyst – that sounds like you’ve got a good ethical foundation for yourself :heart:

@Rowan – that’s usually about where I stand, too.

@Kasandra – Oh, I’d be interested in hearing your experience with money spells if you feel like sharing :laughing: you’ve piqued my interest!


I have done spells in the past for other people but i’ve always had there permission before I did them and then i would see what the situation is and if magick even needs to be done and if magick is the only option to fix the problem then i would use my pendulum and ask the Goddess and God if this is something i even need to mess with and depends on there answer and how i feel about doing it then i would make a decision base off that.

One thing i have learned about doing magick is when you do a lot of work on yourself it makes other peoples behaviors a lot less annoying to you and you don’t even let it effect you and if you do then instead of doing a spell on them do one on yourself to make yourself less annoyed about what they are doing and no harm is done to anyone and you will become a better person that way, There was a saying a long time ago i heard “All Magick works on yourself”.


My D&D character is Lawful Good…
Rules do not exist to limit you… They exist so that you may know your freedoms.


I try. One thing this book is touching on is that helping a person too much is harming them, and I’m bad at wanting to do that when I know I can do it and help them out. Something for me to work on, I guess.


Your video was so well done! Thank you for explaining the various ethical situations. It was useful.


Short story: I cast a money spell without clearly stating or visualizing how the money could come to me. “I’d like some more money, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.”
Oh, more money did come to me… in the form of overtime! :sweat_smile:


Thank you @mary25 :heart: I’m glad to know it was useful!

Ahh @Kasandra I have definitely done that one before!!


I don’t want to hurt anyone and I don’t want anybody to hurt me.
That’s the basis of my ethics.


I echo many of the thoughts of the coven. What I like about my practice is that, unlike my participation in prior religions and practices, the overwhelming majority of the focus and work that I do is inward and for myself. However if asked, depending on the ask, I may perform spellwork on behalf of others. I’ve only been asked by other witches for specific spellwork and I don’t mind that since it is generally (to my knowledge) not causing harm to anyone and is doesn’t involve a 3rd party; just something specific for that 1 person.

I’ve also had non-witches generically ask for prayer for travels, or health issues. A prayer to me is not religion or practice specific. I don’t really differentiate between prayers and spellwork. I think a prayer is a spell using just your energy and intent. Anyway, for those sort of nonchalant/in passing conversation requests, I will say a prayer for the person.

Other than that I try to steer clear from performing spells for or on people without their consent. I also wouldn’t perform any spellwork for a person that involved another person without their consent as well. I just don’t feel comfortable with it, but I would reserve judgement from those that do. I just mind my business lol

Edited to add: @MeganB great topic and love the video!


Thank you for sharing this. This information is truly helpful for me on this new journey


You’re very welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m happy to provide inspiration and food for thought!


As for casting spells on or for others, I don’t.

Casting spells that may affect others? It is impossible to see all ends. I make an effort to avoid harming others, and then don’t worry about it. I trust that if my intention is enough to make the spell work at all, then the intention of no harm will work as well. Unintended consequences are a rule of all human decisions. Sometimes they are beneficial, other times not. I hold myself accountable, and that’s the best I can do - magically or otherwise.