Got Hexed? How to Do a Return to Sender Spell

What is a Return to Sender Spell?

A “Return to Sender” (sometimes also called a “Back to Sender”) is a type of spell designed to remove a hex, curse, or other unwanted energy AND send it back to where it came from. It is usually classified as a form of Banishing Magick.

Banishing Spells for Self-Defense: Spell Collection

When Should Someone Cast a Return to Sender?

If you or someone you know believes that they have been cursed, hexed, or otherwise sent bad energy and you want to break free, a Return to Sender is something to consider.

Not sure if you are the victim of a curse or hex? The Curse Detection Guide has a list of common signs that someone may be under a curse.

Am I Cursed? How to Detect Hexes, Curses, Jinxes, & Ill Will

If you do not believe that you are the victim of a targeted curse or hex, then a Return to Sender Spell might help disperse some of the energy you are dealing with, but it is probably not the best-suited spell for your situation. In this case, you might consider removing general negativity from your space with cleansing methods or overcoming bad fortune with magickal charms for good luck instead.

Are Return to Sender Spells Black Magick?

Black or Baneful Magick is generally defined as any magickal working cast with the intention of causing harm. All those who practice magick are free to choose their own magickal ethics, and some witches choose to incorporate Baneful Magick into their practice. Other witches, such as Wiccans who follow the Wiccan Threefold Law or those who believe in karma, choose to not incorporate Baneful Magick into their practices. To each witch their own!

When it comes to Return to Sender spells, like all magick, whether the spell is Baneful or not depends on the caster’s intention. Intention is the goal of the spell- it is what guides the energy to manifest the caster’s wish in the way they (or the deities or spirits they call upon) desire.


  1. A Return to Sender Spell cast with the intention of getting back at and hurting the original caster is a spell intended to cause harm. This would be considered Baneful Magick.

  2. A Return to Sender Spell cast in self-defense with the goal of freeing oneself from a curse would not be considered Baneful Magick (although some may consider it to be Grey Magick: magick that is not entirely helpful nor harmful, but somewhere in between).

In short, the same spell cast with different intentions = two different types of magick. It is up to every caster to define their own magickal ethics and practice in the way that feels right to them :mage:

But if you were afraid of casting a Return to Sender Spell because you do not practice Baneful Magick, set your worries free! You can rest assured that it is possible to cast a Return to Sender without it being Baneful Magick :grinning: :white_heart:

Where Can I Find a Return to Sender Spell to Cast?

Looking to cast a Return to Sender Spell? Here are a few tried and true RtS spells you can use!

Return to Sender: Easy Karmic Justice Spell

Send it Back: Return to Sender Spell

Hex Reversal With Mirror and Candles: Curse Breaking Spell

Have you ever done a Return to Sender Spell? :magic_wand:

Feel free to share your experiences, guidance, and recommended spells in the comments below.

Happy Casting and Blessed Be!


I knew I forgot something! :sweat_smile: Adding it in here- for anyone who likes to incorporate celestial timing (not necessary, but helps to guide and enhance spellwork), an ideal time to cast a Return to Sender Spell is during a Waning Moon Phase :crescent_moon:

From Spells8: Waning Moon Magick

Blessed Be!


I personally consider any kind of return-to-sender spell as baneful magick, so now I have this hilarious image in my head of me and someone bouncing this negative energy ball that grows in size with each hit, back and forth between each other like a tennis match except instead of trying to hit the court, we’re trying to hit each other. :joy:

Okay, maybe it’s just funny to me. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, don’t let my definition put you off. The reason I mention it is so that I can say even though I believe this, I also second this statement:


That is quite the mental image! :joy:

It’s also a great question in terms of magickal theory (:star_struck:)- when two people continue to use RtS spells specifically against each other, do you think the intention would grow with each reflection, getting bigger and bigger? Would there be some kind of breaking point- an explosion, or fizzling out- or would it continue on until it either hit or was redirected elsewhere? :thinking:

The logistics/“behind-the-spellwork” are neat to think about! :grinning:


I can imagine both yes and no working out. This is what my imagination shows:

If you’re empowering your RtS, yes. Imagine the tennis racquet glowing as you swing back for the hit, and then that glowing energy goes into the ball when you swing forward, and the ball and racquet collide. The purpose being that you’re using this power to ensure that the negative energy is properly bounced back, using the power like the force you would use to hit a ball.

But, if you’re not, imagine the same without the building energy. :smile:

Another interesting question. :thinking: Assuming the “players” don’t run out of energy first…

There’s the thought that energy never truly dissipates, it just changes form. This idea points to some possibilities. One is that it has to hit someone or be redirected, as you suggested. Another is going with the idea that you can absorb energy for later use and change its properties.

I didn’t have the words for it before, but at some point, I was trying to explain that I think you can bottle negative energy (in something other than yourself, please) and then transform/cleanse it into positive energy for use in something else. This kind of goes along with what you were explaining about intent in the main post:

If you took negative energy and used it to power an attempt to heal something, I believe it changes.

While not magickal, I believe I have proof that this can be done with emotions and “flaws.” For example, whenever I feel angry at an injustice, I use that to fuel my motivation to do something helpful for others. I also have stereotypical ADHD hyper focusing issues, but instead of letting it latch onto absolutely anything, I make an effort to direct it toward things that are worthwhile.

So, if I can do it with emotions, for example, I’m sure it can be done with energy. :thinking:

Or I’m just exuding madness and attracted my favourite Chaos Professor to the thread with it. (Hi, @tracyS!) :joy: :black_heart:


Maybe, but I think either the gods or karma would get dizzy and find this continue resentment tiresome and probably squash the ball :rofl: :person_shrugging:. I know if I got myself involved with something like this, and it became a vendetta, Loki would slap my face in the mud and tell me to grow up and let it go.:flushed::partying_face:



Me: That makes sense.

Also me: But where’s the fun in that?

[Addams Family]

:joy: I say that, but yeah, I don’t think I’m capable of holding resentment for a long period of time. Don’t get me wrong – I can get angry on occasion and I’m glad that I haven’t lost the ability to do so. But yeah, there isn’t enough space in my brain to hold resentment. Not when I could be studying history or game design or something.


and the ball would just deflate like a deflating balloon with the energies just covering the original sender. :sweat_smile:


And round and round and round and round and …

(My phone won’t let me load GIFs onto Spells8 :person_shrugging:) :sparkling_heart:


Thank you to everyone who is indulging in Magickal Theory- I love it! :joy: :heart:

That’s a good point to consider! It makes me think of the debate about using your own personal energy reserves vs. drawing from nature or a deity. Connecting with a natural or higher energy source is vast, but personal energy reserves are limited- drawing too much on this can quickly lead to spell exhaustion.

So if one person in the game of RtS-tennis (:ping_pong: :laughing:) was using their own energy, they would eventually run out and be left vulnerable.

I really like this- and it opens a whole new area of possibilities! :star_struck:

It could be a potential way to get out of a potential game of RtS-tennis (I’m adopting this as an official term now, by the way :joy:), and also an option to remove and “negate” a hex, curse, or other form of negative energy.

Going to have to add “Negative Energy Cleansing Bottle/Jar” or “Hex Extraction” to my list of things to explore. Love the idea- thank you, Katerina! :raised_hands: :heart:

I can see this, and I respect it!

I guess I think of it in a slightly different way- that energy, like magick, would not be inheritnely good or bad, but neutral- and it’s people’s emotions that give it direction. Like, as a bit of a strange example but it’s the first thing that came to me, energy is like shaved ice- it’s flavorless. Then, the person scooping it adds their “flavor”- their emotion and intention.

(I’m going to stop before I start aossicating flavors with emotions - red/cherry would be anger for sure- but I’ll stop now :joy:)

All that is to say that despite thinking of it in a slightly different way, I do agree that using anger-flavored energy in an attempt to heal would probably yield to some strange or unintended results.

You know, I can totally see that :joy: :+1:

Uh-oh! Do you have the little GIF option in your text bar? Like, when you’re typing something, do you see the options for emojis and other things not on the forum, but on your phone itself? (I’m on desktop now so I can’t get a screenshot- I hope that makes sense!)


@BryWisteria I’ve screenshot it, the Spells8 keyboard only has options for emoji, my keyboard has gifs but says Spells8 doesn’t support it. Could be my phone :person_shrugging::sparkling_heart:


You might have to stick with the browser version. :slightly_frowning_face:

Like, I mean, searching for gifs with your browser.

Then going to the actual page and scroll to see the link button (bottom left in screenshot) and tapping that.

Then pasting the URL.

(Caveat: There’s a relatively new gif format that’s basically a video, called gifv. I’m not sure if those and mp4s are supported, so this won’t always work.)

But this method is so frustrating! :sob:

I need to stop using my phone now and switch to a mouse and keyboard before I toss my phone across the room. :joy:

Edit: I’ve switched and I’m still frustrated at my phone. :joy:


@starborn This is useful thankyou. I tend to use the app for everything, but yeah do it from the browser. I’ve bookmarked this, will try it. Love the Loki GIFs :sparkling_heart:

Did it work


It worked :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:, thankyou @starborn


I look forward to many more chaotic and funny gifs from you. :smile: :black_heart:


Hmmm :thinking: I want to say that I have done a Return to Sender spell… I just don’t remember when :laughing:

I do know that as my 1st it would have been from Spells8 though. I haven’t done any type of spell like this in quite a while, actually, i can’t remember the last time I did a specific spell :face_with_monocle: It’s been a while… I have done other practices but specific spell casting… it’s been some time since I’ve done any :upside_down_face:

@starborn I like the mental image of the energy ball back & forth & then deflating as @Shadeweaver mentioned :laughing: With an added image of deities kind of sitting with their fingers across the bridge of their nose tilting forward like… When is this going to end? Should we just deflate it for them?

@starborn I did notice that there is a new gif format because I have found some when texting that will pop up as not supported… even though I found them from my keyboard, on my phone, & up until I tried to send it… everything was fine… :rofl: I should probably see if I have any issues now though, a day or 2 ago my device did a crazy update in the morning. I’ll have to find someone to send a gif too now :joy:


I should also add that there are also WebMs and… I still can’t think of the other major new one. :woman_facepalming:

Send me one. :joy: :black_heart:


Ahhh Mirror spells can be so handy! I have multiple uses for spell mirrors, though I used to dislike the reflective objects in my youth.

We can reflect spells cast upon us, yes, but there is so much more. My mirrored dome helped create invisibility. It would also help me get to know people or learn from them by reflecting their own image back to them and watching their reactions. It could thus also be used as a teaching tool, especially when warning the person ahead of time that the mirror is going to be used.

Now that I have found some release from an unpleasant situation which lasted longer than it should have, I’m looking into bending my dome backwards to create a satellite dish in hopes that any further energy tennis can be redirected- not back to sender, which has not been working, but out into space to be ripped apart and used for other benefits by unintended receivers. Thus, the more I get attacked, the less energy the attacker has left.


Oh, I love this concept! :black_heart: I would like to try something like that myself.


Yay! The wonderful Starborn to the rescue- I’m glad you’ve got your gif powers working, Tracy! :partying_face:

I’d say that’s a good thing if you haven’t needed to cast a RtS in a while! :grinning: :+1:

That sounds like a great way to escape a game of energy tennis- and actually give someone out there some benefits too! Really interesting, Georgia! :star_struck: