The use of candles

I’m going to talk about a short history - candles.
And much to your relief, I’m sending you to another site for information. Haha Gotchya!

Fire Safety!

Fire is both a beautiful and a dangerous element of magick working with candles, be sure to follow the Candle Safety Guidelines.

When you think of a candle, what do you think?

  • A tool in your witch’s bag?
  • A representation of the element of Fire?
  • Is it warmth or a light in the night?
  • Do you use your candles decoratively on your altar?

OK, what if I asked if all of the above were correct?

If you answered yes, you’d be right.

The candle or candles are an intricate part of your practice. They come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. (It’s importance may come down to the color used)
Each candle can have many meanings in many ways.


Candle magic itself can be exciting. You’ll need a quiet stress free environment to set up your altar. A private, quiet place, this will become your sacred space.
A complete guide with all the basics to selecting and working with candles can be found in the Spells8 Candle Magic 101
Just saying :upside_down_face:


So I did happen to answer yes to all of the above! :laughing: I have chime candles, jar candles, intention candles, dressed candles, or candles that I can dress, tealights, votives… I have always loved candles.

I had actually worked for PartyLite in one of the regional home offices… those warehouse sales were dangerous for me… I still have candles from there. When I had my children, I started using wax melts that had the same colors, scents, properties, but no flame involved. I also have them that are used with tealights to melt the wax & activate it that way… now to go find a was melter system for my living room. :rofl:


Cheers to that! :grinning: :+1:

There’s something really entrancing and enchanting about candles year-round (or maybe I’m just a pyromaniac? :joy:) but in the dark and cold of winter, there’s something irresistible about candles or having a crackling fire in the fireplace :fire::sparkles:

Thank you for sharing your candle wisdom, @Garnet! Wishing you very blessed candle magick! :candle::blush:

Love and Light! :fire:


I use/buy/make regular candle in all forms, wax candle melts, bonfire! (Just a big candle, right?!), battery operated ‘candles’ and use the fire place 9 months of the year - I just love a good flame, a good scent and no meditation or ritual is complete for me with out a candle.

Love you @Garnet! :brown_heart:


You and me both, Jan! :fire:


Just jumping in here to say “ME 3!!!”… one of my favorite elements to work with is Fire :fire: whether through candles :candle:, fireplace, or outdoor fire pit. Added scents are always a good thing too! I have always been drawn to candles & different types of scents in my home for whatever I’m trying to bring into the home or feel for the day, time, month, year… or for assisting with things.

I have 2 children that had asthma so we always had humidifiers in their rooms & now I use diffusers with like a Vicks blend in them during the allergy & winter seasons!


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