The Lighthouse Spell - Send Support to Someone in Need

Merry meet,

Is someone dear to you going through a difficult time? Whether they are close by or far away, this light spell can help you shine a beacon to support someone in need.

This spell involves White/Wholesome Magick and is geared towards witches of all experience levels. You do not have to have prior experience in Healing Magick in order to successfully cast this spell.

Lighthouse Symbolism

Lighthouses are tall buildings that stand along the coast, sending powerful beacons of light across the dark ocean to help guide oncoming ships. Their light helps ships avoid deadly cliffs and shallow waters that would cause wreckage. Thanks to the work of the lighthouse and its keeper, travelers stay safe and encouraged on their journeys.

Lighthouses are also carriers of messages- their beacons are very bright and powerful so they can cross a great distance, but are adaptable and can interrupted in set intervals as a form of code. There are many lighthouse light codes, with perhaps the most famous being “143”- one flash, followed by four flashes, with a final three flashes of light. This signal sends the message “I love you” :love_letter:

The Lighthouse Support Spell

The Lighthouse Spell

Sending support to someone in need

With this spell, you are creating an energetic lighthouse. As the keeper of your lighthouse, you will be able to direct a powerful beacon of energy to help guide someone going through troubled waters so that they can continue their journey safely and surrounded by love.

You will need:

(For your simple spell oil- you only need a very small amount of each!)

(For your spell:)

Missing ingredients? Click here for substitution suggestions


The following substitutions are based on similar magickal correspondences and medicinal properties. You can learn more about how to substitute spell ingredients in the Magical Substitutions Guide.

Olive oil can be substituted for any pure carrier oil. Calendula can be substituted for another gentle healing flower such as chamomile (you can open a chamomile tea bag and use that!). Sage can be substituted with another healing and cleansing herb such as rosemary. Cinnamon powder can be substituted with another herb or spice associated with good luck, such as basil. Sea salt can be switched with another natural salt such as Himalayan salt or pure rock salt.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Spell Instructions:

  • Begin by making your simple spell oil (if you’ve never made one before, no worries- it’s easy! Additional tips can be found in the Make Your Own Magickal Oil Guide). For candle safety reasons, smaller pieces work best, so it’s recommended that you grind your calendula, sage, cinnamon, and salt into a fine powder.

  • Mix your ground herbal powder into a small amount of olive oil.

  • Anoint your candle with your oil by gently applying a light layer of the oil on your candle. You don’t want to apply too much oil or the candle flame won’t burn properly (or even become a fire hazard)- less is more!

  • Place your anointed candle onto your altar (or in another cleansed space) away from drafts.

  • Close your eyes and spend a few moments thinking about the person you are helping. Picture them, what they are going through, their emotions, and their own inner light that is struggling to shine. Reach out to them with your mind- it does not matter if they are physically near or far away. Send them a mental message that you are going to help.

  • Take three slow, deep breaths to ground yourself in the moment and be fully present. When you feel ready, light your candle.

  • As the candle flame sparks to life, feel the warm glow and beautiful light emitting from your beautiful blessed candle- this is your energetic lighthouse. And you are its keeper- you have the power to direct this magickal light wherever you choose.

  • Press the palms of your hands together in a gesture of prayer and respect :pray: Call out the name of the person you are healing three times, to be heard by your guiding spirits, deities, and the Universe. They will help your light reach its intended recipient.

  • Say:

For [person’s name] I shine this light.
May it bring them peace, surround them with love, and help them move safely through troubled waters to reach their destined shore.
So mote it be.

  • Continue to meditate on the person you are helping. Imagine them happy, healthy, and safe.

  • Allow the candle to burn out on its own, or respectfully snuff it to end the spell. Trust that your guides and the universe will continue to carry the light to illuminate the path of your spell recipient.

All spells require energy and intention to work- if you wish to maintain your lighthouse over a long period of time, it is recommended to refresh the spell by recasting it again after a full moon cycle.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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Love and Light!

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Such a lovely spell and one I’m going to bookmark and print for my BoS!
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This is a beautiful spell, and the photos are gorgeous! I love how you’ve laid it out – the still candle in its holder on the round plate (coaster?) on the cloth looks so lovely. It really does look like a lone lighthouse amongst the darkness. :heart_eyes:

Now I need to gather my energy again just so that I can consider doing this. :laughing:


Thank you. This is a beautiful spell!


@Artemisia Thank you, Artemisia! I’m honored- I hope the spell serves you well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :candle:

@starborn Awwww thanks, Katerina! My photography skills have a long way to go haha, but I like to think I’m learning on the journey. I’m happy you like the pics! If you decide to give the spell a go in the future (no rush- restore that energy first!) I hope it serves you well :heart: :blush:

@Phoenix_Rose You’re very welcome, Phoenix! :grinning: :two_hearts:


I think this is a really lovely spell, thank you


This is perfect! I have a situation calling for this exact thing right now, I’m saving this :smile:

Thank you!


@BryWisteria great spell!
thank you very much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I know just the lady I want to use this for.


I have been thinking about it. Although, it would be less for those who struggle to shine, but those who could benefit from some extra protection from buttheads around them, so they don’t have to waste so much energy on that themselves and can focus on shining instead. If that makes any sense? :thinking:

It’s still early in the morning and my brain has yet to wake up. :laughing:


@dawn13, @DreamWithin, @AIRAM - you’re all very welcome! :heart: If you decide to cast the spell, I hope it serves you well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Devenne I hope the spell can help you help her :pray: Blessed casting, Devenne! :two_hearts:

@starborn Makes perfect sense! Protection from energy-stealing buttheads sounds like a worthwhile protection spell to me :grin: :+1:


I love you @BryWisteria your the bestest :kissing_heart:

I’d love to see more pics of you. I know you are picture shy but you are very beautiful like radiantly from the one photo. Wear it proud sista


Awww you’re very kind Devenne, thank you so much! :heart: :hugs:

Yes, I am horribly picture shy :face_with_peeking_eye: :laughing:

Love you too! :heart: :blush:


I have a wonderful Lighthouse near me that I like to go to on less busy days/times by myself or usually with my daughter. We will go to edge on the walking paths to watch the water break on the cliff :thinking: rocks below & look out over the ocean :ocean:


That sounds so beautiful :ocean: :candle: :blush:


It’s a pretty popular one here, especially in the summer months. What’s neat is that its a historical landmark, but privately owned. So there’s parking to view the lighthouse but fences & sign that says not to cross onto the land from the parking & the driveways are closed off.

(Not that people obey the signs & fence. We constantly see people over it standing at the lighthouse for pictures :camera_flash: & then are confused when they get called on for trespassing :rofl:)

It’s beautiful though & if you go to the walking paths, there’s varying levels down from the path you can go. The first one you come to has a bench on a small area to sit. Then theres others that you can go down that get closer to the edges & further below.


That’s so nice that they have benches there for people to sit and enjoy the moment. Sometimes fun places are so exciting that I catch myself forgetting to actually be there and enjoy it! :laughing: