🫒 Magickal Uses for Olive?

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I’m currently on the Adriatic Coast and looking around there are olive trees everywhere :olive:

(Also I did not know we had a pretty little olive emoji until this very moment- you’ll be seeing that one more often from now on :olive: :joy:)

The local museums and shops have plenty of information on how olives, olive wood, and olive oil are big trade items and have long been a very important (and sometimes sacred) piece of Mediterranean and Adriatic cultures.

But while the information on the historical and cultural significance of the plant is fascinating and abundant, it has made me very curious about potential ways to use olive in magick (on which information has unfortunately not been so abundant).

Do you know any magickal correspondences/ ways to use olive in magick?

It might be:

  • Olive fruit
  • Olive wood
  • Olive oil
  • Other olive products

If so, I would absolutely love to hear them!

Much love and blessed be :olive: :sparkles::blush:


Hmm… I’ve never really thought about the correspondences of an olive or olive tree in magick :thinking: The one thing that immediately comes to my mind is the phrase “olive branch” in terms of arguments and disagreements. You know, the one about extending an olive branch – I think it comes from the Bible, that I know of. In this case, I would imagine anything relating to olives would have to do with peace and overcoming challenges.

So, I did some digging… :olive: (and I also didn’t know we had an olive emoji lol) and here’s what I found from various sources online!


Planetary: Mercury, Moon, Sun

Zodiac: Aquarius, Aries, Leo

Gender: Masculine

Element: Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Powers: Healing, Fertility, Potency, Fidelity, Protection, Immortality, Prosperity, Success

Deity: Amaterasu, Athena, Apollo, Minerva, Ra, Pele, Zeus, Horus, Hercules

Folk Names: Olivier, Itm, Mitan

Speaking of Witch Wands - The Magickal Olive Tree

Draw a pentagram in olive oil on an item you would like to protect.

Wear olive leaves to bring good luck

Hang branches over the door to prevent lightning strikes and keep evil from entering, or place the leaves in a bag or add them to a wreath and hang on the door or the chimney for the same purpose

Steep olive leaves in rainwater and asperge your house after you’ve cleaned and blessed it, or stash leaves in the corners of a room to keep a peaceful household and prevent or bring an end to family arguments.

Wear a wreath of olive leaves to ensure female fertility.

Eat olives to ensure male fertility and potency.

Use olive leaves to decorate an altar in honor of a God or honored ancestor.

Use olives and olive oil as offerings to Gods and honored ancestors

Olive oil is an excellent base for any oil blends and anointing oils, but note that its distinctive fragrance will be quite noticeable in your blend.

Write Athena’s name on an olive leaf and press it to your forehead to make a headache go away.

Olive Correspondences

Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Gods: Athena, Apollo, Eirene, Minerva, Ra, Concordia

From Witchipedia

I’m never going to look at olives the same ever again lol


@BryWisteria I have always used olive :olive: oil & I had never really thought about the magical correspondences… but that’s what I love about being here! Always learning something new! (also love the emoji :joy:)

Thank you @MeganB for digging, Very Interesting! I will have to dip into the kitchen & see what I have that maybe I can use olives or olive oil for magically! :magic_wand:

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You’re a legend, Megan- this is all awesome information, and very helpful! :pray: Don’t mind if I gobble all this up :eyes:

I think I may have heard the phrase before, but then again I’m always a bit in the dark when it comes to things from the Bible :sweat_smile: It does bring to mind that symbol of the dove with the branch (:dove:)- I believe that’s a symbol from Christianity/the Bible featuring an olive branch too! :olive:

I just ran a search and one source says that the dove bringing the olive branch was a gift to Noah on the Arc as a sign of hope, that land was in sight after the long journey :national_park:

Wow, I can’t think of too many things that correspond with all four of the physical elements! That’s pretty impressive- it sounds like olive could work great in elemental magick of almost any kind, especially for balance between the elements! :balance_scale:

This is interesting- I’m curious how this correspondence developed, as, to the best of my knowledge, olives aren’t native to Japan- they only started growing them there in the far south about 100 years ago (source). I wonder how they become associated with the Shinto Goddess of the sun :thinking: Sounds like a fun research topic for me to dive into! :grinning: :sparkles:

This sounds like something I would like to try- and I’m glad there was a link there, because I didn’t know what “asperge” was until this very moment :laughing: :+1:

Thank you so much for all this great info, Megan! It really is very helpful! :green_heart: :olive: :sparkles:

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Cheers to that! :blush: I never know what I’m going to find when I open up the forum each morning, but I always learn a lot- the coven community really is an unrivaled resource :books::pray::sparkles:

(And same about the emoji- I really like it too! :olive: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)


I usually use olive oil to draw pentagrams on all doors, windowsills and mirrors when i do house cleansings… It works really well…


I use Olives an offering to Athena! When I work with her, she also gets an owl and the very finest artisan bread (which I admit we share in the end!)


I am going to have to “borrow” some from my kitchen for my challenge entry & see how it comes out. I’m making an oil for my daughter & I to use with roller bottles.


haha thank you! :blush: Some of the information confuses me (like olives being associated with Amaterasu) but I do know for sure that I connect olives with peace! And it was the dove bringing an olive branch to Noah – I knew I heard it somewhere!

Ahh I came across something similar to this in the things I was reading about olives! They’re associated with Athena because of her wisdom, I believe? That could be totally wrong and I could be misremembering lol but I do remember the connection between the two :olive:


With it’s pure, protective, and all-around very positive qualities, olive oil sounds like a great choice for cleansings :sparkles::blush: Thank you for sharing this, @yolande1! :heart:

Olives and fine artisan bread sound like wonderful offerings to a beloved deity- heck, good food is the way to my heart too! :joy::+1: :heart:

I can definitely see how olives would be a preferred gift for Athena :pray: And it makes me wonder if olives- a popular crop in the Mediterranean with sacred symbolism- would be an acceptable offering for all deities in the Greek and Roman Pantheons, or if there might be some who wouldn’t be favorable to olives? :thinking: Another thing to research, I suppose! :grinning:

Sounds like a fun craft- good luck and enjoy the process, Siofra! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkles:

Agreed! It seems like peace and hope are both pretty prevalent meanings when it comes to olive- and since I can never seem to remember all of the correspondences for each thing, if I can remember those off the top of my head I’ll call it a success! :laughing: :+1:

All in all, it seems that olive in any form (be it olive, fruit, wood, etc) is a great thing to have around! :olive: :blush:

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I immediately thought of this & “extending an olive branch…:olive: so it makes sense that it would come up that way… I don’t normally have actual olives (my father is the only one that would eat them & he lives out of state) but we always have Olive Oil in the house. It’s one of my favorites to cook things with unless I specifically need another type of oil, even then sometimes I use Olive Oil in it’s place :laughing:


I did not know that. Very interesting. With that being said. Look at the mushrooms that grow out of a tree Out back from where I live. Its call a **Dryad saddle. If you slice them really thin and toss them with sugar and olives oil then bake them they taste alomost like watermelon rind. I cant find where I got the recipe or how to prepear it. But they are beautiful.


Those are amazing! :heart_eyes: I don’t think I’ve ever seen that mushroom before- the ones we look for in Poland are all in the soil, I don’t usually look up in the trees haha!

It is quite the impressive find! :mushroom: :sparkles:

Hahaha same here- I learned a lot about olives in magick thanks to the research shared above! I hope it will be as helpful for you as it has been for me :olive: :blush:

Happy casting and blessed be! :heart:


I have watched a documentary on mushrooms in Poland. Theres a place to go and pick them and “chill”. Im going to have to look it up again.


Mushroom hunting is lovingly called the “Polish national past time”- I’m not surprised there are some fun documentaries about it! :blush: If you remember the name of the documentary, please send it my way! :mushroom: :sparkles:


These two are my favorites. Hamiltons Pharmacopeia and Hoe to change your mind, taking a trip with Michael Pollan I forgot which one it was but if you just look through the episodes you will find it. Let me know what you think.


This is awesome yall! My Grannas name was Olive. Such a beloved name. :heart:


Wow, this is all so amazing. I love olives, use all of oil all the time. I use it most often to dilute essential oils. I never thought of it this way. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. It just goes to show there’s always something to learn.:olive::herb:


@LissaMay222 – What an awesome name for an equally awesome person in your life! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Jondry – Of course! I’m glad to help. :blush: :olive:


Thank you for this info… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: