📨 On the Wings of Flame - Candle Spell to Receive a Positive Message

Merry meet!

This is my first entry to the Weekly Weekly Challenge - Hundredth Challenge :100: - for the Candle Magick Challenge :candle:

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On the Wings of Flame

Candle Spell to Recieve a Positive Message or Approval

Use this spell when you are awaiting an important message, announcement, letter, text, email, or other form of communication and are hoping for a positive result.

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What You Will Need:

  • :candle: A candle [silver (wisdom and time), white (universal) or yellow (communication) will work best]
  • :raven: A token of your messenger/angel/spirit
  • :bowl_with_spoon: Your cauldron or another safe fire-proof vessel
  • :scroll: A piece of paper
  • :fountain_pen: A writing utensil
  • :herb: A basil leaf
  • :herb: A bay leaf
  • :salt: Sea salt (optional)


  1. On the piece of paper, write the result you are hoping for, addressed to the spirit/angel/deity you are calling upon to deliver the message.
Examples of how to write your message

For example:

“Spirit Raven, please bring me a letter of acceptance from the university I applied for”

“Universe, I humbly ask for a message saying the offer I placed on a house has been accepted”

“Spirit of the Air, please bring me a positive decision on last week’s court case hearing”

:grey_exclamation: Be very specific and be sure to include that you want a positive result.

  1. Place the basil and bay leaf onto the paper and fold it (with the leaves inside) up 3 times.

With each fold, feel that you are sending your wish out into the Universe. Every fold brings you closer to receiving the message you are asking for.

  1. Place your folded note into your cauldron. If it doesn’t lay flat, you can open it and adjust it so that it fits securely (and safely!) into your cauldron (Note: you have already sent out your intention while folding, so undoing the folds at this step is not negating what you already did)

  1. Place your candle securely on top- it should not be wobbly or unstable! If it isn’t secure, adjust your note until the candle can stand securely. Please always remember your Fire Magick Safety when casting :fire:

Place the token of your chosen messenger into the cauldron or standing beside it.

(Optional) Sprinkle purifying sea salt onto the note in the cauldron. While not necessary, this will help to cleanse any negative energy in the space and help give a pure result.

  1. Light your candle. You can say a small prayer or speak your gratitude to your chosen messenger for carrying your message.

Allow the candle to burn out completely, covering your message beneath it with wax.

Afterward, you can keep it on your altar for up to three days. When you are ready, dispose of the spell remains in a respectful way :recycle: as you await your positive result.

Oh boy has life been busy and have I been unorganized lately :sweat_smile: . High time to get back into spellcrafting! :sparkles:

Blessed be, and may the message you await be positive :pray::incoming_envelope:


Beautiful little ritual, @BryWisteria! I do have a small question though, what if you use dripless candles?


@BryWisteria Thank you for sharing this spell! I love your setup, that silver candle really matches that bowl :smiley:

@Amethyst In my experience, dripless candles melt near the flame and don’t typically drip below, but if you tilt them (being extremely careful!) the wax will roll down and create a nice drip.


Don’t mind me, just bookmarking this for future ideas :thinking: :laughing:


@Amethyst Thank you, Amethyst! :heart: That’s a great question and it looks like Francisco already gave a great answer! If the candle doesn’t drip/you’re using a dripless candle, you could definitely assist it with spilling the wax :+1:

If it doesn’t work or it’s not something you feel comfortable doing, no need to worry about it. The wax on the message is intended to be a sign of bonding between the candle, your request, and the divine messenger of your choice. As a substitute for the wax drip, when the spell is finished and the candle is out, you could gently shake some of the ashes/cold wax onto the paper and then replace the candle on top to sit on your altar until you’re ready to dispose of it.

Hope that helps! :blush:

@Francisco Thank you so much, Francisco! :grinning: I got the bowl in Thailand- I figured giving it a new life as my cauldron would be a nice new life and purpose for it! :sparkles:

@MeganB You’re always welcome to it, Megan! I’m happy to share :candle::blush:


Thanks, @Francisco! Dripless candles are nice when it comes to cleaning up but with things like this spell, I guess I just have to improvise.

That’s a good idea too! Thanks, love!


It’s my pleasure, @Amethyst! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :candle:


:pray:t2: thanks for the spell :love_letter: :sparkles:


It’s my pleasure, @Gianluca! :blush: Your setup is very beautiful- that altar cloth is gorgeous :heart::candle:

I hope the positive message you are hoping for arrives to you soon- may good news be on its way to you! :pray::sparkles::blush: