Angry Fairies or Just Coincidence?

Greetings, everyone! My friend has a weird situation going on that may involve the Fae. A couple of days ago, he purchased a Foxglove plant and was pruning it last night. He plucked a flower that appeared to be dying after he left it out in the hot Georgia sun (he’d fallen asleep). He brought them into water them, and he saw that the flower was very limp, had a brown spot, and looked as if it’d been bitten. He’s sure it wasn’t sunbleached. He researched and made sure to deadhead the flower, leaving the antenna intact. So he decided to pluck it, thinking that it would be beneficial to prevent sickness to the rest of the plant. After he’d cleaned the area, another flower had fallen off. The Foxglove is otherwise healthy and doing well. It seems to be thriving…


Since then, this morning, his cup of tea spilled on his Nintendo Switch and fried it, even though it’s been through a few bangings and spills. He also lost his pack of cigarettes, finding it in a place where he wouldn’t have even normally put it. He’s had quite the rough morning, and we think it might be the fairies are angry with him for cutting the flower.

Do you think that the fae are angry or that it may just be a stroke of bad luck this morning? Let me know! :purple_heart:

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Edit: immediately after writing this, I accidentally slammed his toe with the door :sweat_smile:

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The Fae can get awful mad sometimes, and you have to take control. He has the control. Smudge the area, smudge the plant,and while doing this, tell the Fae you will not put up with their little games. Tell them you are going go give them an offering, You can give them a coin, some fruit etc, This video may help -

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Indeed I have read not to remove flowers from the yard for this same reason. Do a cleansing like Roxanne suggested, and clean up the yard as well. Don’t stop watering or caring for the plants.

If you find a circle don’t enter it. Instead leave an offering outside of it. For example, milk, apples, honey, berries or bread.

If you want to keep the Fae folk away, iron is what you need. Place a horseshoe above your front and back door to prevent them from passing. You can also put an iron pan under your bed or wear an iron key :old_key: as a pendant around your neck.

For more information, here’s a good website about fairies.

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and never tell the Fairies thank you for anything, they take it as a insult

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I agree with everything here, especially as an Irish pagan in talking about the Fair Folk. A good offering to leave for them would be pure butter, pure cream, or something sweet like honey or fruit. Don’t thank them, as @roxanne said, because they can see that as an insult.

The Fair Folk can be fickle, but giving them an offering should help to calm the waters.

It is also possible that it’s just a string of bad luck that is being correlated to the flower. I always like to go with the mundane over the magickal first, but leaving an offering out for the Fair Folk wouldn’t hurt, in my opinion.