Fire Safety-I learned something new today

I came across an article today about candles. I have been lucky enough not to have a candle fire get out of control. I felt prepared for an emergency candle fire because I always have water near by. Never **throw water on a candle fire. Wax is just like grease and it will cause the fire to spread as much as 6 feet! What??? I think the universe sent this article to me.

Stay safe!


I didn’t know that either! Thanks for sharing!


I didn’t know this! I mean, when thinking about it, it makes total sense. The wax, if on fire too, does act just like oil or grease :thinking:

So, I did a bit of searching online just to find a video or experiment or something and I found one! So, if your candle wax catches fire, be sure to have something to smother the flame or blow it out rather than dousing it in water!

and here’s another video


Isn’t that crazy. The article I read was about that anchor lady. I always felt safe with candles because I had water nearby.


Goodness! I’ve never had to put it to the test before (thankfully) but I’ve also never heard otherwise- scary stuff, but great to know! :astonished:

I don’t use candles too often at the moment (limited space shared with little gremlins :paw_prints:) but going forward, this is going to be a consideration. I looked into getting a fire blanket back when I was learning Flow Dance, but now it seems like it might be a good addition to a shrine or altar space :thinking:

Thank you very much for sharing this, @Ostara! :pray::heart:


Great information! I recommend looking into the ABCs of fire and know which extinguishers you have access to. If there is ever a fire, a good acronym to remember to RACE - rescue/remove, alarm (pull fire alarm or call 911), contain (close doors/windows as you leave), evacuate/extinguish. If the fire is small enough to extinguish, then Pull the pin, Aim at the base of the fire, Squeeze the trigger, and Sweep from side to side - PASS.
Sorry if that’s a lot of added info, I’m pretty paranoid about fire safety…


Thank you @charlotte2 for the great info!


REALLY… sjoe I didnt know that… So I assume we should keep a bucket of sand close by…


That’s scary stuff! Thanks for sharing this! I always have water nearby but that’s because I drink it a lot. I put candles out with a snuffer or the lid.


I cast a candle spell yesterday and this was at the forefront of my mind while casting- so much so that I actually put my fire-proof vessel on a heat cushion on top of a big baking tray. There was no way I was letting my candle go out of control! :laughing: :candle: