🛟 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Magickal Safety

@Ostara Oh my, they way you tell a story, I laughed till my sides hurt. It must have been scary at the time, but I love that your hubby is a firefighter. What did he say after? You sure Loki wasn’t involved in that, that’s so him. :rofl::sparkling_heart: Fire safety is important. I’ve had more than one of those Herby/flower candles go up, they’re like bombs. :sparkling_heart:Glad you weren’t hurt


Thanks for the challenge write up on Loki and safety — I guess with my history with him I wouldn’t be a good candidate for the way you work with him. I’m happy you guys have found your groove. I’d still say, be wide… don’t trust 100%. light and love @tracyS :silver_heart:


One day, when you feel ready, I’d love to hear what happened between the two of you. Maybe we could work through it. Take care, thanks for your wisdom and love. @jan_TheGreenWitch :sparkling_heart::hugs:


I told you it was fire hazard. Lol! I’m glad I made you laugh!

This is what is left of the candle!


Wow it really did burn :sparkling_heart:


Yeah, I’m going to recycle the wax, but it won’t be a spell candle! :blush: :fire:


Challenge Entry
Super theme!
I have the Earth Elemental Witch’s Sword activated
And the Talisman of Archangel Uriel, Protector of Magic!
Every time I leave the house I make a triple protection veil in white, then in gold and finally in electric blue to avoid absorbing negative energy


Living with a mini panther of my own, I love this picture. Mine is currently curled up on the paper bag he tried curl up in. He never seems to figure out that he’s just too big to curl up inside of one.


I just love cats (especially black ones). Mine definitely follows the “If I fit, I sit” rule. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


challenge entry
So i been working on my new BOS

and after my daily prayer, tge sabbats then esbats my next entry was a protection spell i found on pinterest

So i put a copy of spell in my BOS and looked at protection correspondences n creared a protection shield


@Phoenix_Fire I love how you are showing the process of taking a pre-existing work and personalized it through research and your own knowledge. As someone that is new, that is so inspiring :clap:t2::snowflake:


Weekly Challenge-Magickal Safety
This one was well timed. My ex boss had given me a lovely cat pendant, and I really liked it. It was my little good luck trinket that I’d wear for potentially difficult medical appointments, etc. But now due to the whole legal situation with ex boss, it felt tainted. My parents had given me a new pendant as I did want to replace it, but the new one never felt quite right. I don’t know if it was because the design is different or some other reason. Maybe I need something closer to the old design, or maybe I needed to start fresh with a new design, I don’t know.
So I did the amulet consecration ritual on spells8, get rid of any energy, and charge it with the intention of protection and good fortune in all of life’s areas. So we’ll see how this one feels after a few days. If it still doesn’t feel right wearing it I’m not going to toss it, but just rather keep it in my purse as opposed to wearing it.


Challenge Entry:
This is a great opportunity for me to share the beautiful glass candle holders that I found at a garage sale a few months ago! I use them daily. Also included in the photo is my offering bowl and cauldron, as they’re both items I plan to burn things in. Haven’t burned in my bowl because I’m afraid to tarnish it, and I haven’t bought matches to burn things in my cauldron. Call me a slacker! Lol Thought I’d share them regardless, as they’re both beautiful fire-safety items! I’m always at attention when flames are lit/burning, and I’m always having to move my cat away so she doesn’t singe any fur or whiskers (you know what they say about curiosity and cats).

As for myself, I like to practice psychic shielding to protect my energy field. I find it really does help me not be influenced by others’ emotions/energy. I really struggle with that as an empath & people pleaser.

In my home, I like to burn sage & incense regularly to purify the space. I’m going to start a magickal routine with a protection spell once a month. I will dive into the collection provided!


#Weekly Witchy Challenge - Magickal Safety

Today is Saturday and I feel a little late to the weekly challenge after completely missing last week’s “Visualizations” Challenge :slightly_frowning_face: Practicing Safely - Oh, definitely! Coming from a place in the Christian community, Pentecostal (myself), heritage of Irish-Native American, and “Scott” - throw in Vaudeville traveling gypsies - yes, seriously, working in the Arts should not be done lightly, and I will be honest and say that from time to time, I have scared the heck out of myself and my family. Not the place to go into detail, but safety is a must. @jan_TheGreenWitch already posted about the safety rules, and I go back and reread these, but haven’t recited them yet :smile:

I love working with #Fire & Candles - haven’t had one flame up on me yet, but a couple of times while doing a ritual and celebration, didn’t pay attention to where the hot wax was dripping down and melt wax into my flower decorations and into my Yule Log - so those decos are stuck there. Before cleansing for rituals now, I move away items so that they don’t get burned, or have hot wax drip on them. If I am doing a meditation or small spell and have consecrated everything, I will slightly melt the bottom of the candle that I am using to make sure that it stays in it’s holder, and keep the flame out of air drafts.

For protection, I wear a ring with a Black Spinel stone to repel any negativity. As an Empath, I could probably wear Tourmaline or onyx and still feel “Icky”. I feel more grounded and find myself touching it often. Many years ago, I was gifted a turquoise cross in silver and while wearing it, I felt invincible - definitely a talisman for me, and if I could just find it again, or something similar, I would go back to it in a heartbeat! Some say that Turquoise is a “living mineral”. According to Gemologists, turquoise is a mixture of aluminum and copper phosphate, and that the more copper it has, the deeper blue it will be - a luminescence. This stone has qualities for both physical and spiritual influences, works with the 3rd Chakra, reduces stress and calms the wearer, absorbs negative thoughts, and contributes to an overall wellbeing - hence me feeling awesome wearing it. Great for wounds, detoxifier. #Crystal safety - Please consider carefully any gem therapy (ingesting, et al) and read up on this type of alternative medicine before proceeding! :grimacing:

:herb: :herb: :herb: :herb: #Herbal Safety. Not lecturing here - but please, please know the herb you are working with, especially if you are considering on ingesting it. :face_with_monocle: I enjoy working with the elements so I prefer to practice with herbs that correspond to that particular element. Additionally, making tinctures, glycerites, bitters, teas - one needs to really familiarize themselves with the herb, its actions, and the person receiving it - remember to “Do no harm”? Example: If you give an herb tincture to someone that has a “hot/dry constitution” and that herb happens to be “hot/drying” - then you could be causing more harm than good. Did you you know that Chamomile, for most, is considered safe - but can intensify some medications? Did you know that Feverfew should not be used with those taking warfarin or similar medications? Let’s talk about Echinacea - although it can help in shortening colds, flu and infections when taken early - those allergic to the flowers in the Asteraceae family may not benefit much from this plant? How about two that could cause serious issues: St. John’s wort coupled with two other herbs will make a wonderful nervine; however, this herb can have interactions with many common OTC medications. And my own personal experience? This week I learned that Astralagus, as used in TCM, is a great supportive and immune-boosting respiratory tonic for those who are constantly picking up respiratory bugs :smiley: - HOWEVER, what I did not know in my eager native is that you should never, ever, never, ever - ever take it, or give it to someone who is already sick - it will make them worse! I wish I would have read this, or been told this, when I was trying to offer it to my siblings :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: when they were down with recurring respiratory infections. Talk about being spared from my stupidity (!) and potentially harming my sisters seriously. Yes, I am working on deepening my practice as a Green Witch!



I think I remember you apologizing for that ashtray in the candle dressing challenge, I think it is a very cool addition to your witchy things. Would love to find one to use myself!


Challenge Entry

So as I was doing my research and spreadsheet for Witchy Shower Steamers, I had to be cautious about what Essential Oils I was using for the recipes I selected to actually craft.

I have two cats who love to come sit in the bathroom with me while I am showering so I did some research on Essential Oil safety for pets.

I researched mostly veterinarian sites and came up with these two lists, one for cats and one for dogs. Remember do your research, especially with Essential Oils, they are volatile compounds derived from plants are are very concentrated. I always use the (canary in the coal mine anyone?) line of thought when using EO’s :



Challenge entry - what I do for safety when doing spells is cast a circle. :o: Some people use a athame but I use either palo santo or sage to cast the circle I use sage to clear out negativity energy and palo santo to bring in positive. If I’m doing a spell when the veil is thin then I light black candles and I use my protection potion to anoint the candles and my third eye chakra. I also perform egg cleanses (limpia) and spiritual baths for ritual negative energy protection and to clear any blockages before spell casting. :pentagram: :blue_heart::blue_heart:


I absolutely love this!

Thank you
From Cloud, Bubbles and Magic :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:


Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry For Amethyst

When I use candles, I put either a marble coaster underneath it or a, whatchamacallit, a trivet underneath it. That way if it burns it won’t catch my papers on fire.

You can even go to a Home Improvement store and buy tiles to put underneath them and get pretty ones too! It also catches most of the wax drippings so your altar clothes will be saved.

I also like to have a candle going all day but since I can’t watch it all the time, I have a battery-operated one. Mine even changes colors so I can have it to the color of the day!

Just a couple of ideas that I use to keep my apartment from burning down. LOL!


:joy: yup! That was me! It came from a very high-end store: Dollarama!! :snowflake: