Ouija/spirit board who uses them?

Just out of curiousity who uses the spirit board for divination within the forum? Are there any tips and advice on safety using a board for communications? Any advice is greatly appreciated



Good question, Trey! We were recently discussing this topic here: Seances/ouija board question?

This was my answer back then:

I personally never bought one, but I “played” with a homemade one when I was younger. I quickly lost interest. Right now I don’t have any relatives on the other side that I especially need to talk to, so I don’t engage with Ouija boards.

I know @john4 had some experiences using a spiritbox!


Thanks Francisco, I didnt think to search and see! I appreciate the response, me personally I prefer tarot


Hi Trey,

I have a Ouija, although I’ve never used it a bunch. They have always held a presence in my life since a kid. I do everything I can to secure the space, respect the energies, and thank and close it up after when I have used it. I rely more so on Tarot or the Pendulum also.
Love & Light


Great question, @Trey!

I mentioned Ouija boards in the Veil Between Worlds Challenge, but I can’t say I’ve ever used them myself.

I’ve heard so many spooky things or things going wrong when using the board that outweighed any potential benefits for me :grimacing: . Although to be fair, working with spirits and contacting the dead are not key parts of my practice :woman_shrugging: . Advice and tips on how best to use a Ouija board (and use it safely) would likely best come from someone who uses them a lot in their practice.

Good luck and let us know if you find any interesting Ouija tips or facts in your quest for knowledge, Trey! :grin:


I haven’t used one since I was younger. My cousin was pagan and we would use his in the basement where the kids area was, it was definitely interesting. I believe that because I was younger than him, that he moved the lens to freak me out. It worked one time that I remember, but that was the last time that I used it.

I would be interested to know more about it also. Right now I like using my pendulum and tarot cards. I feel connected to both.


From what I ve read and practiced the one time I used the board, always say good bye when done, never make fun of the entity, if the planchett starts a figure eight pattern say good bye and take the planchett off the board, have at least two people on the planchett, have a scribe write it all down. Never burn the board. If you want dispose of the board, bury it. Burning it traps unwanted spirits in our plane.
Use Pendulum or ghost box instead.


Thank you guys for the replies! They all help a ton!