Seances/ouija board question?

Hi fellow witches :fire:
What’s everyone’s view of holding seances/ouija from home and does anyone have advice if I agree to hold one?


Hi Tracie!

Some use it but it is not very popular among the witchcraft community. Ouija boards aren’t a preferred divination method, like cards or a pendulum.

People avoid it for fear of attracting the wrong kind of energy, you know, “evil spirits”.

I think it depends on the person. It can be a great tool if you approach it respectfuly, with knowledge and critical thinking. Do only what you feel comfortable doing.

After all, it’s a tool just like Tarot cards or a pendulum. In fact, the original Ouija board was a children’s toy and it’s still sold as one by Hasbro.


I use a spirit board which is new to me but I’ve done years of researching it.
Make sure you protect yourself. Tell the spirits that they cannot enter through the board, they may only communicate.
Make a circle with the planchette like a figure 8. Start out with at least 2 people. They can easily feed off of one person’s energy when there’s one and if you’re new, you’ll have more fear.
Ask your questions. Do NOT lift your hands from the planchette while communicating. It’s bad news, I won’t go into that.
If the planchette starts going in a figure 8 by itself, say goodbye and close out immediately!
That means they’re trying to go through the board.
Every time you’re finished with a session, go to goodbye!
Thank them and put the board away. Close your circle, cleanse yourself!, etc.

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yes I agree its up to the persons opinion, but i am very uncomfortable with the Ouija board and won’t have it my home. my family has had bad experiences.


I find Pendulum skrying a better tool. One of my talismans, Tiger Eye Agate on a leather cord around my neck works well.
I can contact the spirits of the dearly departed with it. I work for a security company and we have the contract to guard a local hospice. I communicated with lots of spirits there.
One night observed me and it really creeped her out and I was reassigned.
Spirit boxes are the best way to communicate. All you can get from the Pendulum is yes or no answers.
You can purchase Pendulums and Pendulum mats but a necklace and a piece of paper will do. Draw a cross in the middle of a sheet of paper, put YES at the top and bottom and NO at side to side. Call the person, tell them they can bat the pendulum around, then have them do a yes, then a no, and a stop. Then ask your questions.

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