Are they really poisonous?

I just found this page. Previous pages tell me that all parts of poppies are poisonous, except the seeds.
I harvested a few last season. Can I make tea to help with anxiety, how much is safe to use and how often?
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Really interesting article about poppies! Thanks for brining it up, @Basil :blush::heart:

All I knew before this article was that poppies are a symbol of death and remembrance in Canada (a symbol worn nationally on Remembrance Day), the seeds of the Opium Poppy are used to make the narcotic drug opium, and that (under different processing circumstances) Opium Poppy seeds can be a safe and yummy addition to foods.

I used to love Lemon Poppy Seed cake as a child- those little black seeds appear in a lot of foods. Here in Poland, poppy seeds are called “mak” and are extremely popular- every bakery carries multiple goodies made from the seeds- with Makowiec being the most popular.

[Polish Poppy Seed Cake “Makowiec” from Kwiesta Smaku]

Although I eat baked goods with poppy seeds, I wouldn’t say that poppies are a plant I’m overly familiar with- t’s not an herb I keep in my gardens nor apothecary.

I double-checked on WebMD to get an idea about uses and potential dangers, and just like the article above mentioned, there are many different kinds of poppies. It looks like Corn Poppy, California Poppy, and Poppy Seeds all have various medicinal and culinary uses- under strict circumstances.

Information seems somewhat mixed and complex- if you are considering harvesting/consuming poppies for personal use, I would make absolutely sure that you know which type of poppy you are using, and which parts of that poppy are edible .

Blessed be! :cherry_blossom:


@TheTravelWitch. Thank you.
The wild red poppy is the one I was referring to. There’s no enough" milk of the poppy", thanks Game of Thrones!, to make a harvest worth. It took me 2 whole summers to collect all the lovely red petals after the pollinators harvested all the pollen.
It was time consuming, that I enjoyed, spreading the petals carefully on the dehydrator trays( the best way to quickly remove the moisture). The petals are so delicate to handle while still fresh.
Have you seem American Beauty?
Mena Suvary looks fantastic covered in rose petals. I find poppy petals colour more interesting to replicate myself in that scene, along foxglove & rose petals, the other 2 Taurean flowers.:rofl::joy::taurus:
Don’t mention the poppyseed cake, every Christmas have to put up with the whole ritual. There 2 dishes that I can not stomach in Polish Christmas season. One being the poopy cake and the other, herring( turns my stomach).
Eating poppyseed cake is like munching sand.
Don’t get my wrong: I love pierogg, cheese cake, the cured meats, cabbage, sausages, and of course, the VODKA​:confetti_ball::tada::+1:
I travelled once to Ealing Broadway, a long way from where I live. Must be a large Polish community, because I walked into the largest polish supermarket I’ve seen to date. Never seen in my entire life so many different types of sausages. It was Paradise for me!.
And not forget the plums covered in chocolate. I buy them by the kg.
…And the dark bread too!
I prefer to grind poppy seeds and add them to my dishes, but in that cake and with cream; not for me, thanks.
I love bigos and the pigeons ( cabbage rolls). No forget to mention sauerkraut, beetroot soup and pickles :blush:
“The Hairy Bikers” did a lovely program on TV showing great Polish cuisine.


It looks so good! :yum::drooling_face:


I eat them all the time. Wtf?

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You made me laugh, Basil- this is a very good description of eating poppy seeds! :joy: The Polish version of poppy cake does go a bit strong on the amount of poppy seeds. But have you ever tried a (non-Polish) Lemon Poppy Seed Cake/Loaf?

[Pic from Best Ever Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf]

The poppy seeds are sprinkled sparingly in the cake- more of a decoration than a flavoring. With some nice glaze and edible flowers, this is my favorite way to eat poppy seeds- I highly recommend it! :blush:

The whole Poppy plant, or just Poppy seeds?


@TheTravelWitch. Long time ago tried the muffin at café NERO. I know it’s not the same. Loaves are very moist, homemade of course, whereas muffins tend to be quite dry. My love affair with sugar is over.
It’s a lovely picture, but does not turn me on anymore. What type of Taurus am I turning into?
I used to love food, but now I am recycling myself. Instead of creating beauty, I choose practicality. I mix food to nourish me, but other people would run off by the look of it. It’s peasants food.
I grind the little seeds, including poppy, and mix them with other ingredients; believing that will get better absorbed in the stomach.
Am I an anti-Taurus?-where is indulgence has gone?.:taurus::water_buffalo:

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Perhaps your changing tastes are not so much about becoming less Taurus, but rather that you are becoming more in tune with another zodiac(s) in your charts, Basil?

Turning towards practicality/health makes me think of Virgo- another earth sign. And thinking more critically about your food and changing opinions could be the influence of an air element zodiac.

The Supermoon this weekend is a Full Moon in Scorpio, so perhaps the moody and transformative Scorpion could be influencing you too :scorpius: :full_moon:

Maybe take another deep look at your chart and see if you can spot strengthening influences from another sign? :milky_way:


This is what astrology 101, by Alanna Kailvaya writes about Virgo. Perhaps you’re right.:blush:

7 Virgo 11’ &
Neptune 15 Scorpio 38’ 44" r.

Virgo Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the changeable messenger. Mercury, while notable for his ability to move between worlds, is also in constant service to others, as is Virgo. For Virgo, service is a means to self-discovery and full participation in life. Virgo’s perfectionistic drive presses it to achieve ever greater heights of service and potential, but the dark side of this turns Virgo into a martyr who neglects itself for fear of exposing its flaws. The glyph (symbol) of Virgo shows the tail lashing back on itself (which is contrary to the glyph for Scorpio) suggesting that Virgo can be its own worst enemy. To alleviate the self-doubt, uncertainty, and self-criticism that plagues Virgo, attention to selfless service, and healing is key. Virgo enjoys pursuits of physical health and wellness, and the attention to detail on this matter often results in Virgo’s pursuit of health-related careers. When Virgo is wounded, it inflicts the wound upon itself with a downward spiral of negative self-talk, anxiety and worry. Bringing Virgo’s focus back to the joy of serving others is a great antidote.

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Oh just the seeds.


That’s a good point bc I’m a taurus too and my love for sweets just isn’t their. 🤷


Thank you for sharing Kailvaya’s insights about Virgo, Basil! :raised_hands:

Reading this makes me want to check my star charts again too- while it isn’t a lot, I can see a bit of myself reflected in this sign as well :virgo:

The beauty of astrology is that no one is tied to just one zodiac sign- we are all a delightfully unique combination of our moon, sun, and rising signs, plus our houses and so much more. It would be very rare for one sign to perfectly define a person- we are all so wonderfully complex!

If the traits of one zodiac don’t resonate with you, I’d suggest exploring your other signs and influences to find the source in another part of your star charts :milky_way: :blush:

Cheers to that! :grin: They can be a bit overhwleming in large amounts, but a few poppy seed treats here and there can be quite yummy :yum::two_hearts: