:raven: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Witch's Companions

Merry meet!

Thank you once again to everyone who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge - Scrying :mirror:

After peering into the unknown for answers, its time to sit back, have a break, and give a pat of appreciation to the ones who are always at our sides- be they in this world or another :raven:

The theme for this week’s challenge is…

Witch Companion Friend Pet Familiar Animal

:raven: :dog2: A Witch’s Companions: Pets, Familiars, and More :owl: :black_cat:

What is a Witch’s Familiar? :black_cat:

While there are various definitions for a familiar out there (and, as always, you are free to use the definition that resonates most with you!) you can usually distinguish a familiar from a pet by looking at the primary role of the creature.

A familiar is a creature that has established a mutually beneficial contract of some sort with a witch and whose primary role is to aid a witch in their Craft :handshake:

Can a pet be involved in magick? :cat2:

Unlike a familiar whose primary role is to assist in magick, a pet’s primary role in the household is for something else- such as companionship, medical assistance, or protection.

But although they have other non-magickal duties or lifestyles, a household pet can absolutely assist a witch and participate in the Craft! :+1: Pets can watch over magickal workings, offer support both emotional and spiritual, donate spell materials (such as shed fur or lost scales), guard sacred spaces, accompany a witch during meditations or astral travel, watch over their witch when they cross over, and much more.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Whether you have a trusty familiar, a beloved pet, or something else at your side- it’s time to show them off and appreciate them this week :heart: This challenge is all about A Witch’s Companions- but as always, how you explore the theme is up to you!

So are you ready? Because it’s…



Picture from Pixabay

STEP 1 : A Witch’s Best Friend :paw_prints:

This challenge is all about familiars and pets- but how you choose to take on this theme is up to you!

Still not sure where to begin? To help you get started, here are a few ways in which a witch might approach this challenge.

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Familiars, Pets, Spirit Animals- Oh My! :open_book:

There are so many terms and labels for creatures in the Craft- it’s enough to ruffle anyone’s fur! :laughing: Feel free to jump in and do some research on the various types of critters in the practice. For your challenge entry this week, we’d love to hear what you learned! :books:

Familiars vs. A Pet

Familiar Spirits and Power Animals - What is the Difference?

Spirit Guides: Signs and How to Meet Them

Familiar, Pet, and other related discussions in the forum:

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Show Off Your Companions! :camera_flash:

Do you have a beloved pet who helps you in your practice? Maybe a favorite familiar? Perhaps you’d like to share about how you met your spirit guide? :dragon_face: Feel free to share pictures and stories for your entry this week! :framed_picture:

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Magick Together :paw_prints:

If your companion helps you, why not reach a hand to help them week? Consider working some magick in honor of your companion/guide this week, such as a spell or an act of gratitude :pray:

Alternatively, consider doing a spell or meditation alongside your companion/guide! :person_in_lotus_position: :cat2:

Gratitude Prayer

Pet Protection Spell

Related discussions in the forum:

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Honor a Memory :candle:

For those with companions who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, consider taking some time to honor their memory this week. From a farewell ritual to reaching across the veil to say hello, there are many ways to continue to treasure a beloved companion.

Prayer for a Departed Pet

Farewell Pet Ritual

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

…And More! :raised_hands:

The suggestions above are just a few ideas to help kickstart your creativity- if you feel called to explore witchy companions in another way, please feel free to do so! :blush:

For additional ideas and animal magick inspiration, feel free to explore the coven’s entries to past animal-related challenges:

:dragon: Dragon Magick
:black_cat: Cat Magick
:paw_prints: Claws, Paws, Tails & Scales
:unicorn: The Bestiary

As always, all witches are encouraged to embrace their own unique practice with how they explore the challenge theme :star2:

From World Birds: Raven Symbolism and Meaning

STEP 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

Click here for a note about challenge inclusivity

Everyone is welcome to join the challenge by practicing magick in line with the current theme. For lurkers and those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, it is absolutely okay to follow along with the challenge but keep your entry personal. Feel free to join in spirit and do what feels most comfortable for you! :blush:

That being said, please know that if you would like to receive a prize and a public shout-out, it is required that you share your experience.

Getting Your Credit :white_check_mark:

In order for your entry to be counted, all you have to do is write/share about your experience and label it as your challenge entry. There is a lot of chatting here (which is awesome- chatting and discussion are very welcome!) so please clearly write that it is your entry so I know to count it! :pray:

Where Should I Share My Entry? :thinking:

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You are welcome to post it right here- just click “reply” :repeat: to this post and write your experience in the text box that pops up!

Alternatively, you could create a new post in the forum (this is good for when you have a lot to share and/or would like to discuss aspects of your entry not related to the current theme)

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Deadline :spiral_calendar:

:exclamation: This challenge will close in 6 DAYS :exclamation:

To join in, please share your experience by:

Tuesday, May 30 at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)
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Prizes :gift:

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After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given. This discussion will remain open for about a week after the challenge finishes.

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From National Museums Liverpool: Familiar Spirits

A warm reminder that the challenges are designed to be very open- everyone is encouraged to participate in a way that honors and reflects their unique practice :open_book:

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And for those new to challenges- welcome! :heart: Know that the goal of these activities is to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in creative ways :hugs:

Picture from Pixabay

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

While awake or while in a dream,
A witch and their companion are quite the team!
In spirit or flesh, with scales or with fur,
Some friends hiss while others purr.
By day and by night, long after they part-
A witch’s companion has a home in the heart.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Blessed Be! :raven::sparkles:


This is going to be a fun and interesting challenge!


Oh no, whatever will I do? It’s not like I have a Magic cat who thinks he’s my Alpha and has an interesting story. And I totally wasn’t just about to do more research for his care regimen :rofl:


My entry…

This is really good timing - as I was not ready to do this until last night - so I will chat about it now since I think it’s a sign.

I ended up doing the Farewell Pet Ritual - YouTube

I rescued a dog named Koda back in 2018. He came from horrible conditions and had a big fear issue and behavior issues. He loved to be loved by me and my husband – when HE wanted the love. When something triggered his fear - he wanted no one to be near him. Myself and my husband were bitten by him SEVERAL times. He even attacked our other dogs on occasions.

The first time it happened, I was petting him and he turned and attacked my arm - so naturally I thought medical issue - we took him to the vet - he would NOT let anyone near him to examine. We had to make another appointment and we were given a “chill protocol” – basically pills to calm him before his appointment and he needed sedation and a muzzle! The picture below is ALL so he could be examined. So, you can imagine, every time we went to the vet - this was the procedure – even for a simple rabies shot.

Time goes on - we spent thousands of dollars on behavior specialists – all saying he should be put down…dogs like him will only escalate. I wanted no part of that answer. I wanted to save him. Humans had already failed him. I wasn’t giving up. I searched and searched – found a trainer. Spend more money…and more…and more lol…he was even on prozac for awhile – which made him worse.

We took him hiking with us…but he always wore gear that said DO NO PET – MOST people respected that. Only had one fool try to pet him, but I stepped between Koda and the man and told him not a good idea… ANYWHO… I digress…

This dog was so sweet, but could turn on a dime. After extensive training we did not have a bit episode for over 2 years. We could never fully trust him to be around others if we had company, so he was put in my office and we just had a baby gate around the door. All the training and hiking and correcting…we thought “wow! It’s working - did we “fix” him?”

Sadly, no…on March 1 2023, my older dog, Nala was standing in my office - I was calling her with a hand gesture as she is deaf - Koda watched me in the hallway, and out of nowhere he attacked me pretty viciously…to the point I had to go to the ER and needed X-rays on my hand and needed stitches.

He connected with my leg, arm, hand, and right breast. I was pretty mangled. My husband was home and the only way he could Koda to stop attacking me was by hitting him with the baby gate we had laying against the wall. It broke his ‘trance’ and he went into my husbands office and sat on the floor shaking – and then tried to give me his paw.

It was at the point, I knew he was mentally suffering with something I could not help with. We had to make a choice. Sadly, we made the decision to put him to rest. It was the most heart wrenching thing I’ve ever had to do.

We did our chill protocol, took him to the vet March 2, 2023. They covered him with a blanket to give him the first shot - he laid on the floor at my feet. They gave him the second shot when it was time. And My husband and I held him. Kissed him. Loved him so hard in those moment.

My little bear - Koda is at peace now. I carried guilt around - and still do, that I could not save him. SO…as I said, I did this farewell ritual and Monday we are going Hiking and taking his harness with us attaching it to our pack…AND when we use to take him hiking with us, we’d stop for snack - We’d always bring one of those little snack sized peanut butter cups with us so he could have a snack too.

I made little business cards and will be placing one card and one peanut butter cup in a baggie and if we see someone else out there with a dog - we will give it to them – our way of honoring our little Koda - so that in and of itself is another ritual I’ll be doing in honor of my beloved pet…even though he had a lot of issues he always followed me around like a shadow… I love you Koda! :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks for reading.


Aww sad and happy story. You gave him a home for as long as you could. I hope youve recovered from the attack. Pretty dog. :heart:


I think I know what I’m gonna do. It’s been a year since I lost Max over the Rainbow Bridge, time to do a proper goodbye.


So happy y’all showed him not all humans were bad before he left! So sorry for your loss. Rest easy buddy!


This’ll be an interesting challenge. I have a rescue Greyhound, rescued her from the track, she was well looked after by her track owner but needed a retirement home. She doesn’t help with magic, sleeps too much :joy:

I’m nervous about this challenge though cuz everytime I do magic, a spider crawls past, and I see them all the time. Had another one this morning say hello. I don’t like them but they like me. But here goes, I’m going to find out what animal wants to do magic with me and if I get spiders I’m going to cry. :joy::flushed::sparkling_heart:


I’m sorry, all I could think about is Ron Weasley from Harry Potter :rofl:

Spider GIF by Mashable


Totally relate to how he feels. :joy::joy::joy:


Look at spiders as the Grandmother, the weaver of the Web of Life :spider: :spider_web:


Hmmm… this is a thought provoking challenge for me :thinking: I don’t know that I have a Spirit Animal per se or a Totem that I’m necessarily aware of really… I really don’t know about a familiar… my pupper in the last year has become incredibly imprinted with me since the passing of my other pupper who was always referred to as a Momma’s Boy (he was incredibly my imprinted shadow)… I’ll have to really think about how to approach this challenge :face_with_monocle:


Good idea, this will be a test of my visualisation skills. Won’t be scrying this week as got spiders on my mind now. :joy::flushed::sparkling_heart:


I didn’t have to really think about this. As much as love ALL my pets, Harper is my familiar. I know this. When I do tarot readings or work with the elements, she is right there at my feet. I also feel she can see things that I don’t and is protecting. As much as she is my pet, she is also there for. I also feel there is a connection with her that I don’t have with my other pet. I talk to my pets and yes they understand me. Harper, who is a 9 month old pup by the way so very very young, seems like an old soul.

She will LOOK at you. While other dogs look at you and will quickly look away, Harper will hold my gave and it’s like she is trying to talk to me. I know, weird but still. She also seems to understand EVERYTHING I say, even as young as she is. My 14 year old Dachshund does the same but she has had a lifetime to get there.

Photo of Miss Harpsichord Fluffbutt Twinkletoes (my funny name for her)


I love her name. Fabulous :sparkling_heart:. So pretty.


what a beautiful theme!
helpful companions with strong intuition my dogs!
play watch help!
I didn’t even have to think!
together with them and two Rottweilers!


Oh they’re so cute! I love them.:sparkling_heart:


Oh, those are some lovely Rotties!!!


LOL I feel this one needs the caption ‘boom bastic side eye’ lol :rofl:


@tracyS @Dierna_Nimue_Selene thank you i love them all so much!