Can a pet break a scared cricle?

So, just discovering the craft, and planning to cast my first spell.

My space is small, and I have a very affectionate and clingy furry friend. I am concerned that she will break my circle. Can animals break the protective circle? If so, what is the best way to help her keep her distance while I am casting?

Any help is appreciated


I read once that a pet or child will not “break” the protection. That was the writer’s opinion. I think I would agree with it. I had a slug enter my circle, probably attracted to the light. But slugs symbolize strength, so my circle-breaker was welcome.


@mary25, thank you Mary!


hi Mary, is it possible that you furry friend is your familiar?
I don’t believe children or animals would break a circle since they have a pure spirit.
Garnet Mountain Witch


That is a good reason – I like that – pure spirits . I wish I had a furry (or non-furry) friend but my apartment will not let me have pets. However, when visiting my sister, I have done Tarot readings for her cats :slight_smile: who love me dearly (not for the cards but probably for the chicken bits I sneak to them) :slight_smile: Ah, well, at least the occasional slug, skink, chipmunk or wild bird visits me during my works!


If this was true i would be in mental and psychic danger too… I cleanse my area regularly and seeming my kittens and children are so close to me i dont feel they break the circle. However in saying that i do feel my husband breaks it and can even feel the shift in energy within the room as he isn’t so much for my craft and makes sly comments often so i did a spell to protect my craft, my sacred room and self from his negative energy. So far it worked as last week he was so upset he went in to throw my kittens and anything related to my craft from my room while i was working and as soon as he stepped in there he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He said he doesn’t know why… I can tell you he done it once before when i first started out so i make sure i protect it with a little salt spell…


Great question, @melissa1984!

I had sworn there was a similar question asked a while back, but I cannot find it anywhere so it may have come from a different site- but in regards to pets and circles, one solution is to leave a special “gateway” for them when you draw the circle.

It can be as elaborate as drawing a special sigil or symbol somewhere in the border allowing for seamless travel back and forth for the specified entity (in this case, your cat), or as simple as saying: "I allow my cat to pass through this border at will. Doing so shall not break the sacred circle."

Feel free to do your spell and ritual work without worry. You can then take down the circle as usual when you are finished :blush:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Great question @melissa1984
I have a furry friend and I have blocked him from entering my room as he broke my first circle.
I have also cast less because my husband has doesn’t always respect the process.
In the end of have cast less circles.
I am going to cast a circle tonight, let my furry friend in the room and cast a protective spell for my husband. My furry friend is super attached to me.
Was there a protective spell in particular that you used @TheMuslimWitch ?

I like the idea of the sigil too.


@TheTravelWitch_Bry . Thank you Bry for the solution.


It’s my pleasure, @melissa1984- I’m happy if I could help! :heart::blush:

Happy casting and blessed be! :sparkles:


I use a similar saying as to what @TheTravelWitch_Bry mentioned. I live in an RV full time with 2 cats and 2 dogs so they are bound to come in my circle at some time. Usually they leave me alone except for one cat; I’m 99.9% sure he’s my familiar as he will come immediately to me anytime I’m doing anything with the Craft. He will generally come to me before I cast my circle and stay within for the whole period but I still allow that he may leave it the others may enter without breaking it.


My cat hasnt broken my circle yet. He always comes and finds me when i work my craft and will lay just outside my circle til im done. I love the protection against hubbys snarky negativity tho. @TheMuslimWitch if u would be willing to share what u did that would be awesome.


Sure. Well i can’t remember from where i got the spell where it was one of my spell books or on Spells8, but i used black salt around the room and in the entrance of my sacred room i call my witch room, i used a blend of black salt rosemary and garlic. I eventually had to cover it with cling wrap as the kittens and family kept stepping on it and spreading the content, but i eventually left it until i felt it worked and so far it has…


@TheMuslimWitch awesome thank u sooooooo much


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