Question about Animal Totems and Intuition

I recently did a guided meditation that was essentially a walk through a variety of landscapes (forest, beach, meadow, cave, etc) The goal was to see which animals visited and then stayed to figure out who my animal totem was. A rabbit first appeared, a bird followed and then a deer. The only one that was in every landscape was the deer.

So I did a little research and felt like I definitely connected with the qualities of a deer as an animal totem, but then I started to second guess myself. I’ve always loved deer and have found them beautiful and majestic. I had some deer figures and art in my home, prior to me pursuing my spirituality. I worried that because I already loved them so much that it was less spiritual and more me almost purposely inserting an animal I love into the meditation? I’m not sure if that makes sense.

So I suppose I come asking if this is me struggling with my intuition (which I wouldn’t be surprised at) or if I’m going about this all the wrong way. I’m still super new to witchcraft so I’d love any tips on animal totems, spirit guides, and even improving/trusting my intuition as it’s a big struggle for me anyway.

Thanks so much for any help!



I am in no way an expert here as I am pretty new myself but my thinking is to look at your situation from a different angle:

A connection or affection for a certain animal in the past may infact be a sign that the animal had already chosen you. It is said that spirit animals choose us much like deities do.Thats maybe why you have such a connection to the deer. If its traits are also closely linked to your own then I’d see this perhaps as a psotive sign of it being your animal.

Pay attention round about you to see if you notice repeating incidences of a particular animal. This might be in physicial form our in some other form like in pictures or statues etc. Pay attention also to animals which appear in dreams. I keep seeing a falcon so have decided to read up on what it may mean and what it is trying to tell me.

I hope you are able to get some clarity

Blessed be



This helped a lot. I don’t tend to dream about animals so I struggle with that one, but I’ve been drawn to deer since I was very young and have always gravitated towards decor that included them.

I really appreciate your insight on this - thank you!


I’m super drawn to turtles, I have a whole collection of crystal turtles. I have a plush turtle from my daughter… :turtle: I have at least 2 of them as charms on bracelets. My friend had said one time that they were my spirit animal to teach me to take it easy & slow down to get where I was going without doing any more damage or causing myself any unnecessary stress. Ever since then, my family & friends give them to me as crystal carvings, charms, and stuffed animals. So now I just go with it. :hugs:


I’m inclined to agree with @Cosmic_Curiosity here!

If you feel drawn to the Deer, for whatever reason, I would say that’s cause enough to be interested in learning more about them or taking their lessons into your own life. I believe that animal guides can come to us at any point in our life and that we may not always have the same one forever. Over time, I have been drawn heavily to wolves :wolf: and horses :racehorse: – throughout my life, these animal interests have never changed.

Here lately, as an example, I’m also very interested in snakes :snake: and all they represent. We now own five ball pythons and every one of them is cherished and teaches me a new lesson.

All this to say that yes, your interest can very well be the Deer spirit’s way of getting your attention. It could also be that your interest in the Deer spirit got their attention! Either way is perfectly fine, in my opinion :blush:


This really spoke to me, Megan! I’m trying to work on going with the flow (especially internally) instead of having set expectations of what something is or should be. I think I had it in my head that there had to be one animal guide and I needed to truly know that it was the one.

I’ve had a variety of animal interests over the years but the deer has never changed. I’m excited to dig in and see more of what I can learn from the deer, but also other animals that guide me as they cross my path.

Thank you!


You and me both, it’s okay! I definitely fall into the camp of “do as I say, not as I do” because I’m very good at giving advice bu I’m horrible at taking my own advice :joy: I think that since the Deer has been with you for so long, chances are very high that the Deer has something to teach you. I look forward to seeing your research and watching you grow and learn from the Deer! :deer:


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