:raven: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Witch's Companions

:heart: :heart: :heart: :broken_heart: I may have trouble with this challenge and might sit this one out - I am on the fence about it yet. Although, I am still in a place of grief for my Harley Quinn, perhaps like SilverBear has stated, the timing could be perfect for a farewell ritual, or honoring his memory, and what I need to gently close this chapter.

Just before Christmas, I accompanied Harley to Rainbow Bridge and held him as he crossed over, he was four months shy of his 15th birthday. Ever since, my sister’s cat, Bear, has been my grief companion - funny how that works. My furry grey shadow. :black_cat: :black_cat: He does seem to hang around when I am doing my spellwork and candle meditations :smiling_face:

I believe that I will provide myself a day or so to noodle this challenge and if it feels right at the time, I will proceed. Much love you all with your precious furry companions and acts of kindness and love for them. :heart: Blessed Be.


Goodness, I wish I could put what I’m feeling into words. Your story resonates with me SO much and I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. We still have our Max that reminds me so much of your story with Koda, and I do wonder if some day, we’ll have to make a similar choice.

I remember you talking about it back in March, not being sure how to respond even because it resonated with me so much. That being said, I know the guilt is hard to let go, but I know in your posts about Koda that you did the best you could and that’s all we can do for our pets. You did more than most would (I know because of how close our path is in this case and how much I struggled to find help) and that’s admirable.

Your cards in memory of Koda are beautiful and I think it’s an incredibly sweet way to honor him. It makes me want to do something similar for my Meg, a pup I lost 6 years ago that was my absolute best friend.

Sending you lots of love :heart:


Challenge Entry.

After reading everyone’s entries thus far I was going to write about Cisco, my kitty who I rescued from a shelter in 1997, when he was a kitten. He had respiratory problems and the shelter was going to euthanize him. They weren’t going to let me adopt him at first, but he put his claws into me and hung on for dear life. I started crying and promised I would nurse him back to health. They let me take him and I nursed him back. We spent 18 wonderful years together. I got sad fast… so

I am going to change up my energy and introduce you to my 2 spirit familiars. They have different jobs. Some witches believe that a familiar chooses the witch, while others perform rituals to invoke or attract a familiar. The rituals can include offerings, incantations, meditation, or spells designed to establish a connection with the spiritual realm. My mom had a ritual to bring a familiar to you from the spirit realm. I used her ritual.

Familiars are believed to possess spiritual or supernatural abilities, acting as a conduit for the witch’s magical powers. They are considered to be sources of knowledge, guidance, and protection. My familiars assist me in rituals, spellcasting, divination, and other magical workings. They also serve as messengers or intermediaries between me and the spirit realm.

I like balance (it is my Libra Moon) and work with the light side of magic and the dark side. Aside from my Orishas, I have one familiar who helps me with the lighter side of Magic and another that helps me with the darker workings.

This is Cadhla, which means beautiful in Gaelic. Her spirit is housed in a deadhead moth. She is more on the lighter side of magic. She helps me with my clairvoyance, going out to get information I may need or want to know about, more feminine energy for the lighter workings. She tells me the information in dreams, meditation or signs/synchronicities.

My other Familiar spirit is housed in a bat. Yes, his host is a real bat. His name is Ciaran, which means “little dark one” in Gaelic. He is a protector. He helps me with my protection magic and with the darker side of my magic workings:

I have formed a strong bond with my 2 familiars. The bond is more psychic and telepathic, allowing my familiar to communicate on a deep level with me. This communication happens through non-verbal cues, intuitive feelings, and just a “knowing”. Ciaran, my bat familiar often conveys messages, offers guidance, or alerts me to potential dangers and often alerts me to opportunities in my everyday life and magical workings that I didn’t plan on.

On a side note, a great book on familiars is A Witch’s Familiar by Raven Gramassi.


I’m not sure how to approach this challenge, still gonna try to complete it though.


Challenge Entry.

Funny you posted the Prayer for the Departed Loved one or Pet, I had just looked at this and bookmarked it.

This is me and my daughters emotional support dog Alphie, when he is not with my children he is by my side, anytime he thinks I am in trouble he comes running to me, he does the same with my daughter as well.

I seem to have made a spider friend who is above my altar, I wanted to kill him but I read that it is good to have them around, can’t tell my daughter that because she hates bugs, LOL.

Last but not least I have Deities and Spirit guides, the Morrigan has really been showing off lately sending Ravens to watch over me daily. I have them flying by my car, I have seen them swoaring in the air lately, today one landed near my car. It has been such a beautiful site knowing she is around.


It’s so sad, but you had to be strong for your family and for him. Even when we don’t think we have strength we find it through the Witches mind! We have that power to kill and still know we are enough and worthy of the fight! Your story is about being a warrior queen :princess: to stay smiling! Keep in mind that you can always know that you’re shawdow will always be right there So don’t be shy have the courage to pray :pray:t4: for a new beginning and for a new cycle and renewal!
Bless you my friend I will light this candle for you sending you energy and radiant light!:purple_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::black_heart::blue_heart::butterfly::snake::potted_plant::candle:sparks of love :heart:


So interesting, thankyou for sharing that. I may need to read this book, this is a new area for me. Blessings :heart:


@Ostara Good luck- I hope you have fun with it, Ostara! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Nixi Hahaha it sounds like the tables have turned and your Magic owns you, Nixi! :laughing: Good luck (and give him a pat from me, if he allows it!) :black_cat: :blush:

@Silverbear My heart goes out to you and your beloved Koda, Silverbear. I remember your posts about him and his story in the past, and I just want you to know that I am sending so much love your way as you honor his memory. He was a very lucky dog to have had such a wonderful and caring person in his life. (And the peanut butter cups are really sweet- that is such a nice way to remember him) :heart:

@Amethyst Sending big hugs and lots of love your way as you honor the memory of your beloved Max :people_hugging: :heart:

@TracyS Your pupper is a sweetheart, Tracy! Is that a jacket or blanket she has on? It’s really pretty- it makes her look like she’s sleeping among the stars! :milky_way: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: As for the spiders, I feel you 100% :joy: Maybe they just have a message for you, and then they will leave you alone? :spider:

@MeganB Lol at the Ron gif :rofl: :butterfly:

@Shadeweaver That is a really beautiful way to see spiders :pray: I will try (try) to remember that the next time I see one… but I can’t make any promises :sweat_smile: They’ve always given me the heebie-jeebies :woozy_face:

@Siofra_Strega I’m sure that something will come to you, Siofra! Wishing you all the best with whatever you choose :hugs: :two_hearts:

@Dierna_Nimue_Selene Miss Harpsichord Fluffbutt Twinkletoes is an award-winning name- for an award-winning dog! Those at those big beautiful eyes and adorable floppy ears. She is such a sweetheart! :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Airam Look at your beautiful puppies- oh, Airam, they are all so sweet! :heart_eyes: There was a Rottie living next door growing up and he was one of my best friends when I was baby- always so sweet. I always remember him when I see a Rottie. Your dogs are really beautiful! :dog2: :heartpulse:

@lisa67 I am sorry for the loss of your Harley Quinn, Lisa :people_hugging: I’m glad that you have another furry friend there for you, Bear sounds like he is an absolute sweetheart. And potentially has an interest in your magick as well! If the time isn’t right, then no worries at all. If you do choose to work on this theme, then I wish you all the best- good luck! :heart:

@Ancient_Queen Thank you for sharing about your dear Cisco and your two spirit familiars- it sounds like they are a huge help in your practice! May the wonderful Cadhla and Ciaran continue to watch over and stay by your head, helping you find balance in light and dark. It was a pleasure hearing about them and how they assist in your practice! :pray::two_hearts:

@brandy20 You’ve got this, Brandy! Wishing you all the best with whatever you choose :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Heav3n Hello sweet Alphie- he looks like such a furry ball of love! :dog: :heart: Thank you for sharing about Alphie, your altar spider friend, your deities and spirit guides- may they all continue to watch over and help keep you safe! :pray: :blush:


Cute dog, so cute. Glad Im not the only one with spiders that want to interact with me.
Blessings :heart:


Thankyou its her blanket coat, I do hope you’re right about the spiders although I’ve got an iky feeling they’re here to stay. :joy:


This highly resonates with me! It’s not only celestially resonating but its aslo on a soul level. Thank you :raised_hands: :blush:


Challenge entry

I decided to enter a meditation to meet my spirit animal rather than focus on my pets. That will come at a different time. I have two beautiful labs, one is still a puppy. Duke, the 3yo lab is amazing. I love his energy. He is the best! For some reason I keep stopping myself from doing any energy work with him. I think mainly because of fear- will I have to always do the energy work and what is I am successful at it- then what ? What?!?- me overthink :exploding_head: bah-never :joy:

So I went to YouTube and listened to a meditation to meet my spirit animal. I was able to meet my spirit animal before the ad came on :rage: in the middle of the meditation! I don’t like ads in meditations and I wish I knew before getting into one that there would be ads.

Anyway, my mind started thinking at the beginning and I had read earlier about a fox being someone’s guide and other animals for other people so all these animals were being presented to me at the beginning of my meditation. I identified them as thoughts and allowed them to float away. I saw a raven as my spirit animal at that point in the meditation where I am to meet it. I am going to explore more and ask questions this week to see if I can get confirmation.

I looked up the meaning on this site.

Spirit Animal website

It also had a quiz. So I took that also. It said a snake was my guide.

The raven makes sense as I am working with magick and exploring my shadow self.

The snake makes sense as I am working at transforming out of some of my unhealthy/interfering traits and learning to stand in my own power.


@SilverBear, what a heart wrenching story. I cried when I read this. It sounds like you reached him and he loved you. It is unfortunate that there was something unfixable in him. You did everything you could. I think his soul transitioned surrounded by love and now he can be free of that part of him that was unfixable. You have great strength and compassion. May you continue your journey knowing what a beautiful home you gave him. He was truly blessed to have you and your husband.

Yikes!!! I would not be a fan of that either! I have an image of the Harry Potter scene where all the little spiders are walking in a line out the window. :eyes:

@Shadeweaver great idea! @tracyS good luck with that - I would have a hard time seeing the spiders as a grandmother but it is a great idea.

@Dierna_Nimue_Selene beautiful dog.

@AIRAM oh your little dogs are so cute! Your rottweilers are gorgeous.

Animals are amazing! I am glad you have your furry grey shadow. :heart:

That’s for the suggested reading. Great post!! I now know I have a lot more to learn than I thought (typical-lol). I like that you have two familiars that help you with different things.

@Heav3n Alphie is so cute!!!


Thats a really interesting experience. You got some nice animals too, I like snakes, they’re very soft to hold. Thankyou for sharing that. I may try a meditation and see if I get a different spirit animal to my currently “friendly” spiders. Many blessings :heart: Love your dogs


That is so sad. You did everything possible to help him, poor baby.


Hello my Witch Family. I keep missing the deadline to get the Challenges in. I’ll keep trying as I have been in the ER for 4 days with serious infection in my hand. I am home and can use my hand (slowly). I am looking forward to this challenge. I found my familiar being buried in a snowbank along with 5 other kittens. I looked out my window about 5:00 am and I saw the snow moving in my backyard. I walked down and started making noise and that is when 6 little heads popped up from under the snow. They took off running even though I opened my car door so they could get in … yeah right! I did put a blanket on my front porch with some food. In the morning there was one little kitty and she kept coming back. The rest is history… :black_cat:


Ouch I hope you heal well. :heart: The kitten sound sweet, do you have a photo of her? Blessings :heart:


I’m not suggesting we cuddle and hug the spider, merely respect and allow them to live in the same web we all live. I steer clear of them myself, having been bitten more than once, but unlike my wife, I don’t go out of my way to kill them. Allow them their space and if need be capture and release them outside. They take care of many of the bugs we dislike. :purple_heart:


So our little spider friend has a name, I eased my daughter into the closet and showed her where he was and said he needs a name. So she came up with a name in about 5 mins while we were getting ready for school and it is Cusana. I don’t know where she got it from or how she it came to her but I love it.


He is and thank you @Phoenix_Rose.