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@TheTravelWitch_Bry he is a Shih Tzu and is a ham, thank your for the kind words.


Sorry to hear that @Medea I hope you heal soon enough.


LOL, nope @tracyS you are not alone.


I dont have a pet, im not sure how to approach this one. Im not allowed pets in my rental and stuffed animals(toys) i assume wouldnt hold animal spirits or familiars


Challenge Entry

Almost everyone here knows that dragons are my spiritual familiar. :dragon:

My cats, Marble and Casper, will sometimes lay on my bed next to my altar when I’m doing magick and will watch me. If I leave an offering to Bast, they’ll try to eat the treats or the catnip. :laughing: Other than that, they don’t take much interest in my magick, but they are very magickal as in they’re very soothing and provide some protection.

Snakes have a bad reputation in the US, but I’ve always believed that they are treated unfairly. Out of all the “misunderstood monsters”, I would def end them the most. This has led me to believe that the snake is my spirit animal. That and I was also born in the Year of the Snake in the Chinese zodiac. :snake:


I don’t know why they couldn’t. Reiki practitioners use them as mediums to pass healing energy on to those in need. Hug a stuffed animal with healing intention and pass it on to someone why needs it. We use rocks and gems to pass energies to others, why not stuffed animals. It may not be as cool as having a raven perched on your shoulder, but… :pray: :purple_heart: sort of a poppet?


Challenge Entry (long post) :woman_facepalming:t2:

So I’m still not sure how to do this but I’ve seen other post about there animals so I have a couple animals to post.

First is my precious 8 yr old Dachshund Marley. I’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old and me and him have been through everything together. He has been through both my children’s births and helped make sure I was watched over/had a snuggle buddy when I need to rest without the babies. He refusing to leave my room when I practice he’ll sit on my bed till I finish then go on about his day. This isn’t a dog he is my 1st child :smiling_face:

My mouse Uma she sadly passed this last December while I was in the hospital (people came and feed/water her and even made sure she was warm but she still passed). I got her a few weeks before I started to practice she was my emotional support mouse. She would sit on my shoulder and just chill out with me. She got me over my fear of mice/rats. Oddly enough even though I had people take care of her while I was in the hospital, as I was bleeding out my sweet Uma passed. I’m not sure if that’s a sign that I’m not reading correctly but I was very devastated when I found out she had passed.

Here is the newest animal I have this is Mushu the breaded dragon. I got him from someone he was not in a healthiest of conditions and was basically grey when I got him a day with me and he’s back to yellow/orange color. Marley the weenie does not like mushu :joy: but mushu is very happy now and all he does sit under his heat lamp then comes the glass looks and judges us silently :joy:

One more thing I would like to add is I think my familiar comes to me in the form of birds. My husband said he stays outside most of his day and never sees a bird but as soon as I come outside birds come out from everywhere. I like to talk to birds and love watching them and listening to them sing. I remember a time ago I would sit on the porch waiting for the bus to come and me and a pigeon would talk this pigeon came back every morning sat in the same spot for months to talk( my grandmother is my witness) and another time was with an owl I was out hooting back the the owl came and flew right in between me and my husband and landed in the tree behind us and that made him a believer I can “talk to birds”. I feel a strong connection to birds and maybe I know


My husband got Millie for me because my uncle got rid of my other cat and he just did not like my cat because my cat with his side him so he took my cat and got rid of it. I am sure of it! One day he was just gone he told me he was going to get rid of him. She was a replacement for tackle.
Every morning I wake up and I think how lucky I am to have such a wonderful pet by my side. I wake up in the morning and my kitty cat sleeps by my side all night, and in the morning she stretches her paws and loves on me with head butts and purrs and cuddles :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: she is so sweet :face_holding_back_tears:

Not only do I have my cat by my side I have Ra by my side. We go for a morning walk. He growls if he thinks there’s someone by the door :door:. He is protects me. Unfortunately I had to go to the hospital the other day and I took my dog. But no matter what he has my best interest.

This is him being a good boy who is there at my side at the hospital.

Ra my husband and I are trying new adventures we’re supposed be going kiaking! Ra sometimes goes to work with me!
I’ve had three birds that have passed away! One parakeet that was Blue and I swear this parakeet is a champion. I had a cat, and the cat scratched his eye out, and then he fell off of the stick and broke his leg but he continued to live, and he loved his life. He had a good life. He always sang, and he was happy, even though he didn’t have a eye and a leg. Birds have always liked me brandy!


@brandy20 You have beautiful animals in your life. So sorry about your little mouse. I love mice/rats. They’re so friendly, smart and loving.
@Jeannie1 Sorry about your cat tackle, that must’ve felt awful. It’s lovely that you have Millie and Ra, these furry friends really light up our days. Blessings :sparkling_heart:


Thank you Tracy for listening and hearing my story I held a strong resentment towards my uncle for a long time. He said once he took my cat by it’s tail and swing him around to despite me. Maybe this will bring about healing :mending_heart:


My heart goes out to you! :heart: I too have a special needs dog. Stash is almost 10 yrs and has been with us since a puppy. At the time we had a 6 yr old female dog who sort of became his mother and best friend. After he was neutered, he changed. One night he had food aggression and attacked his friend. I broke it up. It happened again a few weeks later. Luckily no injuries. We started to feed them in separate rooms. This solved that issue and they were BFF’s. Then one night one of our cats walked down the hallway outside the room where we were snuggling. He went after him. No injuries. Since then he attacked other dogs at dog parks, family dogs when they would come to our home, etc…. He caused injuries these times. Stash has had 4 trainers and a dog behavioral specialist. He is on Prozac and Gabapentin. If he sees another dog outside he wants to attack. We have a special leash and harness that enables me to control him now vs the old days where he would take me lawn surfing on my belly! In the home he is a lover and snuggles with us. He has been diagnosed with Generalized, separation and noise anxiety disorders. I have performed a pet blessing on him and just strive to avoid his triggers. The medications are helpful for him. At one time he was also on Trazadone but I have weaned him off of it to use only as needed in stressful situations. I know I will not fix him and just try to give him the most happy, stress free life I can.

Don’t know if the photo loaded but this is Stash and my daughter a few days ago.


@tracyS Well, if they do decide to stick around I hope they behave themselves! :laughing: :spider:

@christina4 Awesome! You’re very welcome, Christina- can’t wait to see what you choose to do! :blush:

@Phoenix_Rose Ads during meditations are the worst- I try to bookmark or remember which ones on YT are ad-free, but I sometimes I forget or come across a new one. It really snaps you back to reality in a not very pleasant way :sweat_smile: I’m glad, despite the interruption, you were able to connect with and find your spirit animals! :raven::snake: And your two puppers are gorgeous- they look like sweeties! :heart:

@Medea Oh goodness, Medea- that sounds very serious, I hope you are doing okay and that your hand is healing well now! I’m glad you are home safe. Please keep on taking care of yourself! :pray:

@Shadeweaver You said that very beautifully, and much better than I put it- apologies if I didn’t word my reply very well! :pray: I struggle when they are in my bubble so to say, but I’m all for leaving them be in their space. It’s true that they do great work in the garden and offer a lot of benefits in the yard :bouquet: :spider_web:

@Heav3n That is so cute that you daughter gave him a name! I hope that Cusana continues to watch over and protect your space :blush:

@Phoenix_Fire Others may disagree, but I feel that any token, figure, or depiction of an animal can channel their energy and help the viewer connect with that creature. If that method interests you, I say feel free to explore it! Other options could be to do a spirit animal meditation or perhaps look into the animals associated with your deity clan members :grinning:

@Kasandra Marble and Casper sound lovely- I think they are watching over you and taking part in their own ways! :cat: :two_hearts: For me, I see a lot of similarities between snakes and dragons- not only their forms, but also their symbolism and importance to cultures around the world. Even how they are often misunderstood could be a similarity. It’s no surprise to me that you have a deep love and connection for both! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :snake: :dragon:

@brandy20 Hello sweet Marley and Mushu! :wave: They are both adorable, Brandy! And I’m sorry for your loss of Uma, she sounds like she was a sweetheart as well. Rest peacefully, dear one :candle: Thank you for sharing about your lovely animal companions as well as your connection with birds- it sounds like you have a natural bond with them! :owl::sparkles:

@Jeannie1 I’m sorry for the loss of your birds, Jeannie :pray: Your Millie is adorable and it sounds like she loves to be by your side! Ra too- he is such a good boy. I’m glad that you have such wonderful furry friends that watch over you, keep you safe, and offer you great companionship- you make a good team! :dog: :cat: :two_hearts:

@Cattleya My heart goes out to you and your Stash- wishing both of you all the best as you continue to care for him to the best of your ability. He is a very lucky dog to have you in his life! :pray::heart:


Ok, well its spiders. Did some research, a little bit of scrying, analysed some dreams and checked for signs.
First, I dream of spiders regularly, have done for years, just put it down to my fear of them, but in my research it said that if I’m not afraid in my dream, or when I wake up (which I’m not) then it could be my spirit guide trying to tell me something. I’ve attached photos of 2 beautifully crafted spiders one reddish brown, one blue that I bought from a lady of a Crystal shop last year, I just had to have them, and funnily, one of them sits on my zen box, which I use at every ritual practice.:thinking:. Then I’m seeing them, daily. I get nests, in my last house, and in this one, always within a few years of moving in (however I do live in the countryside so this may be nothing). I’ve always been afraid, but they come to me, and just sit there, watching. They dont run, they just sit. Its quite unnerving, but there it is. I get all colours where I live, even the rare false widow, and every morning, when I go out, theres a beautiful web on the front gate. Theres always a resident spider in my driverside door mirror who lives just behind the glass, and when it dies, another moves in. I’ve had them on every car! So I yield! I’m just going to have to get used to it, theyre not going away and subconsviously I must be drawn to them, as I bought the 2 jewelled ones last year (I had to have them, even waited as she finished making them as they were half done when I was in the shop)

What do they mean. I looked it up on the web, theres tons. But in a nutshell, I feel they come to help me make the transformation from my old life to my new, to link me to my ancient roots, they are linked with Celtic path as the spider is associated with the goddess Arianrhod, and the celts viewed the spider as a helpful being that brought bad luck if you killed it (hence my mother shouting at me as a kid, dont kill that spider you’ll bring bad luck into the house! Makes sense now). They represent.
Female Empowerment
Ancient Wisdom
Balance to name a few.
So I’m going to have to learn to love the little beasties (I’m just grateful I dont live with my aunty in Australia as she gets the huntsman there! not a “little beastie” ). And see where they lead me.

They wouldn’t come out for the photoshoot.

Many blessings :heart::spider_web::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider:


I live in the country too and we don’t get lots of nests in the house. We’ve been here 3 years and I haven’t seen a nest yet. I think they just really like you!!

Those spider jewels are beautiful!!!


Oh my. :flushed::joy:. :heart:


Thank you Tracy and yes I do have a picture of her

She’s watching TV I think she thinks that horse is going to come out of the TV at her LOL

Blessed Be,


OMG… spiders are the one thing that will make me scream like child. Snakes rats anything but a spider. I live in upstate New York and there was a huge hairy black spider on my bedroom window screen I couldn’t hit it with the shoe because it would bounce back and land on me or something or I would lose it and it’d be running around and I wouldn’t know where it was I’d have to move out of the house I think so I just closed the window the next day I opened it it came running back out to the middle of the screen this time every time I moved a little bit the center of it lifted up like and it moved where I moved watching me it looked like yep definitely can’t do spiders I’d have to go to counseling if I lived in a place that had an abundance of spiders around.
Excellent informational Challenge!

Blessed Be,


Thank you so much. I love reading your feedback, it’s always so enlightening.

Blessed Be,


Shes adorable :heart:


Challenge entry Garnet
I have a Siamese cat named Maximillian (Max). I swear he has psychotic brakes
when he is over stimulated.
But after watching a Godzilla movie, I was just taking to him and calling him, my sweet Coocoo, when he gave me such an intelligent look, my mouth dropped. I said :blush: “You are crazy , crazy like a Fox.” The little Trickster rolled over on his back and batted at my hand when I tried to stroke him. I haven’t decided if he will be my familiar or a thorn in my side. Either way, he’s funny and When I adopted him from the SPCA I had no idea how great a Fraud he was!