Best tips on how to find your familiar?

I’ve always love and connected a lot with animals and I really love the idea of having a spiritual familiar .
I have a strong feeling that mine is a fox since it’s been my favorite and an animal I’ve been relating to a lot since I was a little kid , I’ve had a lot of dreams with foxes in it , but I feel they might just be products of my strong desire to own a pet fox one day , ( like I dream I find one hurt or lost in a forest and end up befriending it , or someone from an animal shelter offers me to adopt one etc)
Are they signs of my actual familiar trying to contact me ? How can I directly contact it and work with it ?
Thank you for the replies
Blessed be~


The fox is yours…probably as a spirit guide, you can go to sleep with it on your mind, and ask the universe to show you what kind of fox and to confirm…and you can find a guided meditation on youtube to listen to at night before you go to sleep that will help you “see”: your spirit guide or familiar.
I have been crazy about elephants ever since we went to Portland Zoo and Packy was born…yet my spirit guide is a red fox… and my familiar is my cat…who knows me inside and out.


I’ve always been drawn to bears. Black bears…hence part of my “witchy” name “silver bear” I am turning 50 this year…crone stage…so I thought Silver bear was appropriate LOL.

My husband and I had gone to a Native American ritual and there was a man there doing spirit guide readings and shaman rituals…I had a reading done. This man knew nothing about me…and read my guide as a black bear! I was blown away! And what he was saying in regards to it was pretty much me to a T.

When we bought our house 4 years ago, we moved from a very populated city to a small town in New Hampshire…we felt like we were in the middle of NO where…the entire back of my house is woods…protected wet lands so no one can build back there! yay! Anywho…the first summer we moved here, our dogs started freaking out…it’s PITCH BLACK outside NO street lights – my husband takes a flashlight and shines it in the back yard… TWO baby black bears and a momma! OMG…I cried haha.


I totally agree with what @roxanne and @SilverBear said.

If you can afford to visit a spiritual reader in person that would probably help a lot! But if you can’t do that right now, introspective techniques such as meditation are the best way to start.

I published a post on this: Familiar Spirits and Power Animals

Here are some options besides meditation. Lucid dreaming is also a good one!

Ritual : Your ritual can simply be to light candles, incenses and write a note asking your power animal to come to you. Or, you can even write why you need their help. For example, you can write to the bear to ask for his/her strength, or the wolf for his/her inner wisdom.

Use your words : As with prayers, you can ask your power animal for help by using words. You can create your own prayer or call it the way you feel at that time, for example: “Help me, fox, I need your cunning to get out of this situation.”

Divinations : If you are used to reading Tarot or Oracle cards, you can try a new deck and see if it helps you find your spirit animal. One such deck is The Spirit Animal Oracle: A 68-Card Deck and Guidebook


They recognized you as one of their own! :clap::clap: :joy: