🎴 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Touch of Tarot

Very creative & lovely entry @Amethyst! I really like it. I would think that using the copier was a great idea! I would do something similar for the same reason.

@IrisW you have got this! I’m glad that the reading clarified it a little for you. You did a great job with them.

I just got a tarot journal that I can print for multiple sizes of binders or planners. I’m going to try & do a tarot spread each day. Starting with simpler 3 card spreads & doing a larger spread about once a week.


I know tell me about it,

I am reading write know, Keeping her Keys! I hope I can really absorb the information. I get to be a Lazy Reader so my goal is to read a chapter a day or a half of chapter without flipping either !LOL That’s so funny! You crack me up! No skipping Amethyst! :rofl:


For this challenge, I got a free Tarot reading Friday night from a Biddy reader that was everything I wanted to hear and more. The reader did say I should step back from my situation and meditate, but the outcome in the cards was excellent.

When I do readings for myself, however, they are just miserable! Example: Tonight, I decided to try the 7 card spread for the coming week on Spells8. I followed along with the video. I smudged my deck with sage first. For the interpretation, I used Spells8 and for the reversals, the Tarot Coloring Book by Theresa Reed. Depressing reading, given some personal circumstances. Either I am not facing something or this is way off. I had been feeling hopeful. :thinking:

Monday - Wheel of Fortune, reversed. Karmic justice; uncertainty
Tuesday - 2 of Swords, reversed - Facing a harsh truth
Wednesday - Judgement, reversed - Denial and fear
Thursday - 7 of Wands - Taking a stand; a fight
Friday - 6 of Swords, reversed - Stuck; in pain
Saturday - Hermit, reversed - Not learning my lesson; isolation
Sunday - Death, reversed (oh, joy) – More stuckedness. Fear of change.

I was so desperate for a glimmer of hope. I pulled one more card - a clarifying card. 10 of Pentacles - REVERSED. Loss of fortune. Mama mia!

I thought about how unhappy I was about my reading and personal circumstances. I think I will devote some time to the Spells8 beginning witch course and tomorrow, I will take a blanket outside and sit around some trees for a while. Maybe meditate there. I need to focus on what I can control: I can control my learning and my connection with nature. People, that’s another thing entirely :slight_smile: If I can’t be happy in one way, there are many other ways.


I did this. I liked how it made me focus on being open to change.


Yay, the Tarot!

Okay, for this challenge I will do a 5 card spread for you all here at Spells8! The ‘question’ will be What does the Spells8 community need to know for the coming week? Here it goes…

So the three cards in the middle are
The Devil, Four of Swords and Justice

This indicates that currently, there is some working through addictions (including procrastination, emotional cycles, etc) that can be countered with balance. These emotional cycles (the Devil card) are likely causing some stress or unease in (your) life, which are likely perpetuating the cycle. (This resonates with me so much!)

Luckily, our outcome card at the top (what’s coming next week…!) is the Three of Cups. To me, this indicates that success is within reach and with a little balance and adjustment to your routine, celebration will be in order.

The card at the bottom of the spread, which indicates the past or ‘foundation’, is the Two of Cups. This suggests that socializing, commitments or interactions with others (especially of an emotional nature) have influenced the current situation and brought you to where you are today.

I tend to read Tarot intuitively rather than ‘by the book’, and I do include reversals in my readings. Luckily, it looks like the cards were all upright this time! I’ll be honest, Tarot is not my favorite divination tool to use, so this challenge was good practice for me. I hope you like the reading, please let me know if this resonates!


No worries, Jeannie! Click this link for detailed instructions (with pictures!) about how to make a new and separate discussion in the forum:

Using the Forum: How to Make a New Discussion

That’s a great question! I usually store my deck with all the cards Upright as it feels more organized to me, so more often that not I keep them that way for a reading. Sometimes I do shuffle them around to get reversals if I want to give the deck more “language” to use in communication, but I’ve found that my deck can get most messages across using just Upright :+1: It has prevented me from learning the meanings of Reversals though- I should do more readings with reversed cards! :laughing:

It sounds like you have a close connection with Veaug, @Kasandra! Your cat tarot deck is gorgeous and it looks like it helped you connect with your kitty :cat: Great job!

Congrats on your first 5-card spread, @Siofra! It sounds like you had a lot of jumpers- I’m always grateful for jumpers since sometimes I’m not sure when to stop shuffling and jumpers give me confidence that that’s the card the deck wants me to find :grin::+1: Great job on your reading- it looks like you got some reassurance that you are headed in the right direction! :compass:

The cards seem to be supporting your decisions and helping to banish any doubts, @IrisW- that’s a very encouraging sign! Perhaps consider drawing a follow-up card each day or week as needed to help hone in on your path to sobriety. With long term self-challenges, it helps to do a tarot check-in to see what needs to be focused on/avoided for each step of the journey. I’m cheering for you on your journey to sobriety, Iris! :raised_hands: :heart:

That sounds like a beautiful New Moon spell drawing on the Ace of Wands, @Amethyst- thanks for sharing! May the fresh new energy bring you something new and wonderful :pray::two_hearts:

Congrats on the good reading with Biddy, @mary25! It can be tough to make the leap from having a professional reader to reading for yourself. If you are following the guidelines from multiple sources and still don’t feel good about your readings, perhaps you are lacking a connection with your deck? You want to spend more time bonding with your cards, or try a new deck. Wishing you all the best with your meditation and nature connection- enjoy! :heart:

You are very thoughtful to do a reading for the Spells8 community, @Katy_Mysticsens! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: As for the meanings, the move has been a bit chaotic but we’re finding balance now- so I can say this reading resonates with me! :+1: Thanks for digging into tarot even if it’s not your divination tool of choice- you have a natural gift for intuitive readings! :clap:


It’s friendly reminder time!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: July 13th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :flower_playing_cards: :sparkles:


For this week’s challenge, I did the High Intensity Tarot Training mentioned in this forum post. I’ve been doing it every few days since I first saw the post, but this week, I’ve been doing it every day.

It’s been very beneficial to me because it prompts me to look at my daily life from a different perspective, AND it makes studying the Tarot even more fun! Pulling one card from the Major Arcana helps to break up the studying so you can focus on one card at a time and have a chance to study it more in-depth. It’s also neat that it gives you a way of applying the meaning of the card to your daily life.

My favorite is the prompt for the Magician: “I will see magic that I did not see before.” Part of the reason I started getting more heavily involved with Witchcraft is because it has helped me to push through and even start to overcome some of my depression and anxiety. It helps me see the world and live my life in such a way that I can take responsibility for my actions and how my life turns out in a way that is empowering rather than toxic. (I know that doesn’t make much sense, but I can’t think of a better way to explain what I mean than that :see_no_evil:) Reminding myself every day to see the Magick in places where I didn’t notice it before has helped me maintain a much more positive overall outlook on everything! :slight_smile:

Moving forward, I’m definitely going to try to keep the High Intensity Tarot Training as part of my daily routine, and I’m going to continue to learn more about the Tarot, including (hopefully!) reading more of my chonky Tarot book :smiley:


While I still plan on sharing some about my Tarot experiences, I saw this video yesterday and thought it might be germane to the conversation.

From Dr. Angela Puca’s summary of the video:

Academic overview of the origin of the Tarot, from the Arabic origin and first emergence in Italy in the fifteenth century to the evolution in a divinatory esoteric tool in eighteenth-century France. Mentioned along the process: the Visconti-Sforza deck, Tarot de Marseille, Book of Thoth, Éliphas Lévi, Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, A. E. Waite

It’s basically a review of the following source material.

Farley, H. (2009) A Cultural History of Tarot: From Entertainment to Esotericism. London, I B Tauris.


Thanks for the suggestion of a daily card pull, I had thought of that. Bit of a headache this afternoon, this happened in January too when I quit drinking and I think it’s the reduction in sugar as much as withdrawal from the alcohol itself.

I’ve taken some painkillers and followed the Chamomile Tea Meditation

Had to cheat a little as I don’t have any loose leaf chamomile tea so broke apart two tea bags and sweetened it with a little Bedfordshire Honey.

I then did a one card pull and got the 8 of Wands.

My interpretation of this, using the guide at the back of my journal as a basis, is that I’m making progress and I will succeed, but I need to stay focussed, trust the process and keep moving forward.


Thanks, @Siofra! I’ve got the actual card in front of me and the copy tucked in my pocket.

I’m the sort that skips to the back of a book, just to makes sure there’s a Happy Ever After. LOL. Keeping her Keys is a good book. I liked it a lot even if it helped me discover that Hecate wasn’t for me, at least not right now. The author has a youtube channel too that’s interesting, in case you didn’t know.

I hope your Biddy reader was right and not your own reading, @mary25! For your sake. Ouch.

Thank you, my dear! I’m hoping for a good relationship with my new doctor.



So NickWick does not know a thing about tarot :joy::joy: but doesn’t mean I am not interested in learning. I made many attempts to purchase my first deck but it just never seem to be the right deck or the right time to do so!! You see, a long time ago when my grandma was alive I was thought how to read regular playing cards instead, which was fun. Its been like years I haven’t done this and more that 75% of my knowledge in this area is now gone :pensive:. I however would give this a try again some time, just not to sure when.

For this challenge I however seeked information that will prepare me to give tarot reading a try in the near future, so I went ahead and seek some knowledge for beginners in the meantime. I manage to find a table of meanings to familiarize myself with the names and their correspondances in the space of time. Below us an example of my findings
Source from: Pinterest.com

I must say I am more drawn to what I am used to by using the regular playing card deck, so I do believe I can try and source some more info on that too. For this challenge I will also experiment and compare to see if the meaning used in tarot can be used in comparison with the regular card deck. If all do happen in my favor I guess it would be worth giving this another shot :blush: but until then I would keep an open mind for great things to happen, you just never know.

Blessed Be💫


I have a complicated relationship with :tarot_card: Tarot. While I’ve been reading Tarot off and on since I was 15, I only embraced it as my main form of divination :crystal_ball: last year. Most of the time, I can’t read my own circumstances :thinking: or future, but reading other’s cards is like seeing the bottom of a clear lake.

Friends both on here and outside of Infinite Roots :infinite_roots: have learned to trust my readings. I don’t ask questions while doing a reading because I don’t want outsiders to think I am asking querents leading questions. :upside_down_face: Depressions, job and relationship changes, financial difficulties, and blessings all may be able to read what they have to say with accuracy and ease, but I can’t read tea leaves, flames, or crystals at all. :neutral_face:

Many of the spreads I use I make up on the fly based on the energy :sparkles: I feel from the cards and from the querent. Two of my favorites, though, are a modified :deciduous_tree: tree and a :sunny: sunburst.

Short Story

This past week I read for a friend. She didn’t want to accept what they were saying so she asked me to do a different spread. It gave the same answer. She asked for a third spread and it gave the same answer, too. This week she asked for a fourth spread. Well, :sweat_smile: you know the drill by now. (I am on the phone with her now and she actually went to another tarot reader to get a fifth reading. :man_shrugging:t4: She said that reader read in their own spread the same information. She said I could share this amusing anecdote.)

Personal Reading

For kicks, I tried to read my own cards. :man_facepalming:t4: I used the sunburst with a message from The Divine through an oracle card. All I can see is my past, present, and cloudy future is ruled by confusion and self-doubt. On the top left I see possible choices to make concerning this self-doubt and on the top right I see the outcomes of those choices.

The Divine message says,

You will not achieve the outcome you desire if you are unwilling to act upon your intentions. It is not simple as wanting something to happen or believing it will happen. You have o make it happen and to make it happen requires that you be willing to do whatever is necessary no matter the sacrifice. For everything you desire, you must give yourself in return.

What should I sacrifice? I don’t know. First I have to know what it is that I want most. I think I know that answer but what do I need to sacrifice to get this treasure? See? I can’t understand my own readings. Thoughts?


Hello, my dear Coven,

I recently minimized my altar. I set the mood by lighting each quarter and lit the candles to the lady and the lord.
I recited these words and began my reading.

God and Goddess
Beings of light
Send your clarity
To my sight
Help me see
Through fog and fear
And bring to me
The answers clear.
This was from the Everday Witch tarot book.

For my challenge i used my mini Everyday Witch tarot cards. ( Have i mentioned already that they are so darn cute! Lol)

Since purchasing the 3 sets, Everday WitchTarot, Everyday Witch Oracle and the mini decks have been so accurate with my readings and with what’s going on in my life. Still need to use the book. However, the book is just filled with great information and they’ve been dead on with my readings.

I’ve been trying to start a Tarot journal- i need to commit to it- even if its just pulling out a daily card.

For my challenge spread, i just did a simple 3 card spread and what it revealed was dead on.

I don’t want to go into details with the reading because it involves someone else in my life.

I also pulled out one card from the Oracle deck and also revealed exactly what my intuition suspected.
Ive also been using the Green Witch tarot for spells… I’ve done 3 spells this week and they already have started their entrance. Which amazes me how rapidly the spells begin to work.

Thank you for this challenge.

Blessed be everyone.


You had me thinking, overall I think you interpret the cards really well. I like how you use a clarifying card to as well. I do that too!
Remember the cards are not always going to paint a pretty picture. So my advice to you is to use the regular, “Rider Wait Tarot” but implement an “Oracle” reading too, so it will feel much lighter! Maybe an oracle can help balance the energy so your not feeling so unhappy. :upside_down_face:

That’s just my advice you can take it or leave it, to each their own! For me, I just reach for my Oracle cards when I need to hear an affirmation or something sweet, and something I want to hear! LOL :grin: If you feel you need some encouragement reading the oracle cards are just as good. Some people don’t like them because their not straight to the point like the tarot. Its more cut throat. Some encouraging words goes a long way when you get a reading like that!
Blessed Be!! :crystal_ball:


I have Every Day Witch tarot deck too and its a great deck, and you have the book!Lucky!! :four_leaf_clover: I bet, its a wonderful book! I can tell by the devotional it’s really good! Thank you for sharing! I just want to write it down in my Book Of Shawdows!!! :star_struck:

Pulling one card to me is even better that pulling so many. You are so commited to your practice I know you will do great! Its a good idea so you can really get to know your deck Walter. I hope you do that everyday to gain the perspective! You can gain alot of knowledge from just pulling one card! I love just pulling one card so I can really spend some quality time with it and one can learn more.

:honeybee: You have been a busy bee! I know you will be blessed!
I hope they all come true!!
Thank you for sharing!
Blessed be!


@praecog29 , like stated before, i bought the Everyday Witch tarot. This is a section from the book that i found interesting and did not know this. I have not done a reading for anyone since i began my Wiccan path. Only my own readings. And at times it was like muddy waters. My readings were all over the place. However, lately my readings have been very accurate. Whether its my intuition getting better or something else? Again, as everyone else says, “its about the connection to the cards or vice-versa.”

My previous oracle i could not get a grasp on them. And the more i tried the more frustrating it became. And im sure that energy came through the reading. After, purchasing the Everyday Witch Tarot/Oracle the difference between my readings have done a complete 360. Truly formed a sync with the cards. I still use the Green Witch Tarot tho. As i explained before. The readings are accurate but they just feel more structured and disciplined vs my Everyday Witch tarot- which are more whimsical and airy…(Sorry if i went a bit off topic. )


@Jeannie1 thank you for your best wishes. You can find the book to The Everyday Witch Tarot on amazon. I do recommend it! Because it has great information in it. And the Oracle deck has a magick spell to use with each card if you should desire to do so.

All my positive wishes right back at you. May what you desire come to fruition as well.

Blessed be


Beautiful job with the High Intensity Tarot Training, @wade- it sounds like it fits in very well with your practice :blush: I hope you continue to enjoy it, as well as your tarot book! :open_book:

Sorry about the headaches, @IrisW. Chamomile Tea sounds like a wonderful way to soothe the pain away with a touch of honey to make it a sweet experience! Congrats on your progress- with such a powerful goal, each and every day is a success worth celebrating on your path to sobriety. Cheering for you, Iris! :heart:

Good for you for giving tarot a try, @NickWick! You’re on a great path- I think the Major Arcana is a great way to get started with tarot. What really helped me was seeing the Major Arcana as the Journey of the Fool- once I saw them as characters in a story, some of their meanings were easier to remember :blush: If you choose to continue your tarot studies, I wish you all the best! :two_hearts:

Thanks for sharing both the tarot video and your amazing tarot spreads, @praecog29! :pray: It’s really interesting to hear your tarot experience- I think we have the opposite problem with readings! :laughing: I have much less self-doubt when I read for myself than when I try to read for others. Hopefully, for both of us, we’ll be able to develop our self-reading/readings for others over time! :crossed_fingers::grin::heart:

Beautiful chant, @Walter- it sounds like you are really enjoying your new deck sets! Congrats on your successful readings and spellwork, it sounds like everything is aligning perfectly for you. I’m so happy for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:exclamation: This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Great job to everyone who delved into tarot cards this week! :tarot_card:

A Props and Presents post will soon appear with shout-outs and prize details. Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums.

Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :flower_playing_cards: :sparkles: