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This discussion is for all things Lucid Dreaming- whether it’s a topic of fascination for you or you’re learning about it for the first time, welcome!

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What is Lucid Dreaming?

A lucid dream is a type of dream in which the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming while dreaming. During a lucid dream, the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, or environment

From Wikipedia: Lucid dream

Have you ever wanted to take control and direct your dreams, like a director would a movie or a conductor directs their orchestra? :clapper:

Lucid dreaming is just that- and although it may sound too good to be true, it is an ability that is agreed upon and studied by the spiritual community, psychologists, and neuroscientists alike! :brain:

In magick, Lucid Dreaming primarily falls into the areas of Hedge Magick and Dream Magick, although it can appeal to anyone interested in controlling their dreams.

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Ready to Try Lucid Dreaming?

Like with learning any new skill, the ability to lucid dream can take time and conscious effort to develop- if you’ve never given it a try, a good place to start is by building a routine that can help you find lucidity in your dreams.

Here is a video by Phsych2Go on YouTube with 7 tips on how to lucid dream and build lucid dreaming habits:

For more inspiration, feel free to explore past discussions about lucid dreaming:

How do you feel about Lucid Dreaming?

  • I have lucid dreamed before
  • I have never lucid dreamed, but I want to try
  • I am interested but still unsure
  • Lucid dreaming isn’t for me

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Feel free to share your lucid dreaming experiences, thoughts, tips, and more in the comments below- this discussion is for all things lucid dreaming!

:exclamation: If you have a normal (non-lucid) dream you’d like to share- great! Please feel free to discuss or seek help with dreams by creating a new discussion and adding the Dreams Tag. This thread is for discussion of specifically lucid dreams. Thank you! :star2:

Blessed be (and happy dreams!) :star2:


I had a partially lucid dream the other night- I didn’t become lucid enough to take control of the dream, but just aware enough to realize that I was dreaming. I actually told off my consciousness for the quality of the dream- I was sick of the situation (something about little birds, snakes in a pool, and an old acquaintance) and wanted it to stop!

In response, the acquaintance I was with shifted forms several times, probably trying to find someone my conscious mind would be happy spending time with. They apologized- which was weird enough that it woke me up :sweat_smile:

Just a thought, but I think it may have been brought on by a new nightly salve I used before falling alseep. I may have to try it again!

(If anyone has any lucid dreaming salve recipes they recommend (that are gentle enough for sensitive skin), I’d love to hear them! :pray:)


I have experienced a lucid dream on several occasions! I can’t recall any as an adult – most of my lucid dreaming happened as a child.

My favorite ones always involved flying like Peter Pan and being able to breathe underwater. Those are two things that, if given the ability, I would do right now in a heartbeat! I’ve always been fascinated with mermaids :mermaid: so being able to breathe underwater has been a dream of mine.

I don’t know if I could lucid dream now :thinking: the medication I’m taking gives me some very strange dreams anyway and makes me sleep very, very hard. I’ve only been on it for almost two weeks so I’m hoping that those side effects wear off soon – it also makes me very tired throughout the day!

Anyway, I’m also all for hearing of anyone else’s lucid dream experiences!


I wake up a lot during the night because of the heat here, although I sleep with air conditioning. I feel like I have more dreams because of that but I seem to not be aware of them.

Now, that I started writing them down I became more aware of them. Hopefully, I’ll gain control over them soon.


I’ve lucid dream from time to time, but it’s not something I purposely induced, it just happens. If it’s a place I’ve been to or a situation I recall dealing with at least once in another dream, then I realize I’m dreaming. I keep myself calm, go through the dream, mostly walk through it. Then I wake up. I’ll detail one out soon, nothing too eventful though.

I don’t recall a lot of my dreams, but when I do, more times than I’d like it includes people I don’t want to deal with and situations I don’t want to be in or deal with. Trying to control them will do me some service. Being it’s a state I spend 1/3 of my life, sounds like a good idea to take some control. I’m going play around with it and work through this. Don’t know why I haven’t really tried to do this yet.


I think this will be a working thread for me at least & I’ll keep it updated with my progress;)


I had just opened my eyes to find myself in my room laying on my bed except it wasn’t my room, i get up and walk around only to find that my body was still laying down on the bed, I immediately run back and jump back on the bed, with my eyes closed I had realised that I am dreaming but am also fully conscious and aware of my body in the real world, so I decided to open my eyes and explore a little. So i did…the room was a lot bigger the only thing similar with reality was my bed, I looked around the room and found that there was a table set for dinner so I sat down and tasted the food to see if it’s real…:thinking: to my surprise :open_mouth: it was, tasted, looked and smelled delicious :yum: I got up from the table and went in the bathroom to wash my hand, I turned on the water on the bathtub and something strange happened…the water :droplet: instead of going straight down it was taking a strange curve towards the left and then down in the bathtub :bathtub: in the same time i heard a voice of a small child and I went outside my home to see what was going on, as I left the house in the hallway outside there was a child leaning against the wall :brick: :grinning: he was ok so I decided to go further down the hallway where there where more voices coming frome outside, where there was a very long terrace, once there I felted the need to run and jump of the railing towards what seemed to be a village…so I did and immediately started to fly away, I raised above a beautiful large village, in the middle was a very big statue of a angel with opened arms, as I looked back towards the terrace from where I started and I saw that the house was part of a large complex embedded in the cliff side and mountains where surrounding the whole village, in that moment I was suddenly pulled away backwards at a very high speed and everything blurred in front of my eyes until it suddenly stopped and saw a large bag full of salt and silver at the bottom of a large tree, I was pulled once again backwards until everything started to lock :closed_lock_with_key: it’s self inside a golden coin that had embedded on it the zodiacal sign libra :balance_scale:…and I had opened once again my eyes and found myself, in reality, in my one room.

We are the holders of the keys :old_key: and every time a key is given a veil is lifted :cyclone:


I’ve always intended on keeping a dream journal but my mornings are too rushed for that lol one day I will be able to slow down and have a dream journal.

I am like you in that if it is a dream I have had before or a place that is familiar to me I may end up realizing I am dreaming. I need to practice more, too. Good luck on your practice and playing around with it! :sparkles:

Good luck!

Absolutely! Your dream was an interesting one :laughing: I wonder if you ever interpreted it as having any signs or messages. There may be some there, especially since you were lucid!


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:thinking: it depends on what you mean by *interpreted, if you have anything that you feel you can shed some light on feel free to do so :wink:
I posted this to see if anyone has anything that they would like to share regarding the meaning, I would love to hear what are yours or anyone elses thoughts are on it :blush:


I saw the sigil for Sargatanas when I closed my eyes & it flashes & was able to fall asleep late today.


I just write the dreams on my phone


Very cool! I’m a bit scared of deep water so I tend to avoid it in my dreams, but flying is a definite! :dove:

It’s pretty rare that I achieve lucidity and when I do it doesn’t usually last long (wip :sweat_smile:), but I do fly sometimes in normal dreams. I’ve found that my ability to fly (how high I can go and how long I can fly for) is directly related to how I’m feeling in the dream state- when I’m confident I can manage a lot, but if I have doubts or am feeling down I sink like an old balloon :balloon: :laughing:

Keeping a dream journal is a great practice for dream magick and will hopefully help you build up a routine that lends a hand to lucid dreaming- wishing you all the best with it, John! Good luck! :star2:

If I wasn’t already enthralled with lucid dreaming this probably would’ve sold me- you make a great point, Eliza! We spend a massive amount of our lives asleep- more lucid dreaming would certainly bring more value and pleasure into that part of our lives :blush::+1:

This is an amazing experience, Cosmin! :star_struck: That you were able to see and interact with your body makes me think that it, while it definitely could be lucid dreaming (gaining consciousness within a dream, limited to your own inner world), it might also have been astral projection or astral travel (visiting the astral plane, outside of yourself)- there’s a great post about the differences, similarities, and overlap between lucid dreaming, astral travel, and astral projection- sometimes it can be tough to tell which it could be, but they are all amazing!

And I love your last line about being the holders of the keys- beautifully said! :raised_hands: :heart:


I do not know if this qualifies as a lucid dream, but i had one once that was so real even after i woke i had to keep telling myself it was just a dream. I dreamt that my partner was cheating on me, and in reality the fact that he hasn’t left my side in 14 years, barely uses his phone, i can leave him in a group of women to have a conversation and no be jealous is a good sign. However, i can vividly remember, moving his hand (actually moving in while asleep) as i was so upset, jealous and confused. When i woke i was so mad i just sat there and stared at my husband sleep (kinda on the stalking side if you think of it). It completely changed my mood for half the day and i have had plenty of dreams but none that have changed my emotions for a few minutes only to realise that oh it was a dream.
I now look very carefully into my dreams (if i can remember them), and even have a dream decoder journal. Funny though i only write the dreams in there that involve love and me being happy and unfortunately in all honestly sometimes it is not my husband or it is but in another appearance of someone else (had plenty of these). Perhaps someone who knows more about dreaming can give me an idea why i tend to remember these types of dreams and not others, and why is it i think of them so significant i have to note them down? Perhaps it is my unconscious self showing me what i really want in a relationship? I mean my one if pretty loveless if i can tell the truth as in no hugs, no kisses, no joking and no compliments (that comes my way at least). I am a very emotional person and love affection and have to live without it


Second this as an obstacle to overcome. Journaling first thing in the morning. Im the type that just wants to jet out of bed and start day.

Was reading this too, sounded like there was some astral projection going on in that experience.


I would recommend you use a diffuser if you want something that is less irritating - it is just as effective - Sandalwood, lavender, rose essentials oils are what I recommend — else, you can use them on your pillowcase. Maybe this will be better for you @TheTravelWitch_Bry? :sleeping:


I’ve read in a blog (sorry I can’t remember where or I’d link the source) that lucid dreaming is more likely to happen the longer you’re asleep. Something about dreaming just before you naturally wake up is the sweet spot. I’ve never had lucid dreams so I have no idea if this is actually true :slight_smile:


I have intense wake-ups like this sometimes too- it’s usually when something bad happens in the dream that causes me to bolt awake. Dreams like that can be really disorienting! It can take a while afterwards to sort through what is real and what was a dream :woozy_face:

Whether it was a lucid dream or not would depend on if you woke up consciously within the dream and realized you were still dreaming. If so- then yes, it was lucid! If you processed the dream after waking up, then I don’t think it would classify as a lucid dream- although that doesn’t invalidate it, as you might still decide it’s worth looking into from a Dream Magick perspective! :mag:

Whether you’re working on lucid dreaming or are simply exploring the wonders of dream magick- keeping a dream journal is a really great idea! :star2:

The more dreams you record, the easier it will be to see if there are indeed any messages there- and I believe that the more important a message is, the more often you will see and sense signs about it across your dreams.

Good luck, @TheMuslimWitch! :heart::open_book:

Thank you for this- it’s a great suggestion and I agree that a diffuser would be a good alternative for sensitive skin! Unfortunately, my partner has a crazy sharp nose and is not a fan of strong scents- the only scent spray I can use at night before bed is lavender. It’s not quite the same as a diffuser, but the spray does help (so nice and relaxing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) Thanks again, Jan! :purple_heart:

I’ve heard something like this too! And although it doesn’t always correlate with lucid dreams, I definitely remember my dream much more vividly if I wake up and get up quickly- if I wake up slowly (like lounging in bed on Saturday morning), the dream is replaced by daily worries and thoughts and by the time I’m fully conscious it is long gone :sweat_smile:

Great tip, @jill5- thank you for sharing it! :heart:


I dreamed about weeds today that’s all I remember


Here’s one of my lucid dreams. I’m in this hotel room, check into my room after moving about through some city. Then from my room I moved around this hotel, checking out the amenities. As I’m moving through, I go more and more into what feels like underground: no windows, pipping, stairways leading to corridors, not well lit at all, has a very grey cement wash appearance.

A couple of years ago I was dreaming of being in the same underground place, bad stuff appeared to happen, it was a nightmare. So fast forward, I’m back down there, and I realize I’ve been here before, panicked a little, but then I realized it was a dream and this is a dream, so I calmed myself down. I moved through the stairs and corridors, again an underground maze of them. I come across this one room and see three guys from a distance, suspect something horrible is happening. So my heart rate starts racing, and I felt it in the dream, so I calm myself down and I move forward to approach those men. They looked up at me and said, “oh hi. Well we have to head out now.” They picked up their instruments and left. Much better than anticipated. So I kept moving through this place, relaxed back into the dream, it was fine, and then I ended up on the ground level floor, there’s the hotel checkout desk and I see this woman I recall from earlier in the dream. Approached her, she said that “you’re already checked out, you could wake up now” and I woke up.