Lucid Dreaming Evolving Again

Blessings, my friends: I need to talk about a subject that I only talk about with my mother. LOL
My Dreams. I have had lucid dreams for at least 30 years, if not more.
I’m not going to explain the particulars of them; that would take too long. I guess I am trying to figure out why? I tend to act like Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap. In most of my dreams, I jump into someone else’s body and “help” them with their issues. I guess I help. I am them; I experience their life and feel their emotions. Sometimes it is someone I do not know, sometimes it is me, but another me from another dimension or time. It does not matter how old they are nor if they are male or female.
How do I know this is lucid? I can tell them who I am, what year I was born, and tell them my phone number. I can read anything and now do simple math. The fun part is I have magic, and I can fly.
Now, the main question is why? I get in trouble if I tell people who I am, especially if I am someone else. Yeah, I get thrown in a mental hospital, or a government agency comes after me.
Does anyone else have lucid dreams like this?


@LaurelDeaArtio ~ Oh, what a wonderful gift!! I have had lucid dreams for a very long time as well. However, they do not reach the same level as yours! I think it’s absolutely amazing that you’re able to do this and that you’re actively increasing your abilities.! My opinion about the answer to your why lies in releasing any limiting beliefs and fears associated with it. It seems like your human self (ego) still wants to play small and is afraid of the immense power that your spirit is capable of. This is not meant as an insult in any way, shape, or form. This is what our ego selves do. They are involved in our human selves’ preservation and have served us well as a species. The only problem is when we reach a point in our spiritual evolution that our egos can’t grasp. That’s when all those fears creep in. FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real. Your spirit wants to soar, and your ego self needs love and reassurance to allow it. :heart:


Please travel into my body and unlock my brains/consciousness potential :wink:

I’ll be waiting!


@BrightBear - Thank you, your answer makes sense. I feel like some things are clicking together, an Aha moment.


Wow, that’s amazing @LaurelDeaArtio! Lucid dreaming is known to be quite difficult- you have a natural talent for it! :clap::blush:

While my usual dreams sound like they may be a bit similar to some of yours (being someone else, going to different times and places), the only time I achieve a lucid dream is when I realize “ah, I’m dreaming right now”. Sometimes that’s enough that the dream ends, or I forget about it and move on.

A few times I’ve decided to take control of the dream- asking to see certain people or revisiting favorite places while aware that I can control anything. These lucid dreams don’t last very long for me, as once I realize I’m dreaming it’s not long before my consciousness drags me awake :sweat_smile:

Lucid Dreaming is a work in progress for me- I’m slowly reading a book on it, and I know there are plenty of ways to increase your ability and control for it (like Lucid Dreaming Apps, for example).

It’s always amazing to hear about other’s stories with lucid dreaming- thank you so much for sharing! :heart:


I have lucid dreams all the time after years of trying. The last one I had, I grabbed keys that I dedicate to Hecate that I keep by a candle that I light daily I remember doing it in the dream and I woke up with them in my hand. So, I took it as she had a message for me I’m I worked with my pendulum and sure enough she had something to say.


@TheTravelWitch_Bry ~ Ah, lucid dreaming apps! I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks for the info!! :grinning:


:taurus: Taurus, not that this is your sign; or it is? But there’s Taurus in you, you’re caring, supportive and also patient. By saying patient, because you have been doing; but also holding, your essence from your belief system. I agree with @BrightBear on this, I don’t doubt that part of what you do in this dreams has a relation from past lives of you, and that there’s unfinished things from you. Things to be done and to carry on.
Blessed Be!


@pedros10 Yes, I am a Taurus.

What exactly do you mean? This situation is something that has been on my mind, but I am confused. :smile_cat:
I also have dreams of where I am left behind. Last night, in one of my reoccurring dreams, I was with three other people. Two of the people ran away from me, but one did not. I said to this person; they left me. This person beside me told me they would never leave me.
There is a man with dark curly hair who is in my dreams frequently. He does not constantly interact with me, and I do not know him in my waken life. Is this my guide?
Also, to respond to the last thing you said. Yes, I have something to do, but what?
Blessed Be!


This is what I meant from my comment you quoted @LaurelDeaArtio , about the meaning of your dream, is out of my hands to be interpreted. You can use divination for the meaning. If you meditate, by doing so you can connect with your guides in which will tell you the meaning of it, understanding that is a message for you.

This message by itself, tells you that you are not alone on your journey. You just have to be patient, sooner or later, you’ll know.
Blessed Be!


Hi @LaurelDeaArtio! What an interesting topic you’ve brought up :smiley:

I am not a “natural” lucid dreamer but I have had them many times and in my experience there’s a big parallel between my level of confidence (or self-assurance) and the outcomes of my lucid dreams.

If you are able to control the dream, tell yourself “This is my dream. I am in control.” You will be able to banish anything that doesn’t feel right.

If you aren’t able to control the dream, then work on your awareness of being in a state of dream. After all, it IS your dream, it’s your reality and you are the master of it.


Cool, I’m a Taurus too! Yay for Taureans! :grinning:

I agree with this! You’re definitely not alone @LaurelDeaArtio! I also think sometimes different aspects of ourselves show up in dreams in order to be reintegrated and healed. Also, I believe that when anyone pops into our mind, be it dreaming or waking life, they are seeking something from us. Usually, it’s love or approval but it’s often to be understood or because they’re seeking forgiveness. :heart: