Forcing a Spirit Animal? (Dream Help!)

A while back, I had a dream that I kidnapped a deer (deernapped?). It was so strange, I had hog-tied its legs and put it in the trunk (my car has no trunk, I have an SUV). It was a very big deer and I was struggling. I told it to chill out and calm down and to just get in there and be still. It all went down on a road I travel on to get to work (I work an hour away and take the scenic route). I kept saying “but I don’t want to kidnap a deer” and I woke myself up saying that. I was totally freaked - enough that I remember the dream like it was 10 seconds ago. Still bothered by it. Around that time, I had been thinking about what my spirit animal was…
Do you suppose I was trying to force the deer to be my Spirit Animal? And if I was… why the deer? Why not a fox or a monkey or a dragon fly or something… why the deer? (poor thing)


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Hey there @Mysterie :wave:

That sounds like a really intense dream, especially if you still remember it so vividly! :deer: Dreams are something that can be very difficult to understand because there are so many factors at play. They can be messages from Spirit (whatever that means to you), signs from our guides, or the way our subconscious mind processes our daily lives. :sleeping:

When it comes to figuring out if dreams are messages, I usually ask myself a few questions…

  • How does the dream make me feel?

  • Is there anything in my waking life that could have caused this dream?

  • Do any signs or symbols stand out?

  • What do I remember, exactly?

I tend to go for dreams being messages if I can feel intuitively that they are important. This doesn’t happen to me often for a few reasons (mostly the medication I’m on – it gives me strange and vivid dreams as a side effect) but when it does happen I definitely know to pay attention.

It’s very possible that your subconscious mind was trying to figure out your thoughts on spirit animals in general, up to and including forcing the deer symbolism on you. I don’t believe we can force an animal Spirit to be our guide no matter how hard we try :sweat_smile: so maybe exploring the symbolism of different animals would be beneficial to you.

We also have a tarot spread here on Spells8 that might be useful for you!

If you are having difficulty interpreting a dream, this tarot spread is a good resource to have in your Book of Shadows. This spread uses five cards laid out on the table in the shape of a ladder starting from the top. Each card represents a different aspect of the dream interpretation and, when the cards are read together, it may be easier to see the bigger picture. So get comfortable, light some patchouli or mugwort incense for spiritual communication, and choose your favorite tarot deck.

Dream Messages: 5-Card Tarot Spread for Dream Interpretation – Spells8


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