🪶 Dream Messages: Spell to Receive Wisdom While Asleep

Dream Message Spell

Dream Message Spell

To Receive Wisdom While Asleep

This simple spell provides direction while the caster is asleep, helping to carry messages of importance to you. Messages received in dreams may come from your deities, spirit guides, or ancestors. They may also be important insights from your own consciousness.

The key ingredient used in this spell is a feather :feather: . Feathers are magickally associated with the Air Element and communication. Like the birds they come from, feathers cross great distances and carry messages from afar :dove:

This spell allows the clear and safe travel of messages to reach you within your dreamscape. If you are currently struggling to dream or can’t remember your dreams, you may want to consider trying some of these dreaming tips before casting the message spell. Getting messages is great, but they will be most helpful if you can remember them too! :brain:

You will need:

  • :feather: Feather

Note: If you are using a feather foraged in the wild or a gift from a pet, please make sure to clean it carefully before use.

Spell Instructions:

  • Charge your feather beneath a full moon (in the same way you charge your Moon Water) :full_moon:

  • On the night you wish to receive a dream message, place your Dream Journal (or a blank notebook/piece of paper) by your bed.

  • Lift your pillow and place your charged feather right beneath where your head will be.

  • Say your request:

If there are any important messages that I need to be aware of,
I ask that you bring them to me tonight.
I will see them clearly and know that they are important.
I will remember them when I wake up.
Thank you.

  • Gently replace your pillow so that it is resting on top of the feather.

  • Immediately head to bed and go to sleep. If you have other things you need to do, remember to repeat your request again right before you go to sleep.

  • When you wake up, immediately record your dream into your dream journal. Your dream may not make much sense to a sleepy mind, and that’s okay! It’s important to write it down so you can look back on it when you’re fully awake.

Dream Magick :milky_way:

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Blessed Be! :sparkles:


This is so beautiful :sparkling_heart:


I love this spell, bookmarked. You know I’m always finding feathers :feather: on my runs :running_woman: Would be interesting to try this out :thinking:


I made myself the sweet dreams pillow 3 nights ago. I haven’t been able to remember my dreams, but I have had the best 3 nights of sleep that I can remember ever having!


Pretty neat :sunglasses:


@TracyS Thank you, Tracy! :heart:

@Artemisia You find some great treasures on your running adventures! :blush: I’m sure the feathers would serve you well.

Although thinking about your feather collection also makes me wonder- would different types/colors of feathers influence different types of dreams? :thinking: :feather: :raven: :owl: Something to experiment with, I suppose! :laughing:

@Mystique Even if you can’t remember them, it sounds like your dreams have been very sweet indeed! I’m glad you’ve been getting some top-notch rest, Mystique- that’s always something to celebrate! :heart: :grinning:

@Devenne Thanks, Devenne! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Anytime gorgeous :heart_eyes:


I use to be able to remember every little detail about my dreams for some reason i haven’t been able to in years,so thank you for sharing your spell.im definitely going to try this tonight. Blessed be


Sorry to hear it, Deborah! There are many possible things that might be blocking your dream recall. Did you see the tips to help remember dreams? Maybe one of those might be of help for you! :pray:

It’s my pleasure! May it work wonderfully for you :feather: :open_book: :blush:

Blessed be (and sweet dreams)! :sparkles:


BryWisteria,thank you so much for the link.i was thinking the same thing but wasn’t sure. I will most definitely be checking out the link and see if something in there can help.thank you again Blessed be


I’m happy if I could help, Deborah!

Good luck and happy casting :blush: :heart:


I’m so glad to have a remember dream spell


I hope the spell serves you well, @stephanie18! Blessed be and sweet dreams :blush: :heart: