🧭 Sigil of Guidance

Sigil of Guidance

While having options is a blessing, being stuck doesn’t do you any good. Use this guidance sigil to help you make up your mind and take the best path forward .

sigil of guidance

Suggested Ways to Use the Sigil of Guidance:

  1. Place the sigil and a feather beneath your pillow. Say the Dream Messages Spell Chant before you go to sleep. Allow the divine to reach out to you as you rest.

  2. Carve the sigil into a small piece of wood or clay. Place items representing your options on the floor. Take three large steps back, turn around, and toss the sigil over your right shoulder. The option it falls closest to is the one most worth considering.

  3. Meditate on the sigil, allowing it to help you connect with the best opportunity available to you.

This sigil first appeared in the Spells8 Email Newsletter- you can check out previous issues and, if you haven’t already, sign up for the free newsletter to get magickal goodies like this delivered right to your inbox! :envelope_with_arrow:

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Do you use sigils in your practice? What is your favorite sigil and/or magickal symbol?

Feel free to share your sigil experiences, advice, and wisdom with fellow coven members in the comments below.

Blessed Be! :sparkles:


I love this, have bookmarked, I’m constantly at a crossroads :partying_face::rofl:


Hmm. It looks like a drum set. Ironically, the drums guide the song played. Makes sense.

@MeganB , if you’re still interested… The use of the Urim and Thummim as Hasidic (Jewish, Biblical) divination has been lost in time. They were stones kept in the breast plate of the high priest and used to ask questions. One stone was white, one black. I get the feeling they were used in a similar fashion as


This is perfect and so very needed right now Thank you


I love it - I can also see using it in a tarot reading with the circles being places for different cards to go! :clap: I’m gonna hang on to this one for sure.


Is there a larger copy of the sigil graphic? Or perhaps do you know what month it appeared in the newsletter? I did a bit of poking around on my own and didn’t find it in the newsletter archive or by putting the terms sigil of guidance into the main website search. I can make it work if that’s the original size but was curious if there was a larger one. THank you for sharing this one!


It first appeared in the July 4th newsletter :heart:

Here’s a direct link to the HTML version of the newsletter: Feeling stuck? Use this Sigil of Guidance 👇

It looks like that’s the biggest size right now but I’m sure @BryWisteria might be able to make it bigger!


Thank you! Clearly, I didn’t look well enough :laughing:

No worries, I can enlarge it myself either with a copier or in an editing program if I need to. Was just curious if there was one already available.


No, you did! It wasn’t showing up in the archives on the sidebar of the site so I fixed it :joy:


Saved thankyou :heart::heart::heart:


@tracyS The crossroads can be an exciting place, full of possibilities! :grinning: If you decide to give it a go, I hope the sigil can be of service for you :heart:

@georgia You’re right, it does look like a drum set! I like that interpretation of it :drum: :sparkles:

@amanda6 It’s my pleasure, Amanda - I hope it can be helpful for you! :pray:

@MeganB Yay! And you’re right, incorporating it into a tarot reading is another good way to put a sigil to use :+1: :sparkles:

@Artemisia Megan kindly has you covered with the newsletter, and I’m happy to get you a larger size! :grinning: I’ll link it below…

@Devenne You’re very welcome! :heart:

For anyone who would like a bigger/printable copy of the sigil, here it is at 3x size (1080 x 720 px) with no background :

(If this isn’t working/you can’t get the full size, let me know and I can generate a download link direct to the image)

May it serve you well! :compass:


Yay!!! That’s perfect, thank you!!! :heart: