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Blessed Be My Friends
I have been gone a while since I lost my job. I’ve been snarky and evasive mostly, not wanting to talk to anyone. Well, I am empathic, so…
Anyway, I will bring up my favorite topic again, Lucid Dreaming. Wow, it keeps getting more wild. I have an insight, and I thought I’d ask you what you thought. I read today that when people dream, they are moving to different planes (correct), and if you are lucid, you can be two people at a time (correct). The new thought is, you are both people. Yeah, let me mess with your mind a little. So I jump into a person. I am me, and I am them. Then I leave that person and watch them. So what do you think, my lucid friends? Am I watching a version of me from another plane?
Now, to make things a little weirder. Dream Walking. NO, not sleepwalking.

Dreamwalking is similar to vivid dreaming. It’s the practice of sharing a dream with one or more other people. Either entering their dreams or pulling them into your own.
What is Dreamwalking? - Modern Tips For The Modern Witch

I am meeting people I think are Dream Walking. I am so involved in the dream that I don’t stop to ask them if they are dreaming. I had one woman looking directly at me, in my eyes, and said my name. She said Good Bye. I smiled and waved at her. I am so goofy. I could have walked over and talked to her, but I was moody.
I only talk about this stuff with my mother. My mom isn’t a lucid dreamer. Anyway, I am still being unfriendly. Ugh…
Thanks, Y’all


Wow, what a twist! Hahaha it’s too early in the day for this kind of brain bending for me :joy: But it does open a door of possibilities…

Although, in the world of dreams, I often find myself letting go of things (such as labels and things usually accepted to be absolute)- it seems like, while dreaming, the rules of the physical world don’t quite hold the same weight, or even exist at all. Identities are one of those things- it seems more fluid while dreaming.

Very tough to put into words, but still fun to think about- I’ll have to ponder about this more later in the day! :smile: :+1:

Thanks for opening up this discussion, @LaurelDeaArtio, and know that you are always welcome to pop in here to chat- about dreams, magick, and all that exciting stuff! It is fun to talk about :blush::heart:

Much love and many blessings! :sparkles:

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I am A lucid dreamer I have seen people’s faces at a party for example in my dream of an Indian woman I’ve never met. she hugged me I could feel her arms and fingers on my arms. I can hear and the others in the room she’s talking to. I’ve also dreamt of going into an alternative universe but I can control everything. I remember everyone and most are people I don’t know


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