🌫 Fog Blockade - Spell Jar for Spiritual Privacy

Fog Blockade :fog:

Spell Jar for Spiritual Privacy

Do you sometimes get the sense that you’re being watched? Is your intuition hinting that someone (or something) is interfering with your spellwork from afar? This easy spell jar to protect your space from prying eyes is a handy tool that can be immediately reactivated at any time.

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A note that this spell will not affect deities or other higher entities. You will still be able to work openly with any deities you worship in your practice while the spiritual blockade is in effect. (If someone has somehow wronged a God/Goddess and is trying to fend off divine judgment, one spell jar is not going to stop a major deity!)

However, if you work with smaller spiritual entities - such as household faeries and nature spirits, ancestor spirits, other friendly spirits or ghosts, etc - it is a good idea to use a token (see below) as an open door for these specific spirits. Otherwise, they may not be able to access your space when the blockade is in effect.

You will need:

  • :white_heart: Sea salt

  • :black_heart: Witches’ Salt

  • :droplet: Moon water made during a New Moon :new_moon: or an Eclipse :black_circle:

  • :gem: Small pieces of white sea glass

  • :herb: Dried raspberry leaves

  • :bamboo: Bamboo leaf

  • :candle: Black candle

  • :jar: Jar or other vessel with a lid

  • [Optional] :nesting_dolls: A token (a small item or sigil) representing smaller spiritual entities and/or a witch friend. Those represented by the token(s) will be unaffected by the spiritual barrier while it is in effect

Click here for substitutions

Witches’ Black Salt may be substituted with black volcanic salt or activated charcoal. If you don’t have moon or eclipse water, take cold clean water and bless it before use. Instead of sea glass, feel free to use pieces of smoky quartz or other water-safe, non-transparent stones. The bamboo leaf can be exchanged for any (non-toxic) plant that serves as a barrier - blackberry bushes, hedge plants, etc. Same with the raspberry leaf: any brambles that create a blockade - blackberry, rose, or other thorned plants will work. A white or grey candle will work in place of black.

A token can be any physical item at all. Alternatively, it can be the represented party’s name written on a piece of paper or on the bamboo leaf.

Note: The length of the blockade will be determined by your jar size, the amount of ingredients used, and the particle size (of the salt). For a longer-lasting blockade, use more ingredients and a finer size salt. For a shorter-lasting blockade, less ingredients and larger particles is best.

Spell Instructions:

  • Grind your raspberry leaves into small pieces. Mix with the white and black salt.

  • Put the sea glass and your salt-herb mixture into your vessel.

  • Close the vessel, making sure that the lid is very tight. You will be shaking this jar to activate the spell, so make sure the lid is on there securely!

  • Wrap your bamboo leaf around your jar and seal it in place with wax from a black candle.

  • Any time you get the sense you are being spiritually watched, or your intuition is alerting you to an outside interference in your spellwork, pick up your spell jar with both hands.

  • With a firm motion, shake the spell jar up and down three times and say:

Salt of sea and shards of time
Morning fog and ocean grime
A mix of light and dark entwined
Where those unwanted become blind
A haze through which they cannot see-
Fog Blockade, my privacy.

  • As the ingredients mix and the water inside the jar becomes murky and hazy, know that so too your space has faded from spiritual sight.

  • Place the spell jar towards the center of the area you wish to be concealed.

  • [Optional] If you are using a token, place it on top of or next to the jar so it is touching. The specific spirits or witch friends being represented by the token will not be affected by the blockade.

  • The blockade will be in effect for as long as your water is cloudy. Over time, the water will settle and clear, but you can reactivate the Fog Blockade at any time. To do so, simply shake the spell jar and repeat the chant. (Note: because ingredients mix, the blockade will last for a shorter time the second and subsequent activations. Feel free to open the jar and increase the amount of salt for a foggier and longer-lasting effect)

Note: It is not recommended for the caster to attempt Astral Travel while the Fog Blockade is in effect. Lucid Dreaming, however, should not be a problem.

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Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Just a note: the next morning (approximately 18 hours later) the water is more or less settled.

A quick shake was enough to reactivate it :fog:, although I think the next time I want to use it I’ll top it off with a bit more black and white salt (I don’t think I put enough in originally!)


This is fabulous thankyou y


I use something similar I found in a Scott Cunningham book. Scott said to imagine stars around your body. See them swirling around you so you are too distracted by the movement to see beyond your space. Let the image fade, knowing you are still protected by the swirling stars. This spell is good for those who exercize at night: no bottle to carry or break in an emergency, and safety from unseen danger.


That’s a beautiful image. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I might incorporate this imagery into my own protection meditation that I do.


You’re welcome, Tracy! :heart:

I’m with Katerina - this is a beautiful protective exercise! And you’re right that with no need to carry a physical bottle, it’s good for folks on the go. Thanks for sharing, Georgia! :pray: :magic_shield:


I feel like crying right now. For the last year I have been having non stop attack with witchcraft and voodoo. They have been using spells and black magic to interfere with my life. I made this account and became a member of this society to learn how to protect myself and my family. I haven’t been able to reach out to anyone and ask for professional help yet but this post is a game changer. I am so happy to see this. I cannot wait to try this. If you guys have any other suggestions or spells I can do. I need something hardcore because I have an entire group that works against me, I mean burning my picture into tree logs, the whole works. Please please help! Thank you!!!


@SMhechic3ra I’m so sorry you’re going through this, here’s another method if you want to try it. :green_heart:
How To Avoid/Break Any Curse Norse Magick

Blessed be


Goodness, I’m so sorry @SMhechic3ra, that sounds like an awful situation :worried:

Tacy shared a lovely curse breaker, and in addition to the Fog Blockade jar above, I’d highly recommend layering on protective spells. Both specific (protection for self, protection for house, etc) as well as general protective work.

Here is a list of protective ingredients that can be added to other spells or used on their own for protection:

If it’s in line with your practice, you could also set some “traps” in the form of Return to Sender spells. These types of spells are meant to protect the caster by reflecting any hexes or curses sent your way right back to the one who cast them. The Mirror Reversal Back to Sender is listed above, and there’s also this one:

I hope everything you try works wonderfully for you, @SMhechic3ra! May your magick help keep you and your space safe and protected from unwanted eyes :pray:

Wishing you only the best - blessed be :sparkles:


Hi :wave: I hope you are able to find something that helps you out. Maybe carrying a protection pouch with you or in your vehicle may help too?