Sanctuary: A Calming Tea Spell for Peace & Safety

You’ve just had a harrowing experience - perhaps you missed an accident by a hair, woke up drenched in a sweat from a horrifying nightmare, or was spared from a near tragedy.

Although you’ve made it through the moment (and I’m glad you did! :heart:) now you’re understandably worked up. With a pounding heart and lost in the chaos of turbulent thoughts, it’s natural to seek out a refuge - somewhere where you know you are safe and loved. A place to relax, where you can slowly bring your heart rate back to normal and untangle the churning knot of thoughts back into stable serenity.

Find a place and a moment for yourself - it’s time to create your sanctuary :dove:

Sanctuary: A Tea Spell for Refuge, Peace, & Safety

Blend this tea for yourself (or a loved one) when you need to create a safe refuge where you can heal and recover

Tea Ingredients:

  • Purple echinacea petals - healing, defense, strength, centering

  • Lavender buds (for culinary use) - relief, relaxation, calm, healing

  • Lemon balm leaves - peace, happiness, safety, comfort

  • Yarrow leaves - protection, healing, strength, boundaries

  • Calendula petals - protection, soothing, warmth, confidence

  • [Optional] Honey - healing, protection, cheer, comfort

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The taste of this tea when used in the recommended amounts and brewed for approximately 3 minutes is lightly floral with a pleasant, full-bodied aftertaste. Although the base recipe uses an equal amount (approximately one teaspoon) of each ingredient, feel free to adjust the amounts to suit your taste. For a stronger floral taste, increase the lavender. If you find the tea is on the bitter side, decrease the yarrow leaves (or substitute with yarrow flowers) and echinacea petals.

Honey can be substituted with a different sweetener of your choice, or left out entirely.

Disclaimers : This tea is designed to be a short-term aid in difficult moments. It is not meant to replace the long-term care of a physical or mental health specialist. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 (or the emergency help number for your location).

Please use caution when trying new herbs for the first time. It is always a good idea to consult your trusted herbalist and/or medical professional to make sure a new herb is right for you and your body prior to use.

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  1. Begin by collecting your ingredients - take approximately one teaspoon each of purple echinacea (cone flower), lavender, calendula, yarrow, and lemon balm. Place them into your tea pot or tea bag.

  2. Bring clean, cold water to a soft boil. As soon as the water begins to bubble, remove it from the heat. Pour the water in a clockwise motion over your tea blend.

  3. Allow the blend to steep for 3 minutes (this can be adjusted to your taste - for a stronger, more bitter tea allow more time. For a lighter brew, steep for less than 3 minutes). As the tea is steeping, hold your vessel in your hands and breathe the steam.

  4. When you are ready, pour the tea/remove the bag. Find a comfortable, quiet, and safe place to bring your tea cup.

  5. While holding your cup with both hands, lean over the cup so the steam can carry your words and say:

With these words, I build a sacntuary.
In this safe, sacred place, nothing can harm me.
The world outside is distant. Here, there is only peace.
I am safe. I am protected. Everything is okay and everything will be okay.
As it is and so mote it be.

  1. Repeat the words as many times as needed until you feel in your heart that you are safe.

  2. Relax and sip your tea. As it warms you from within, know that the powerful properties of each plant in the brew are working in tandem to ease away any stress, heal emotional wounds, and wrap your entire body in the energy of protection.

  3. Stay in your sanctuary as long as you need to. When you feel ready, you can thank the space and exit. Rest assured that you can return whenever you need to.

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Blessed Be! :sparkles:


My goodness me your timing is perfect (or is that the universe :thinking:), just been harassed by a member of my old church dictating I must return etc etc etc, and it’s got me all wound up :rage: and now this spell arrives. :partying_face: I’m doing this.:sparkling_heart: Thankyou.


@TracyS I’m so sorry to hear it, Tracy - that sounds very stressful! I hope they leave you in peace asap :pray:

It’s funny (in a good way!) - I was originally planning for this spell to launch with next week’s email newsletter, but something was pushing me to finish up the post and share it now. It sounds like it was a push from the universe! I hope that, if you give the spell blend a go, it can be helpful for you. Wishing you all the best! :heart: :people_hugging:


What a great spell and tea recipe! Not experiencing anything traumatic but am a little stressed looking at airline tickets (I am NOT a comfortable flyer) for visiting my father-in-law. Might use this tonight once I’ve finished purchasing them and setting my plans.

Thank you very much, love this :pink_heart: :teapot:


We all need this sanctuary from time to time. Thank you Lady Bry. :silver_heart:



This is a beautiful spell :heart: I don’t have all the ingredients, but this is a good reminder for me to go herb shopping lol


@Artemisia You’re very welcome! :heart: Flying is stressful - I hope you can find some great deals on tickets and that the travels go smoothly and safely :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Shadeweaver It’s my pleasure, Shadeweaver - and agreed! A sanctuary is an important place to have :dove: :sparkles: :blush:

@MeganB I’m always thrilled to enable some more herb shopping - good luck and have fun, Megan! I hope you can find all the herbs you are looking for :shopping: :herb: :grin:


What do you recommend as an alternative to Lavender, I have a sensitivity to it and can’t drink it. :pensive:


Merry meet Coven family. Thank you. I need to do this after work. We have a very negative Nelly and toxic employee and work and she gets on my nerves. She is very paranoid, a hoarder, and thinks she needs to compete with me. This spell will work wonders for calming down after work .

Blessed be.:sunny::sunny:


Since the lavender in this tea is used for relief, relaxation, calm, and healing, I would recommend something with similar properties such as chamomile. If you have personal correspondence with another herb or spice, feel free to use that instead.


Rosemary: This herb is a fantastic all-around substitute for any other herb.

Chamomile: Known for its calming and soothing properties, chamomile is a great alternative to lavender, especially for spells or rituals focusing on sleep, relaxation, or emotional healing.

Sage: While sage is most commonly associated with cleansing and purifying spaces, it can also serve as an alternative to lavender for protection and banishing negativity.

Mint: Mint, with its refreshing and vibrant energy, can be used as a substitute for lavender in spells related to healing and love.

Lemon Balm: Lemon balm has a gentle, uplifting energy similar to lavender. It’s used for healing, love spells, and mental clarity.

Jasmine: Jasmine can be a substitute for lavender when the focus is on love and prophetic dreams.


@Sabine_Estella No worries, Sabine - you’ve got plenty of options! I second (third?) both Megan and Starborn’s suggestion of chamomile. It’s a calming, soothing, and healing herb that would be right at home in this blend :blossom:

Magickal associations covered, the other benefit of the lavender in this blend is lavender’s strong floral flavor. If you prefer a more floral/fruity taste to your tea, you might try something like rose or hibiscus. Dried fruits could work as well! Feel free to experiment - you’re welcome to adjust the recipe to suit your needs and tastes :blush: :tea:

@Magdelina Sorry to hear about the negative Nelly - yikes! Sounds like a tough person to work with. I hope your after-work tea time can help soothe the nerves, good luck and wishing you a peaceful respite! :dove: :sparkles:


Thank you so much everyone, those are good alternatives! Chamomile makes me itchy too… will try one of the other options and I am sure it will be wonderful.



So mote it be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Happy blending and wishing you a lovely tea time, Sabine - blessed be! :tea: :sparkles:


Good luck! :heart: I hope you’ll keep us updated on what you choose and how it works.


Thanks a lot @BryWisteria :heart:
really needed this really really :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
lot of hugs & kisses


You’re very welcome, @erla1 - I hope the recipe works well for you! :pray: :heart: :dove:

Lots of love and hugs to you too, blessed be! :sparkels: