Self-care: Herbs for Anxiety 🌿

Warm greetings to all! :sparkling_heart:

There is so much going on in the world right now. It is understandable that many of us and our loved ones are experiencing turbulent emotions.

While current situations and events around the world may press down on us and at times seem overwhelming, there are ways within your magickal practice that you can draw on to help find comfort and relief.

For anyone suffering from stress or anxiety, here are some beginner-friendly medicinal herbs to bring some relief and comfort in troubled times.

:herb:Medicinal Herbs for Anxiety:herb:

Matricaria chamomilla, commonly known as chamomile, is a gentle and soothing herb most commonly found dried for use as tea. Chamomile has medicinal properties that help to ease and soothe emotions and assist with relaxation. Chamomile extract is a great addition to ritual baths or skincare products, as it is very gentle and healing on the skin :sparkles: .
Aside from its worldwide popularity as an herbal tea, dried or fresh chamomile flowers can also be added to cooking. The Green Witch on YouTube has a delightful recipe for Magick Chamomile Sweet Rolls :cupcake: that include an Anti-Anxiety spell.

:purple_heart: Lavender
Lavender ( Lavandula angustifolia being the most common variety) is one of the most well-known herbs and offers a host of medicinal benefits. It comes in various varieties (think: English Lavender and French Lavender), with certain versions more adapted to cooking and other types more suitable for oil extraction. Lavender has traditionally been used as a calming and serene herb, and is known to improve sleep quality :sleeping: .
Lavender can be taken internally in teas, tinctures, or with flowers added to cakes and sweets. It is very popular as an essential oil, and dried flowers can be gathered into bedside sachets to ease sleep. Lavender extract can be applied to injuries externally to improve healing and reduce scarring. Plentiful Earth has a lovely Tea Spell :coffee: to ease anxiety that uses the properties of lavender flower buds.

:herb: Lemon Balm
Also known as Melissa officinalis, Lemon Balm is a bright green and cheery member of the mint family that can be used to boost levels of happiness. Lemon Balm can combat the Winter Blues and bring uplifted spirits in dark times :sun_with_face: .
Lemon Balm can be taken as a tea or tincture, and fresh leaves can be added to water, lemonade, or even cocktail drinks. Magickal Ingredients discusses Lemon Balm Magick and suggests uses Lemon Balm in a healing ritual bath.

Chamomile, Lavender, and Lemon Balm have been used in medicinal herbalism for many years- they are usually easy to grow (depending on your location) or to find in stores as plants, dried, or in supplements. As with all medicines, it never hurts to do research and consider checking with your doctor to make sure an herb is the right choice for you and your unique body.

Have you used any of these herbs before?

  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Lemon Balm

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Chamomile, Lavender and Lemon Balm are just a few of many herbs that can be used to treat anxiety and stress. Do you have a favorite herb for healing? Perhaps some recipes, blends, or spells that you use these herbs for?

Please feel free to share your herbal experiences and recommendations for easing stress and anxiety here!:sparkles:

May you all be well and healthy, and may your be path be free from strife, stress, and suffering!


Thank you for sharing! Times are certainly turbulent right now, and it’s important to take some time for yourself, be it with a nice tea or a warm bath :star2: :herb:

That looks delicious, I definitely have to try it! Have you made those sweet rolls before? I love Chamomile tea, but it never occurred to me to use it in baking as well :heart_eyes:

I have some Lemon Balm candles, they have a very soothing and comforting smell! And they’re yellow, so they fit right in during Litha :joy:

Personally, I like to take my Bloodstone with me whenever I feel anxious or stressed about something. I feel like it really grounds me and helps me to trust that I will be fine whatever happens :relaxed:


My current apartment doesn’t have an oven (a tragedy!), so unfortunately all my baked goodies have to come from the bakery for the time being- but I’m hoping my next place will have an oven so I can experiment with more baked herbal goodies! :yum:. For now, I have my good old chamomile tea :tea: and then I take the leftover herbs to use as a facial cleanser (it works wonders for inflammation and acne on my skin). The flowers are also wonderful in a soothing bath! :bathtub:

Lemon Balm candles!!! :heart_eyes::candle: Ohh, what a great idea! And yes, they are perfect for Litha! How do they smell? Do they have that wonderful minty goodness? :herb::two_hearts:

That’s lovely, @christine4, thank you for sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve never worked with a Bloodstone before- I usually turn to Aquamarine or Lepidolite for crystal help with lessening anxiety and stress. Bloodstone sounds very interesting! :heart_eyes: I’ll have to keep an eye out, and will hopefully add a Bloodstone to my collection :gem::two_hearts:


Oh that’s such a good idea! Do you mix the leftover herbs with anything before applying to your face?

They smell like a mixture of Lemon, Mint, and Cream :relaxed:


The one not listed that I like best is fresh mint…


I tend to be very lazy when I do this- once my cup is empty, I take out the tea bag and dab it around my face. I don’t even get up from the couch! :joy: I’ve tried taking out the leaves and applying them like a mask, but it’s terribly messy and then there are chamomile bits all over everything :sweat_smile:. Keeping them in the bag certainly isn’t as luxorious, but it gets the same effect and can be done quickly! :smile::+1:

Ohhhhh what an amazing smell! I feel like these three ingredients could be combined to make an absolutely delicious (and herbally beneficial!) cookie or cake too :cake::herb: :yum:

Ahhh yes, fresh mint! :herb: Also a wonderful and extremely versatile medicinal herb. I know it’s delicious in tea and drinks like water and lemonade- how do you usually use your mint, @roxanne? :blush:

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That’s amazing :joy: I have to try that! It certainly makes the clean up much easier than if you had the loose tea on your face :grin: