Spell for job woes

Hi guys,

I hope you’re all doing well. I have a brother who has unfortunately lost his job of 20 years because of changes brought about by Covid-19. I wonder if any of you with much more withcy wisdom than me could suggest a spell that might boost his fortunes in the face of this terrible set-back.

Many thanks for any help folks.



So sorry to hear this @russell! :cry: I found out yesterday I was being made redundant too due to the covid situation.

I have a good luck :four_leaf_clover: Ritual/spell I use, I am at my mums at the moment but I will share when home.

Blessings to you


Hi Russell,

Here’s a very simple job spell that your brother can do:

  1. Carve the desired job title (or the company name, logo, employer initials, etc) into a green candle.

  2. Place that candle in a money bowl (a bowl with coins, cinnamon, and other things that attract money/luck) and focus on the intentions for the spell or visualize getting that job.

  3. Let it burn for at least an hour. If possible let it burn out on it’s own but this isn’t always a possibility.

Optionally, he can anoint the candle with an oil such as basil, rue or thyme before lighting it.

The best lunar phase is the Waxing Moon, so next week! :waxing_crescent_moon:

There are more ideas for job and career spells here. Hope that helps! Sending positive energies! :pray:


I’m so sorry to hear about your brother @russell - my boyfriend was laid off in March because of Covid. I have a spell on my YouTube channel that was written as a New Year prosperity spell but could definitely be adapted for this situation.

It’s the very first spell that I talk about here.

Francisco also detailed a nice and simple job spell above that you might want to check out, too.


Sorry to hear about your brother’s situation, @russell, and about the unfortunate news @mrs! :cry:

There was a very good Business Ritual shared by @roxanne a few days back and while the spell is designed to attract money, I imagine it could be altered or interpreted in a way to also attract new work! :+1:

@SilverBear’s lovely ritual Bring in the Flow of Money with Moon Water may also be of interest to you! :full_moon_with_face:

In these troubling times, especially when faced with something as difficult as losing a job- it can be easy to be overwhelmed. In times of distraught, self-care is very important! Here a few goods spells/herbs/other resources for easing turbulent emotions and anxiety:

I am sending lots of good thoughts and support- while the bad news is very unfortunate, I hope that very good news will soon take its place! :two_hearts:

Blessed Be! :heart:


Very many thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply and for all your suggestions. It seems that lots of people have been adversely affected by the current situation and unfortunately, I think there will be many more to come.

Perhaps, as a community on this site, we could arrange to do something together, even if it is just sending our intentions or prayers for improvement at an arranged time? Just a thought. I think it’s up to all of us to do whatever we can when terrible things like this happen. Whatever we can do, we should do it.

Thanks to everyone again, it’s nice to have like-minded people at hand to help out with their knowledge when needed.


If you’d like to arrange something like this - or even just throw out the idea - we have an energy exchange section of the forum that would be a good place for that discussion :slight_smile:


Such a great idea @russell! I created a topic with a ritual for this weekend, it’s a bit rushed since today is Friday evening but we can always try again next weekend:


This is a beautiful idea, @russell! :two_hearts: I’m afraid I spent my weekends offline and thus missed out this time. But like Francsico said, perhaps we can arrange something in the future! :heart_eyes: A group ritual is a great way to feel more connected during these troubling times.


Hi Brianna, and sorry for my late reply. You would think that with all this extra time these days, I’d be more organised! Yes, I agree with your comments, we are stronger together I think. I’ve not been at this very long so I’m never sure what I should do next half the time, but I am more than happy to link up with any of you guys who have any ideas for shared rituals. I live in N. Ireland and there aren’t that many witchy people here - it brings new meaning to the term ‘solitary’! - so it would be nice to feel that I’m a part of something a little bigger…


No worries at all, @russell! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The great thing about the forums is that they’re always here and there’s never any rush to respond :grin: :+1: I know the feeling! It’s great to have a place for solitary witches to come together, and even better when we can work on something together! :two_hearts:

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I too am late to the party lol. I have been out of work since Feb, then the dreaded virus hit so very hard to find work right now. This would be a great idea

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Sending warm thoughts your way, @Katt! :pray: It has indeed been a difficult time.

It seems like the last two group rituals went well! :+1: Perhaps with a few extra days notice, and if others are interested, we could arrange something again this week! :grin::two_hearts:


thank you @TheTravelWitch, I sure need it.

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I agree, @Katt! I think many of us could use another group ritual :pray:

If anyone is interested, I would love to share a tea meditation together on Thursday! :blush: