Stay Home! 🏠 Fight Coronavirus Anxiety with Simple Rituals

Listening to so much talk about the Coronavirus can make us feel uneasy.
Here are a few ideas to fight stress and anxiety, while we stay at home to prevent spreading the virus.

Pour yourself a cup of tea :tea:

Never underestimate the calming power of a good cup of tea. It won’t completely distract you or entertain you, but sipping on a warm, fragrant drink is a pleasantry that can lift your mood. The popular Sleepytime tea from Celestial Seasonings is caffeine-free and has flavors of chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorn, and rosebuds.

Cast a Circle :o:

Casting a circle of protection is a very simple way to create a safe space. This guided tutorial includes a chant to create a Wiccan circle of protection and you can use it as a short meditation to release some anxiety.

Take a bath :bath:

A relaxing bath can made even better with bubbles, salts, oils, candles, and face masks. Here are some spiritual recipes that will help you relax your mind with calming ingredients:

Take some time to reflect with a journal :pen:

It’s well known that writing down your feelings can help you make sense of them and provide emotional release. You can use your book of mirrors, any old notebook or grab a blank sheet of paper to get started. Think about what you’re grateful for and write it down, or get some inspiration from Youtubers.

Create a calming atmosphere with aromas :relieved:

Despite not being a cure-all, aromatherapy is thought to improve physical and emotional health. Experiment by diffusing essential oils, or simmer some water with cinnamon sticks on the stove. Take advantage of your kitchen while you’re home and bake a delicious treat. There’s nothing more comforting than the aroma of freshly baked cookies. :cookie:

Stay Mindful :person_in_lotus_position:

Meditation is a helpful skill to learn and is available to all. The practice of mindful meditation can reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness.

Learn something new :books:

There’s a nearly unlimited number of online classes on websites like Ted-Ed or OpenCulture, whether you want to learn coding or needlepoint. Here are some websites that offer free education courses on various topics:

For those with kids :family_man_boy_boy:

Scholastic is offering free online courses for children as school closures sweep the nation. The Scholastic Learn At Home program offers three hours of learning per day with up to four weeks of instruction.

The courses span the subjects of English language arts; STEM; science; social studies; and social-emotional learning.

Exercise :muscle:

There is an entire universe of free yoga classes on YouTube (I’m partial to the uber-popular Yoga with Adriene), and some instructors are live-streaming their classes from home. If you are not in actual quarantine, go for a walk or run outside, while keeping your distance from others.

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Many blessings!! :pray: :pray:


All very good ideas… our town has closed down… all the bars, restaurants, schools and the hospital unless emergency. We are only 2300 though and it will be easier for us country folk than those who live in the city.


I love that you mentioned the bath part. I’m sitting here in my bath typing this. This is often my safe space to work out my thoughts and post on here. Currently I am soaking in a Dr. Teals epsom salt+lavender mixture (I definitely recommend). And right after I get out I’m going to make a cup of that sleepy time tea that i have in the pantry.


That sounds perfect! I have a sore throat so I’m definitely not going anywhere. Self-care is a must!

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Thats great!! The best way to do it. and all is good for you!