Bring In The Flow of Money with Moon Water Magic

What you will need:

What You Will Need To Do:

  • Cleanse your space with sage or Florida water
  • Cast your circle - optional
  • Lightly wet your $1 with moon water
  • Use dominate hand, index finger dip it in the moon water and then the cinnamon.
  • Starting at the top left of your dollar, draw a line of cinnamon down towards you. Drawing towards you brings things into your life.
  • Draw 3* lines across - as you do this, think about how easily money will come to you. How quickly and freely it will flow. Feel how grateful and relieved you’ll be.
  • Once completed sit with those thoughts for a few moments.
  • Fold the bill in three.
  • Place it in your wallet, purse, or drawer where it will be untouched.
  • You can always do this again to recharge the bill on the full moon.

*The Angel Number 3 represents growth, inspiration, inner guidance, and manifestation. The energy of joy and faith is embodied in this spiritual number.


Thanks for sharing! I will try this! @SilverBear

This is also a good reminder to make Moon Water tonight during the Waxing Moon! (first quarter) :first_quarter_moon:

And it’s also a great spell to combine this Thursday/Friday with a Beltane ritual using water for fertility and abundance.


OOOO…good timing then! YAY!!! :smiley:

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Perfect guys, one for Thursday thank you :blush:


@Francisco I also didn’t realize you could make moon water on a waxing moon. I thought it was only during a full moon???


Making Moon water is simply charging the water with that night’s lunar energy.

On a Full Moon you can make Full Moon water. :full_moon: Store it to preserve that Full Moon energy and use it in a ritual at a later time.

On a New Moon, you make New Moon water. :new_moon: If at some point you want to cast a spell, for example for new beginnings or a new job, you already have that new moon energy saved. Pour it in a chalice and cast that spell without having to wait for a New Moon date.

Same thing applies for all other lunar phases. More examples here


And who can’t use more money?? Thank you @SilverBear (once again) and thanks for reminding me @Francisco about getting more moon water…

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