⚗ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Potion Making!

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and howlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

“Song of the Witches”, from Macbeth by William Shakesphere

Merry meet to all! :wave:

Thanks again to everyone who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge- Books, Tomes, and Tales! :books:

There were so many wonderful spellbooks shared- let’s put that new knowledge to the test! Bring out a cauldron, open your apothecary, and take out the mortar and pestle. Proposed by the very creative @LimeBerry, the theme for this week’s challenge is…

:alembic::herb: Potion Making :wine_glass: :diya_lamp:

Perhaps one of the most symbolic practices associated with withcraft is making potions. From the Macbeth witches to Harry Potter to bubbling Halloween decorations- potions have very strong ties to witchcraft. Those studying magick are very likely to try their hand with potion making at some point in their path!

What is a Potion?
A potion is a combination of ingredients and magickal intent. It can be something consumed, applied topically, added to a ritual bath, diffused into the air, or used as a spell enhancement- potions come in as many forms and have as many properties as there are types of magic- a heck of a lot! :laughing:

For more details and background information on potions, see:


STEP 1: Making a Potion :test_tube:

To complete this challenge you must make a potion! :alembic:

The type and properties are entirely up to you. You may decide to do some research and find a potion recipe, you can adapt or tweak a potion you already know, or even design your own new potion!

The potion possibilities are endless! To help get you started and spark your creativity, here are some ideas:

Moon Water

Did you know Moon Water is technically a potion? Charged by the light of the moon, moon water is a popular ingredient for numerous spells and rituals. You can use moon water to Bring in the Flow of Money in addition to its Many Other Uses!

Florida Water

Similar to Moon Water in its versatility, Florida Water is a bit more complex to make but just as useful! @SilverBear shares her recipe and how best to use it in What is Florida Water and Why Do We Want It?

[From Magical Recipes Online: Coffee Potions]

While the amazing morning boost of caffeine is a magic in and of itself, you can add an extra dash of intent to consider your favorite brew a potion! You can learn more about Coffee Magic and what your favorite coffee means in the Magical Recipes’ article Coffee Potions shared by @LimeBerry.

For coffee lovers looking to add a little magic, check out the following spell with more information:

Aleister Crawley Coffee Consecration


Tea is defined here as any edible material steeped in water with the purpose of being consumed. It is a beverage celebrated as a cultural and ceremonial beverage around the world- no wonder that tea can also be imbued with magickal properties and considered a potion.

You can learn more about Tea Magic, try a Tea Blessing, or do a Tea Meditation to add magic to your tea.

Tea also has been used in divination practices around the world. You can use Tea Magic to Find Answers and study the magickal art of Tea Leaf Readings/Tasseology :fallen_leaf:

Tea is a base ingredient and medium for many potions, including:

Honey Ginger Tea Meditation and Healing Potion

Hibiscus Self-Love Potion

Friendship Potion


Vodka and other strong alcohols are stabilizers and can be used in a variety of potions to give them a longer shelf-life and help with both preservation and purpose.

But mixing alcohol of any kind with a little intent can lead to some very delicious and creative cocktails! You can learn more about alcoholic potions in Alcohol + Intent = Potion . It includes:

Venus’ Raspberry Concoction for Love and Protection


The only limit to potion making is the materials you have and your own creativity! There are many potions that don’t fall into any of the above categories but are considered potions all the same::

Sleepy Time Potion
A creation of @SilverBear’s from her post Sleepy Time Potion

Get Creative With It!

If you choose to make your own potion, why not go all out? :grin: As you are writing out your ingredient list, consider using some creative names in your recipe!

Witch Herb Names by @roxanne

A Bone of an Ibis: Buckthorn
A Titan’s Blood: Wild Lettuce
A Lion’s Hairs: Tongue of a Turnip (the leaves of the taproot)
A Man’s Bile: Turnip Sap
A Pig’s Tail: Leopard’s Bane
A Hawk’s Heart: Heart of Wormwood
Aaron’s Rod: Goldenrod, Mullein
Absinthe: Wormwood
Achillea: yarrow
Adders Tongue: Dogstooth Violet
African Ginger: Ginger
Aftator Pear: Avocado

(View the full list of Witch Herb Names to see more!)

:exclamation: Safety Warning! :exclamation:
Some potions are meant to be drunk, while others are for external use only. Some potions for spellwork are not meant for use on or in your body! Make sure you know the intent of any potion you choose to pursue.

If you are making potions with the intent to drink them, please thoroughly do your research beforehand! Not all herbs and ingredients are safe for consumption.

A note taken from Potion Making: Some herbs are harmful to animals . Some herbs are harmful to humans . Please take that second of precaution before you use something you aren’t familiar with.

STEP 2: Share Your Potion! :writing_hand:

To participate in this challenge, you must share your potion-making experience!

Please tell us what potion you made and a bit about it!!

What was the purpose of the potion? Did you find it, adapt it, or invent it yourself? How did it go?

For your entry to be counted, please write about your experience below and/or create a new post in the forums (in the Recommendations category!). If you create a new post, please tag the challenge by adding a hyperlink or link back to this post- thank you! :grinning:

For sharing about their potion creations, all participants will recieve a special shout-out and small prize!

:exclamation: This challenge will be open for 6 DAYS!!! :exclamation:

To join in, please post about your potion-making endeavors by 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time) on Tuesday, October 6th!

A Props and Presents Post will appear in the forums on Tuesday after the deadline. After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given.

A warm reminder that this challenge is very open- all are encouraged to participate in a way that reflects their unique practice.

There are no right or wrong answers so long as you practice respectfully, and there is no way to ‘lose’ the challenge if you participate! :raised_hands:

By exploring new aspects of magick and trying new practices, the hope with challenges is to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in fun ways!

In your cauldron, kitchen, and kettles- may you delight in the wonders of the potions you create!

Blessed be and Happy Potion-Making! :alembic:


And I couldn’t resist- for any other Harry Potter fans out there, consider adding a little magickal intent to these re-created potions from the series! :mage:

Potions from Harry Potter Made Real (by How To Drink on YouTube)

Butterbeer from Harry Potter (alcoholic) (by How to Drink on YouTube)

Quick and Easy Non-Alcoholic Butterbeer (by Like Dish on YouTube)

I don’t know about anyone else but I LOVE butterbeer! :yum::beer:

Cheers everyone! :beers:


Yayayayyayayayayayyyayyyyyy omg I’m so excited! Thanks for putting this together so beautifully @BryWisteria! Can’t wait to get brewing! :nerd_face: :coffee: :cocktail: :tropical_drink:


I can’t wait to share what I’ll be making! I already had an idea to make something that I haven’t yet made. This oughta be either fun or messy. But it’ll definitely be a learning experience for me!


This one is going to be a challenge! All my teas are in tea bags and I won’t go to the store again until after the challenge. I’ll have to see what I can think up. It’ll be fun, stretching my wings!


Entry number 1 uploaded! Sweet Morning Coffee (or Tea) Love Potion ❤ - Potion Making Challenge :heart: :coffee:


Woohoo! Can’t wait to see what you decide to make @christina4 and @Amethyst- let your creativity loose! :raised_hands: Hahaha I think it’s fine if potion-making is a bit messy, no worries there! :joy::+1:

Your sweet morning coffee for love was a delight to read, @LimeBerry! Thanks for your entry :coffee::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Woop! 2nd potion uploaded! Espresso Healing Potion ☕ - Potion Making Challenge
I promise I won’t just post a load of coffees all week :joy:


Good day! Or night, whenever you are reading this. LOL. I did a Salt Bowl for Healing as my potion this week. Hope y’all like it!


I did a full moon Lunar Elixir! HERE

OOOO la la!


I will be in the kitchen backing spooky treats this weekend


I did my first moon water on the full moon. may try something else as well this week


I made time to do this challenge! This was trial and error bc I’ve never made this before. I decided to make a salve for my dry hands. The ingredients I used were beeswax, herbal infused oil (rose), and lavender essential oil. What I did was broke up the beeswax, placed it in a double boiler on low heat until melted. Then, I added the herbal infused oil ( I had already made some with rose petals). Mix that until blended nicely. Remove from heat and add the essential oils. Pour the mixture into a tin (or whatever you want to use) and allow to cool completely. Now, I have a salve! It’s good for 1-3 years. Knowing me, I had to add crystals! So, I used rose quartz for self love and clear quartz to amplification and it’s a master healer. Note, I did say a personal chant and set my intentions. As I held my salve in my hands, I said a prayer for healing and comfort for my hands.

Shadow was curious!
PS- I forgot to add some lavender buds :unamused:


Congratulations on getting in and trying some kitchen witchery! It’ll be neat to see what you come up with!

That sounds so nice! I bet it smells great! And feels better! Good job!


Thank you :blush: my hands are getting better slowly but surely.


Yay! I love full moon water! I made some too :heart_eyes: I use it all the time! This time I randomly decided to put some gold edible holographic glitter in it to give it some extra zing :joy:
Is anyone else looking forward to making Blue Moon water at the end of the month? So rare and magical and shiny! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


Woop! Next one! :heart:
Not coffee, I promise :angel:t3:
:clinking_glasses:Major Success Potion! 🥂 - Potion Making Challenge


Good! I’m glad it’s already helping!


This is a great Witchy Challenge.

I have already made Earth, Water, Air, Fire sprays, Florida Water, I put a Florida Water blend in my diffuser, I say the Coffee Consecration, and I love my teas. I feel so out of touch with all of this. I need to start using those full moon and harmonizing oils I have too. I think I am going to put some Florida Water in my diffuser and think about another potion that I can make while I am up early this morning.


A potion for coughing and scratchy throat.
Equal parts (I do 1/4 cup)

unfiltered (local to your area) honey
Fresh lemon juice
And 100% vegetable glycerin
Stir well.
I take a couple spoonfuls and say
Magic mend and potion heal
So only health is what I feel.

I try to make enough for just a few days. It’s best used fresh.