Re-energize Yourself Potion

My entry for the weekly challenge led me to make a potion for re-energizing myself throughout the day.

Here I have: Sunflower oil and Jojoba oil.
-Vanilla extract for luck and love
-Baby’s Breath for protection and purity
-Lemon grass for uplifting moods and refreshening the mind
-3 Star Anise seeds for happiness and psychic awareness
-Mint for sustaining physical vigor and recharging energy
-crushed Orange Peel for uplifting spirits, prosperity and harnessing Sun energy
-Rosemary for rejuvenation and cleansing personal space
-Cinnamon for stimulating the mind and luck

After cleansing all of my tools and ingredients, I held space for everything I wanted this potion to embody. I had a smile on my face while humming a song I knew. Thought about people, places, things that bring me joy. Once my dry ingredients were in, I put in the oils and shook up my dark glass bottle.

It smells good and feels good.
(using Vanilla Extract was a last minute idea and I’m teetering back and forth on how and when to use it in my practice.)

Blessed be family!


Ooh gorgeous! :heart_eyes:
Thanks for sharing!
This sounds like such a happy potion :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I imagine it smells beautiful and would work wonderfully for anointing candles, writing sigils or even rubbing on your wrists/pressure points to give you a happy energy boost when you need it! :heart: Love it.


Thanks for sharing, Janelle!

Any chance we can know what the song you were singing was?! :laughing:

I love using songs as spells. I think some songs capture some deep divine energy that is carried in the words…


Absolutely gorgeous, @janelle! :heart_eyes: I can tell this potion was brewed with so much love and good energies- and the smell! Ohh, I bet it smells like the most delicious treat with all those warm and healing herbs/spices :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Vanilla extract sounds like a great addition- sometimes last minute sparks of creativity yield amazing results!

Thanks so much sharing, Janelle- this is a lovely potion :two_hearts:


I wish I would have paid more attention to what song it was! Full disclosure, it was probably one of my daughter’s pop songs she was jamming out too :rofl:

Thank you @Limeberry, @Francisco, and @TheTravelWitch!


I love this spell! Thank you for sharing it with us! I have to say, I love your dish! It reminds me of rainbow flourite.:rainbow:


This looks great! Thank you for sharing!