🕒 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

OMG I am in awe! I’m afraid I’ll have to wash my monitor because I drooled all over it…oh well, it needed cleaning anyway.
Great job


Thank you @christine13, if you are actually doing the work, then it gets a lot lighter each time you release it & in some cases, the energy attached to it.

I have some conflicting things that I’m working on but learning how to separate my feelings from how the other person feels about the same situation. :open_mouth: It was a lot harder to do than I originally thought it would be. Perils of being an Empath.

So, update :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: , I found a therapist & I see her on the 16th for the first time. Well, it’s a telehealth visit. So either call or text, but that’s fine. I’m really happy that I have my husband & children. My local witchy friend, non-local witchy friend, & I’ve now enlisted my psychiatrist who is aware that I do these shadow exercises with a friend & in a workbook. Now I have a therapist so I don’t have to put so much on my family & friends. :heartpulse:


I’m glad you found a therapist. I hope they’re able to help you sort things out. Much love and light to you!


@Amethyst, it would have been easier except my primary insurance isn’t the way it normally is, what is normally secondary is primary & then the normal primary is secondary. Then 1 has rules about what type of therapist they are which basically has to do with the letters after their name. :laughing:


Insurance always makes things more difficult. I’m waiting to see if I can get a skin graft for my leg now. We’ll see I guess. I wish they’d listen to the doctors more, they know what they’re talking about. Usually.


Here is my 2nd :clock: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up! For my 2nd one, I picked
:alembic: Potion Making because I have never made a potion before.

For this challenge, I read lots of potion spells and a terrific article about the art of potion making.

One thing I learned is that potions are not just for drinking. They can be used as lotions, room and altar sprays, to cleanse tools, for baths, for floor washes and all kinds of things. there probably is one for laundry, although I did not see a spell for that yet.

Another thing I learned (which I think I will also apply when I make spell jars and other things), is the way you stir potions. the idea is you stir clockwise for things you want more of or to increase things, and you stir counterclockwise for things you want less or to decrease things. You can stir a potion a magical number of times, depending on the intention, such as 3 times or 13 times or 11 (psychic connection) or even according to the deity, e.g. 6 for Venus and 4 for Jupiter work.

Another tip I liked (in the article above) was to focus on the outcome of the spell while you are working with and adding the ingredients, i.e., visualizing what your life will be like if your intention is realized, and how you will feel. I liked that and will add that to my other spellwork, as well.

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I also read some caveats about love potions by the same author – the advice to create a reversal before you create the potion in case you need to “undo” it, to make it time-bound, e.g., just through the next lunar cycle, in case it turns out to be something you didn’t want, and to make it general rather than focused on someone in particular.

One area of maybe controversy was the use of crystals in potions. I like using crystals to raise energy and I’ve seen water bottles with crystals in them before. Many potions spells mention placing crystals in potions themselves. After reading about the toxicity of crystals, which can increase when they are wet for some kinds, though, I think I will use crystals in my potion-making (outside of the container) but I will not immerse them in potions, especially ones I drink or in my baths. the risk may be minor but I think I can work around it by just keeping the crystals on my altar or on top of the lid.

Tonight, because I was feeling a little blue, I chose to do the Spells8 Hibiscus Tea Meditation as my potion. In addition to lighting the pink candle, listening to the beautiful guided video meditation, and reciting the spell, I followed the potion making guidelines in the article above – I used Jasmine incense (for love) to cleanse my pot, spoon and cup before brewing the tea and I added a tiny pinch of sea salt (and some honey). I stirred my tea 3 times clockwise. The combination of the tea and meditation made me feel so peaceful. I love learning new things about the craft and am excited to try more potions in the future.

Picture: The Love Potion by Evelyn Morgan (1903), [Public domain, Wikimedia Commons

](The Love Potion - Wikipedia)


Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE Catch-Up…

I like this challenge. I’ve needed to reconnect with my altar. I changed up my space to fit in the most beautiful antique piece of furniture my husband gave me. It was his mother’s.

I cleansed her and then made her feel welcome, part of the space. Then I dressed her up.

I feel more of a connection with this altar. Maybe it has to do with the sentiment of where she (the furniture ) came from and that hubby gave her to me. But she’s here to stay and it’s almost been 6 months since moving into our new home… it’s time to start practicing again.


2nd Weekly Challenge Catch Up

A few days ago, after I had gone through some shadow work, perfectly timed with the Dark Moon, I had to make some incense as an offering. Today I have to make more for Brighid, but for the purposes of this challenge, we are going with the 1 I made for the Morrigan. She’s been with me & around & pushing me into the darkness & guiding me through. As a matter of fact, yesterday a crow flew over my head into my backyard. The only animal besides my dogs that I really saw yesterday. I am not alone while I’m going through this.

Image Source Credit

I had all of the ingredients but I did add some patchouli leaves to it. Because of my hands it’s very hard for me to use the mortar & pestle for some things. So I went to Walmart & bought a $10 coffee grinder, a few taps of the button & voila!

A coffee grinder is also advisable for things like resin, pieces of wood (small to very small to, like slivers almost, cinnamon sticks, things of that nature) So I just went 1 step further when my hands got sore & did all of it in there. It has to be into fine pieces or it doesn’t burn properly on the charcoal disc & the resin helps it burn slower.

Resin should be used in the coffee grinder, mortar & pestle, and then they should be cleaned out because they leave a residue. They are very hard to use in the mortar & pestle, but the coffee grinder I just hit it once really quick to break it up a bit & then clean out the coffee grinder for the dry ingredients. Then tougher things like woods & cinnamon sticks should also be done separately from the plants.

I had to break up some sandalwood incense cones for the sandalwood part but I broke the cone & then just hit it once really quick to break it up.

Now I have it in a little jar with a cloth attached to the top with a piece of string & I sit Her silver spoon on top of the jar so I know that it’s hers. I had taken the cloth of because it covers part of the top of the little jar.

The little jar came from my daughter. She found a couple at our neighbor’s that were used for jellies & she asked if she could take them home. At first, she was kind of teasing me that she had them & I couldn’t use them for anything witchy. Then a few days later they were on my altar with 2 cloth/flannel pouches that have Winnie the Pooh patterns. I use those for special pouches for protection or spells.


It’s time for a friendly reminder!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: February 8th, 7:00 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time Zone)

Blessed be! :clock3::sparkles:


Hey everyone!

It’s so great to see this challenge coming again. I’ve been very busy lately and haven’t had time to participate as much as I like.

I’d like to participate in the Moon Magick :full_moon: and Lunisolar Calendar and Chinese New Year :tiger: challenge.

For the Moon, well, my connection with her is really magickal; I talk to her, I paint her, and she always cheer me up when needed. Last night I took a bath and meditated with her passing through Taurus, it really made me feel better :full_moon: It’s been a while since the last time I saw her, I really miss her when she’s not in the sky at night, illuminating others during the day.

And, last Saturday, I celebrated the Chinese New Year in Bogotá, there was a celebration in a library with many activities, I’ve learned so much, I knew that I was a Water Monkey but now I know that I’m a Yang Water Monkey :monkey: , I say the White Lion dance and the Dragon dance too, many weapons the Chinese used, and many more things about this beautiful culture. I had lots of fun!

Here are some pics:

That night, I saw the moon bright in the sky, for the first time in many days. :slight_smile:

Hope you have a lovely Moonday!


I love this @Mistella . I really also believe that a lot of our moods and actions are based off of the moon. My mom was a big believer in the full moon “making people act crazy” I dont tend to think people act crazy during it, I think they are full of energy. Once you really start tracking and paying attention to the moon phases and your moods you really will see the patterns.


I’ve not actually prepped anything for the challenges themselves as yet, but I do have a lovely spreadsheet of which I’ve completed and which I haven’t :rofl:


:fire: Of Candles and Flames :fire:
For this challenge, I cleansed my heart shaped pink quartz before meditating with a pink candle while diffusing rose essential oil and drinking a hot mug of hibiscus tea. :hibiscus:
I have to say, I have missed working with Aphrodite! During her invocation, I could feel her welcoming me back with loving arms and it made me misty eyed. :smiling_face_with_tear:
I have the urge to buy some Valentine’s Day decorations and decorate my altar for the Goddess of Love.
I ended my ritual with a tarot card reading, asking Aphrodite what I can do to attract more love into my life, if I should pursue a romantic relationship, and if she has any other message for me.
The card for my first question suggested that I should see myself ideally—as a person who is worthy of love.
The card for my second question suggested that now is the best time to pursue a romantic relationship with anyone.
And the last card, the message from Aphrodite, suggested that I shouldn’t be so judgmental of myself.


Thank you @Susurrus. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s a good fit for my needs and I still get that visual hit. :star_struck:

@christina4, the sorting by colour what an eye opener to how many brown crystals I had and I don’t even like it as a basic colour! :brown_heart: Guess I drawn to that grounding vibe. :astrology_earth: I totally hear ya with the different storage containers! I can’t seem to ever have enough. I have storage containers for my storage containers.

Haha, I see what you did there with the “you rock” :laughing:. Thank you @Amethyst .

@christine13, thank you! :revolving_hearts: I have three sets of drawers on the go now. Crystals, Art supplies and Craft supplies stuff. It’s addictive!

:laughing: :laughing: Thanks for the laugh, @garnet. I’ll have that image suck in my head all day now. :bubbles: :desktop_computer:


I so appreciate the wealth of information you share with us, @Susurrus. I’ve never tried my hand at making incense before but I’ll be certain to remember the coffee grinder tip. :fire:

You’ve been on my mind this last while. Your suggestion that it may have been Bridhid who visited me was spot on. The more I learn about her and her ways fits my experience. Thank you for making that connection for me. :revolving_hearts:


Oh, you are very welcome. She is a wonderful deity to work with & I love all of my experiences with her. I hope you have a lovely relationship with her. :heartpulse: :triquetra: :triskele:


For my 2nd Witchy Challenge Catch-up, I’ve decided to go for The Magick of Happiness! For a Beholder of Happiness :grin: It’s somewhat my livelihood as well. Being an Activities Director in a Skilled Nursing Facility, I have the honor of bestowing as much love, light, and happiness as possible on a daily basis to our elderly :older_woman::older_man: and those recovering from injury. :face_with_head_bandage: Whether it’s sitting bedside holding their hand while they unburden their souls at life’s end, to finding a spark of interest in an activity that puts a smile on their face and brings back fond memories, to decorating the facility for visual warmth and nostalgia. There are so many aspects to my approach when it comes to doing life enrichment, I’d be here all day writing it out so I’m focusing on sharing my “Tree happiness” with you. I have a love of trees :christmas_tree: that has leaked into my work for my community and they absolutely love it. I have created a large oak tree in our hallway with craft paper (cost $2) that remains up yearly as we roll through our seasons. It started in the Fall and has been through the “Thankful” decorating phase, onto the Winter phase with homemade snowflakes from ink pens on coffee filters, and now looking forward to a big burst of color and creative activity for Spring. This week I took down the snowflakes and added a string of hearts, and hearts at the base of the tree. I will have to update with a photo this week. We also leave our “Christmas Tree” up year-round for all the holidays and voted on whether to continue this tradition and had a resounding “Yes please!” They find it warm and inviting, and brings the beauty of our outdoors, indoors. Here’s a few photos and I hope they bring you as much happiness as it brings our community! :two_hearts: Blessed Be friends! :mage:


I am in complete AWE of your collection, I love how you have them organized. I love this soooo much. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.


I can’t help it, I’ve done it before and I’ll probably do it again. It’s like a dad joke, I just can’t stop it. LOL!


So beautiful! Love all the different holiday trees!