🕒 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

Merry meet!

Thank you once again to everyone who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge - Lunisolar Calendar & Zodiac :tiger:. May your Lunar New Year be off to a roaring start! :grinning:

Believe it or not, this week’s marks the 80th witchy challenge here in the forum- so you know what that means! The challenge clock has come to a brief halt and challenges of all shapes, sizes, and sorts are open once again :alarm_clock:

Spells8 Witchy Challenge Catch-Up

:spiral_calendar: :raised_hand: Challenge Catch-Up! :raised_back_of_hand: :timer_clock:

To celebrate the 80th Weekly Challenge something special is happening…

Was there a busy week where you missed a challenge? Did an interesting theme happen before you joined the forum? Maybe there was a topic you were hesitant to try but now feel ready for.

Well- now is your chance!

This week is Catch-Up Week where all previously closed challenges will be re-opened for a short time!

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Are you ready? It’s a blast from the past!

Here’s how to participate:

STEP 1: Choose a Previous Challenge :mag_right:

From earth-friendly magick, dreaming, gathering blessings, and more- there are 73 previous challenge themes to choose from (past Catch-Up challenges not included).

The previous challenges and the titles they granted are listed below. For details about each challenge including rules, guidelines and inspiration click the link to visit that challenge page.

Note that the threads for the old challenges will remain locked- please share your comments and entries here or in a new post!

:clock3: Catch-Up VII [this challenge!]
:tiger: Lunisolar Calendar and Chinese New Year – Favored by Fortune
:performing_arts: Your Magickal Muse – Beloved by the Muses
:deciduous_tree: Sacred Trees and Wood – Custos Arborum
:open_hands: Making Magickal Offerings – Blessed Bestower
:door: Passage Into the New Year – Trailblazer
:blush: The Magick of Happiness – Beholder of Happiness
:sun_with_face: Solar Magick – Solar Mage
:busts_in_silhouette: Freedom in Forgiveness – Magnanimous
:crossed_swords: Dual Wielding Opposite Forces – Unus qui est libratum
:clock2: Catch-Up VI
:sparkler: Spell Swap Meet – Coven Contributor
:angel: Working With Higher Powers - In manibus numinum
:candy: Trick-or-Treat! - Sweet 'n Spooky
:purse: Making Objects Magickal – Enchanter
:sparkles: A Magickal Blessing – Blessed One
:mag_right: Peering into Past Lives – Witch of the Ages
:books: History of Magick – History’s Heir
:shield: Powerful Protection – Powerful Protector
:dancer: The Magick of Music – Bard Witch
:clock1: Catch-Up V
:map: Magick on the Go – Wandering Witch
:handshake: One Witch to Another – Keeper of Knowledge
:salt: Salty Spellwork – Imperium salis
:cyclone: Reading Auras – Aura Reader
:black_cat: Cat Magick – Amicus felium
:yum: Wickedly Delicious – Connoisseur Witch
:bride_with_veil: Deities of the Moon – Blessed by the Moon
:rose: Beauty Magick – Pulchra magicae
:flower_playing_cards: A Touch of Tarot – Tarot Reader
:trophy: The Challenger [50th Challenge] – Challenge Champion
:dragon_face: Dragon Magick – Blessed by Dragons
:prayer_beads: A Healthy Dose of Crystals – Crystal Healer
:notes: Enchanting Chants – Chant Witch
:rainbow: The Many Colors of Magick – Colorful Witch
:timer_clock: Catch-Up IV
:milky_way: Astrology: Reading the Skies - Astrologer
:white_heart: Into the Light - Witch of Love and Light
:black_heart: From the Shadows - Shadow Survivor
:confetti_ball: Congrats to the Coven - Coven Celebrant
:place_of_worship: All About Altars - Reverent Witch
:toolbox: Holistic Magick: A Witch’s Apothecary - Apothecarist
:writing_hand: The Wizardry of Words - Word Witch
:paw_prints: Claws, Paws, Tails and Scales - Animalis magum
:full_moon_with_face: Strength of the Full Moon - Lunar Witch
:running_woman: Catch-Up III
:art: Magick in the Arts - Art Witch
:star: Star Magick - Shining Bright
:footprints: Your Magickal Roots - Peritus viatorem
:small_blue_diamond: Elemental Mastery - Master of All Elements
:mountain: Of the Element Earth - Earth Elemental
:fire: Of the Element Fire - Fire Elemental
:seedling: From Seed to Sprout - Ceiliúradh an tséasúir
:wind_face: Of the Element Air - Air Elemental
:ocean: Of the Element Water - Water Elemental
:alarm_clock: Catch Up II
:scroll: Of Goals and Intent - Finis patrator
:partying_face: Holiday Cheer - Merrily Magickal
:new_moon: Magick in the Dark - Tenebris Lucem
:yarn: Of Spells and String - Weavemaster
:bathtub: Scrub-a-dub, Magick in the Tub - Bubbly Witch
:gem: Heed the Call of Crystals - Crystal Collector
:hocho: Creative Crafting - Creatively Crafty
:candle: Of Candles and Flame - Witch of the Flame
:skull: The Veil Between Worlds - Witch of the Veil
:spiral_calendar: Catch-Up I
:honeybee: The Spell-ing Bee - Spell Master
:crystal_ball: Foretelling the Future - Seer Apprentice
:alembic: Potion Making - Potion Master
:open_book: Books, Tomes, and Tales - Book Lover
:sparkling_heart: Giving Gratitude - Blessed and Grateful
:ear_of_rice: Inviting Abundance - Blessed by Abundance
:full_moon: Moon Magick - Moon Witch
:pray: Dealing in the Divine - Deific Witch
:cupcake: Kitchen Witchery - Kitchen Witch
:sleeping: Dream Magick - Oneiric Witch
:dove: Earth-Friendly Witchcraft - Earth Witch
:money_with_wings: The Thrifty Witch - Thrifty Witch
:compass: Celestial Exploration - Cosmic Witch
:star2: Trying Something New - Experimenter

[You can view the full list of challenges at any time by visiting: Weekly Witchy Challenges :fire: A History ]

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How many challenges can I do this week? :thinking:

If you are feeling particularly adventurous this week and want to do more than just the usual one challenge, you can do:


This limit is just to save your challenge moderator from a potential ocean of badge-giving (:bowing_woman:) - but no worries! Another chance to join in on any additional missed challenges will come again soon :+1:

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STEP 2: Share Your Entry to the Challenge :writing_hand:

Click here for notes about challenge inclusivity

All witches are welcome to join the challenge by practicing magick in line with the current theme. For those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, it is absolutely okay to follow along with the challenge but keep your entry personal. Feel free to join in spirit and do what feels most comfortable for you! :blush:

That being said, please know that if you would like to receive a prize and a shout-out, you will have to share your experience with the forum.

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To join in, please share your experience by:

Tuesday, February 8th at 7:00 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time)
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And for those new to challenges- welcome! :heart: Know that the goal of these activities is to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in creative ways :hugs:

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The clock has stopped so the door of missed opportunities can open once again- spread your wings and don’t be afraid to delve into a previously unexplored of magick!

Blessed be! :clock3: :heart:


Yay!! :sparkles: I love the catch-up challenges! :heart:


Yes :partying_face: a catch up challenge!! I love these lol


I plan to do From Seed to Sprout :seedling: and Of Candles and Flames :fire:. I’m hoping that what I plan to do will count towards both challenges: I want to predict if there will be six more weeks of winter or an early spring with candle wax (since Imbolc is a time of weather prognostication).

A little off topic, but the groundhog saw his shadow. :cry: Six more weeks of winter.


Ooh! I like this, so many to choose from! But definitely one that caught my eye the most and that’s the Holistic Magick: A Witch’s Apothecary. I’m really getting into this side of the craft. Herbs and spices, intention jars, potions, teas, and making candles with the herbs. The herb garden and just learning about it all is fascinating to me. So definitely a lot of pictures with this one.


I was looking through the past challenges for inspiration and the ones the free me the most were Holistic Magic, a Witch’s Apothecary as well as Of Spells and String; so I decided to combine the two.

Here is how I did that:

I took 5 tea bags; one Echinacea, 2 black, 2 peppermint.
Recited my intent; to banish sinus congestion. Knotted them together into a loop, 1 knot to attach each tea to the other and a sixth to close the loop while reciting the following for each knot.

With knot of one, the spell’s begun.
With knot of two, the spell be true.
With knot of three, the spell is free.
With knot of four, the power is stored.
With knot of five, this spell will thrive.
With knot of six, this spell I fix.

I cast a circle around myself and the stove.
I put four cups of water on the stove and brought it to a boil, added the tea and turn the stove to low covered my head and the pot with a towel to collect and breathe in the steam.
Then I stood there breathing in the steam thinking the elements and thanking them for assistance until I got tired. I closed the circle and put the tea in containers to drink later and I’m heading to bed for, hopefully a good night’s sleep.


Whee! I’ve looked through my badges and I think I’m all caught up! Yayness! Can’t wait to see what everyone else is doing though!


Cool, a catch-up!

I need a gentle push to write my circle casting of calling in The Elements. So, I will use this catch-up for :small_blue_diamond: Elemental Mastery - Master of All Elements.

If time and energy allow either :prayer_beads: A Healthy Dose of Crystals – Crystal Healer or :gem: Heed the Call of Crystals - Crystal Collector. What fun! :partying_face:

Janis :triskele:


I’m all caught up too, so I don’t know if I want earn a 2nd badge for a challenge or take the week off :rofl:


Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up! The Element of Water

From the heaven it does fall, drop by drop
It can fill so many things, starting with a pot.

Sweet and clean the rain does fall
It’s as if water is sings its lyrical call.

We must have water each and every one
For without it, I fear, we one and all are done.

The earth must drink so plants can grow
To help all living things to feast and glow.

Be grateful for the rain that blesses all sons & daughters.
With life and growth from the element water.

To be honest and completely fair
All sacred elements, blessings & strength they share.

Water is sacred, or it should be.

But what if it was gone in a blink
And that would be a tragedy don’t you think?

Once, long ago I had to learn a poem about a man
who committed a crime, sentenced to die of thirst.

Water, water everywhere and all the boards did shrink.
Water, water everywhere and nor a drop to drink.

Be thankful every day for the water that saves us
And water will, everyday continue to bless us.


My thanks to the author of “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”
This epic poem is the longest major poem by the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge , written in 1797-98 and published in the first edition of Lyrical Ballads in 1798.
Sorry Mr. Coleridge but I hated your poem when I was 13.


[Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!] (🕒 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!)


EARTH, air water and fire, I bow to you and plead for mercy.
Earth, Blessed Earth, the precious blue planet.

Precious Garden of Mother Goddess.
She who is most omnipotent loaned you to us.

How do we reward and care for you?
Mankind has become as the termite inexorably eating away at you.
Destructive strip mining, more scars upon your skin
Mankind continues to desecrate you

You’ve tried over and over to warn us.
By shifting your plates Fire has escaped.
Fire is enraged. Growing as volcanos, throwing its lava.
Seeding the destruction of man.

Still they turn away.

You have asked help from water
And she has thrown giant waves at the shore.
Causing destruction and death, among the poor.
The poor souls rebuild and go on with their sad lives.

Air has blasted with Hurricanes and Tornado’s and such
It didn’t help either, at least not all that much

I hope in some small way, this prayer helps you heal
The great sin of man wasn’t an apple.
It was discovering money, the root of all evil.
Money has begun the beginning of the end

Forgive them, they’re fools.
But not all are bad, help us to help you
And maybe we all can survive.



I can make a case for both but I think I’ll take a week off, it’s nice to do that once in a while.

@Garnet lovely Water and Earth poems! I was never cursed to read that epic poem as a kid, but it fit well with your own words.


Awesome! I’m new to this but will definitely give the Moon Magick-Moon Witch Challenge a try!
I have been drawn to our :full_moon:moon phases for quite some time now and really it has been my basis for becoming a practitioner of Wicca.
I’m a weirdo who checks my moon app daily, needing to know the exact percentage. What I find fascinating is my mom was born under the :first_quarter_moon: First quarter Moon, my dad the :last_quarter_moon: Third quarter Moon, my only sibling a :full_moon:Full Moon, and I was born under the :new_moon_with_face: New Moon. My only child, my son, was born under the :new_moon_with_face: New Moon like myself and go figure is very similar to myself. His dad, whom he mentally battles with is a :full_moon: Full Moon. They don’t get along at all.
The beauty of :full_moon: Mother Moon is amazing! I truly believe so much of our energy and moods are based on her phases. I have a room in our house that I can get a perfect view of the moon from and often bring my chants into that room to connect with her. Yes, it’s the bathroom. LOL but that’s where I can see her so I run downstairs from my ladies den to end my evening chant and gaze up and thank her for the many blessings she bestows on us.
I collect moon water during the full and new phases. Adding that to my spells brings more energy. I’m drawn to moon art, moon macrame, my altar cloth, etc. Recently I put a moon solar wind chime out and it has glowed brightly every evening until our new moon phase, then barely a touch of light glowing. I’m a Moon dork! It’s fascinating.
And finally, my youngest nephew wanted me to paint his cap for graduation 3 years ago and he really loved it. #MoonNerdforlife



Yay! Excited for this. I have been way busy with Imbolc I haven’t had time for much else. I could really use a catch up week. This is great.


@BrightBear Hooray! :partying_face: I’m looking forward to seeing which challenges you’ll choose- have fun! :heart:

@MeganB Awesome, Megan- can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with! Enjoy! :sparkling_heart:

@Kasandra You can absolutely pursue From Seed to Sprout and Of Candles and Flames! :blush: However, each challenge will require its own entry (or one spell/ritual that has multiple parts, with each part focused on the challenge it is related to), I’m afraid I can’t allow double-dipping! I feel like it would defeat the purpose of setting clear intentions for each theme. That being said, challenges are left very open and there is no way a proper entry can “fail” a challenge. As long as you have two distinct spells or parts, then that is totally fine :grinning: :+1:

I love the idea of a spring/winter spell and I wish you all the best with it- good luck, Kasandra! :heart: (And a shame about Phil- oh well, maybe the six more weeks of winter will fly by :laughing: :beaver:)

@Christine13 It sounds like you found a theme that really resonates with you, Christine- and how fun to be in the process of building up your witch’s apothecary! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Can’t wait to see what you’ll do- enjoy!

@Torista Beautiful work, Torista! :clap: The knot chant and spellwork counts towards Of Spells and String, and your tea spell and meditation is lovely for Holistic Magick :tea:. Knot magick and tea meditations seem to go very well together- I’ll have to give them a combined try at some point! :blush: Great job and thanks for sharing!

@Amethyst Congrats, Amethyst- that is an amazing accomplishment! :partying_face: Enjoy a week off, or perhaps pursue a theme of your own choice this week! :grinning: :+1:

@Janis Lovely choices, Janis- I’m wishing you all the best with your circle casting! Enjoy and blessed work this week! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Siofra_Strega Congrats, Siofra- that is really impressive! Choice, choices for what to do :wink: Whatever you decide, enjoy! :sparkles:

@Garnet Bravo, Garnet- that’s a lovely chant to share. I don’t think I read it in school myself, and I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it as much as I do now! :laughing: It’s beautiful and perfect for the water theme. Thank you for sharing! :blue_heart: As for the second entry, it’s listed as Catch-Up, but I believe you’re going for Earth, yes? :mountain: And one of your own genius creation! :heart_eyes: Beautiful work, Garnet- thank you for sharing! :heart:

@Mistella I completely understand your fascination with the Moon- she is enchanting, isn’t she? :full_moon: :blush::heart: Oh my goodness, Mistella, that graduation came is amazing- your nephew is very blessed to have you (and your talents!). Seriously, a piece like that is something you could sell- it’s stunning! :deer: Thank you so much for sharing!

@LadyAuld.ofChico I hope you enjoyed your Imbolc celebrations, Lady Auld- sounds like this Catch-Up came at a great time for you! :blush: Whatever theme(s) you choose, I hope you have fun! :sparkling_heart:


I had a feeling I couldn’t combine them, but didn’t think it would hurt to ask.
I still plan to do some candle divination for From Seed to Sprout. :seedling:
For the Of Candles and Flames🔥, I’ve decided to do a pink candle meditation with Aphrodite. She was the first goddess I worked with before I began my path down Draconic Wicca and I feel her calling to me, again.


As soon as I saw ‘Collector of Crystals’ I knew that I could do that one easy. Lol. My name is Jess and I have a problem. :laughing:

Challange Entry: Collector of Crystals - Jess’ Collection

Not too sure what other challenge I would like to try. So many amazing options to choose from.


Yes Ma’am.


I am so glad to have a catch-up challenge! I really wanted to do last week’s challenge but ran out of time with my trip to Minnesota to visit family. Looking forward to doing 🐯 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Lunisolar Calendar and Chinese Zodiac for this challenge.

Oh and I still need to finish my wand and consecrate it for the 🌳 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Sacred Trees and Wood as well. Hmmmm let’s see if I can finish one of them tomorrow and do the other over the weekend!



For this challenge, I wanted to share the little witch that set me on the path, oh, 50 years ago? LOL Maybe some of you read the “Dorrie” books by Patricia Coombs. I used to check them out again and again from the school library. Dorrie was a little witch who had a black cat named Gink (her Mom was Big Witch). Dorrie always wore striped, mismatched socks and I used to wear striped socks to be like her…what am I saying, I STILL wear striped socks to be like her! The books are out of print and out of my budget, but I found my favorite, Dorrie and the Weather Box, in a collection of stories for children. Dorrie wants to go on a picnic but it is raining. Her mom is away so she decides to make a weather spell. But she ends up making it rain inside. I thought that was hilarious when I was 7 :slight_smile: Maybe some of you read these books long ago…Here are two pictures from the book :slight_smile: