🌱 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - From Seed to Sprout

Seasons’ greetings to all! :wave:

Bravo once again to the spirited souls who soared in last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge - Of the Element Air :wind_face:

The elemental challenges will continue after a quick half-time break to celebrate the joys of the coming Sabbats.

The seasonal theme for this week’s challenge is…

:seedling::hatching_chick: From Seed to Sprout - Celebrating the Season :ear_of_rice: :rooster:

Next week marks an important notch in the Wheel of the Year:

  • Those in the Northern Hemisphere will celebrate Imbolc - a holiday marking new beginnings and the first signs of spring’s greenery :seedling:

  • Those in the Southern Hemisphere will celebrate Lammas - a holiday of the harvest, marking the end of summer’s fruitful growth :ear_of_rice:

Whether you are in the North and are welcoming back the green of the world, or in the South and reaping the benefits of the harvest- now is a time to enjoy, give thanks, and work in harmony with nature’s changes :relieved: .

This challenge is all about exploring and celebrating the season!

Are you ready? It’s… CHALLENGE TIME! :bellhop_bell:

STEP 1 : Magick for the Season :sparkles:

[ [ Imbolc :seedling: ] ]

The Northern Hemisphere celebrates Imbolc on February 1st- and there are many ways to welcome in this traditional pagan holiday!

Learn more about the history of Imbolc and join in the Solitary Ritual on the Imbolc Celebration page:


Correspondences and other celebration ideas can be found in Imbolc Prayers, Correspondences, and Rituals:


As the ruling diety of this Sabbat, consider learning more about the Celtic Goddess Brighid. Making a Brighid’s Cross or Corn Doll are wonderful activities and offerings for this time for year :corn: .


[ [ Lammas :ear_of_rice: ] ]

The Southern Hemisphere is getting ready to welcome Lammas/Lughnasadh- and you have many choices if you’d like to celebrate this pagan holiday!

Study the history and learn more in the Lughnasadh Celebration Ritual:


Consider using the successful crop and gifts of nature to make a tasty loaf of Lammas Bread :bread:


[ [ Green Witchery :green_heart: ] ]

Both Imbolc and Lammas are strongly tied to the life energy of the earth, and many symbols for these holidays are taken from plants and nature :evergreen_tree:

To honor Sabbats that celebrate the earth, you may consider doing some green witchery:


[ [ Kitchen Witchery :bowl_with_spoon:] ]

What’s a celebration without tasty food? :laughing: consider making something magickal delicious to spice up your Sabbat celebrations- with kitchen witchery!


[ [ … and more! :raised_hands:] ]

Celebrate the Sabbat or the season in your own style. Feel free to be creative! :blush:

Don’t celebrate the Sabbats in your practice? No worries!

You are very welcome to explore the seasonal changes and enjoy this time of year in your own magickal way :grin::+1:

STEP 3 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

No matter how you choose to tackle this challenge, you must share your experience!

Please share:

  • Your experience learning about and/or celebrating the Sabbat/season

For your entry to be counted, please write about your experience in the comments below and/or create a new post in the forums.

If you create a new post, please tag the challenge by adding a hyperlink back to this post - thank you! :bowing_woman:

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2021-02-02T06:00:00Z CET (Central European Time Zone)

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After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given.

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A warm reminder that all challenges are designed to be very open- everyone is encouraged to participate in a way that reflects their unique practice :open_book:

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For those new to challenges, know that these activities are designed to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in creative ways :hugs:

On one side of the world we plant the seeds, and on the other side they harvest the bounty- we are all part of the same cycle, learning and growing as one

Blessed be! :seedling: :ear_of_rice:


Oh this is a very important challenge for me. I love Brighid! I actually have a cross that I need to burn and make a new one. I just don’t know what I am going to make the new one out of, there is no sea grass in my yard right now. Everything is frozen & waiting for the spring to come back. Perfect timing, but makes the cross hard to accomplish. I will definitely enjoy this challenge though. Thank you!


I did an Imbolc tarot spread for this challenge.
This is the link I used:

My first card I have persistence. I need to see how I keep going even during the hardest times.
The second one is guilt. I have to clear out feeling bad when I do nothing wrong!! Third is home with the sacrifice card. Hmm :thinking: I know where this is heading. My home life is where I’m most feeling guilty for things I didn’t do.
Fourth is lessons. My energy should be on learning to make boundaries in my home life. Fifth is a guidance card. Now I have sought guidance elsewhere for security, which is the last card.

You probably can’t see the cards that well, so here’s a pic of just the guidance card.

Happy Imbolc!!


Great job. I wish I could read cards in different more complex spreads. I am doing okay with the 4 card spread right now. I just like to take my time. I may try this one though. I love working with Brighid and learning new things about the Sabbats. I will see how the spirit moves me once I have some time & space to do a reading today.


Awesome new deck, Christina! If this was one of the first readings, I think the deck may be telling you about its own personality! Looks like you will learn a lot from it!

Happy Imbolc!


It does take time. And there’s nothing wrong with that :relaxed:


This isn’t my first reading with this deck. But I like the idea! :blush:


I remember you do a lot of work with Brighid, @Siofra- I’m so excited to see what you will make! Sorry things are still pretty frozen there now :sweat_smile: If you can find some corn at the supermarket, I imagine the husks could work for some projects! :corn:

Gorgeous card reading, @Christina4- and look at that deck! I love the pictures of the wolves, the cards are so charming :wolf::two_hearts: It really is the perfect deck for the Wolf Moon :full_moon:

Cheers to that, @Francisco- Happy Imbolc, everyone! :seedling:


I’ll have to see if they have any, around here it’s pretty seasonal. I’ll find something somewhere. Maybe I will make one out of something artificial so I can keep it for longer. Only as a last resort. I’ll have to trek around my yard see what is out and about.


After hunting around for Imbolc recipe inspiration and ideas yesterday, I had such a craving for pancakes that I ended up cooking my Imbolc meal yesterday afternoon! :laughing:

Nothing wrong with getting the holiday party started a few days early, right? :grin:

I LOVE pancakes- and I realized it’s been a while since I made them! These are banana pancakes with extra butter and milk- and a dash (or five) of whipped cream to make it all the more celebratory! :yum: Cinnamon apples are my topping of choice- no fresh blackberries could be found in the store.

But I did find some blackberry yogurt! :yum: Two things that both go perfectly with the holiday.

We’ll see if I have enough energy to make more pancakes on Imbolc next week- or perhaps switch it up and make rosemary scones instead! :herb::bread:

I hope everyone’s holiday preparations are going well- wishing everyone in both the north and the south a very happy Sabbat! :partying_face:


Imbolc - aka Bridgid’s Day or Candlemas - Greater Sabbat

:sunflower: February 2nd / August 2nd

:sunflower: “Celebration of the earth waking up… preparation of spring… Time to honor the Triple Goddess… Let go on unnecessary aspects of your life that you have been carrying around for a while… Clear old and unwanted thoughts… Spring clean your room, house, work place, etc… Change up your altar… Plant seeds outside…”

:sunflower: Sunflower, Pumpkin, Poppy Seeds, Cake, Bread, Oats, Dairy, Garlic, Onions, Peppers, Baked Goods

:sunflower: Yellow, Pink, White

:sunflower: Daffodil, Iris, Peony, Violet, Tulip, Basil, Cinnamon, Myrrh, Vanilla,

:sunflower: Amethyst, Citrine, Yellow Calcite/Jasper, Ruby, Garnet, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Jade

Imbolc Making Brigid’s Cross

Imbolc Candlemas Brighid’s Day Sabbat For Witches


This is my first year celebrating Imbolc, & I really appreciate this guy because he explained how the Brigid cross is relevant to the seasons Imbolc, Beltane, Samhain and Yule. They correspond to the solar system and sun. He said once you understand that it corresponds to the wheel of the year it’s easier and you will have a better understanding. The celts liked to bring hope because it was the start of spring and the sheep have milk in the belly. It’s the start of spring and gives us hope. It helped me to have a good understanding!This was a learning experience, Using the pipe cleaners for the Brigid cross is an easier than useing rush.

Honestly I didn’t think everything through before I went to the store. You should know what colors you want before you go to the store. I like this video because he explains all the different types of crosses. You can use rushes but I don’t know where to get them here in Sacramento! I learned the technique which was nice. The hole reason why you should start with the pipe cleaners. He uses color craft paper too with a natural :eyes: look! He explains how if you use four different colors it will Easier to work with the cross. He also uses a wool that is an organic wool and uses a willow branch and makes it into a circle. Sorta like a dream catcher and I would like to try that one! I just don’t know where to get the material. Here is the link
He grew up inn a farm so he has a lot of info.

Hope you all have fun with this Tutorial!
Blessed be

Hope you liked my first cross in honor of the Lady Brigid! I feel extremely blessed that I am apart of the pagan community! I believe this is we’re I need to be. I feel mor confident in my craft. I want to try more poetry since she is all about poetry.


That is a lovely cross! Great job! Everything is frozen where I am so I am going to find something like ribbons to make one out of today. Also a lot of great information!


Thanks Marissa, I need to set my alter up!This will help me to get the alter up! Thanks


I plan on doing the Imbolc ritual on Tuesday when I can get some sunflower seeds, but I did the Bridghid Invocation tonight! It went really well I think.

I also wrote a poem last year that I thought I might share here since y’all haven’t seen it yet.

A spark, a flicker.
Light, heat, struck from the matchbox.
The Brigid provides.

Hope everyone else is having a happy holiday, no matter what hemisphere you’re on!


I bought my silver candle on Friday and it’s ready to light. Instead of blue candles, I am lighting one green candle and one yellow candle with the silver candle in honor of Brigid and of Imbolc.

With the exception of Samhain, I don’t really celebrate The Wheel of the Year, but I enjoy learning more about the Sabbats and about the various deities. I remember being in India and learning from Hindus about their beliefs even though I was a Christian at the time. It’s all enlightening to me and I always feel humbled when others share their practices with me. Thank you, everyone, that has taken part in this challenge.

Blessed Imbolc, friends.


Blessed Imbolc!! :pray: :seedling:

That was a great tutorial @Jeannie1! Thanks for sharing! Your cross looks awesome!

Beautiful haiku, @Amethyst! Read it several times. Thank you

Really well put. I enjoy learning about all religions because it helps me understand others and myself better


Lots of helpful information about Imbolc- and great correspondences too! Thanks @Missa :blush::green_heart:

Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing your cross- it came out beautifully, @Jeannie1! :heart_eyes: You are so talented with your crafts, they are a delight to see! :two_hearts:

It sounds like you have a lovely ritual planned, @Amethyst :blush: I hope the Invocation went well! Your poetry is always stunning- thank you for this lovely piece, it is perfect for Imbolc :two_hearts:

You put it perfectly, @praecog29- learning the religions of others is a sign of respect and an open mind. Not to mention to helps us to build on and strengthen our own spiritual and personal views of the world around us! :earth_asia: :heart:

Wishing everyone a very blessed Sabbat! :pray: :seedling:


Friendly reminder time!

:grey_exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :grey_exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your experience by the deadline: Tomorrow: February 2nd, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :seedling: :ear_of_rice:


Thank you, kind sir! I’m glad you like it!

Thanks love! I wrote that last year to honor Imbolc. I’m glad you liked it! I’m looking forward to my Sabbat participation too!

Hope everyone is having a blessed Sabbat!