Food Ideas for a Feast of Light - Imbolc Recipes

The Sabbat Imbolc is almost here- just a few more days until February 1st!

If you’re unfamiliar with this pagan holiday, you can learn more in Imbolc Spells and Traditions :seedling:

Here are some of the Food and Drink Correspondences for Imbolc as listed in Imbolc Spells & Traditions:

While browsing around for Imbolc recipes with these ingredients, I stumbled upon an excellent article called Recipes for a Feast of Light: Reviving the Magical Foods of Imbolc on the Gather Victoria blog (witchy natural cooking).

I really enjoyed the article and thought others might too! So for anyone else browsing for Imbolc inspirations, here a few highlights for you to consider:

[Picture from Reviving the Magical Foods of Imbolc]

  • :sunflower: Dandelions are associated with Brighid, and their bright yellow color is reminiscent of the sun- perfect for Imbolc! Dandelions are easy to find and make a healthy and delicious tea.

  • :pancakes: Pancakes and crepes are symbolic at this time of year- for saving the last of the wheat and also for the golden, round appearance. Wishes are made while flipping, and you can even hide things in the batter as a form of divination!

  • :black_circle: Blackberries are sacred to Brighid and also have a role in protective and prosperity magick. Consider making something yummy and magickal with these berries!

The article has more cooking tips and ideas- if you’re interested, I recommend giving it a read!

I’ve decided I’ll be making pancakes :pancakes: - with extra milk and butter, as well as blackberry jam if I can find it! :yum: And if I’m up for it, I’ll plan on buttery rosemary scones later in the day :bread:

Wishing everyone a very happy and blessed Imbolc! :seedling: :pray:


I’m definitely gonna be making pancakes for breakfast that morning and maybe adding in some blueberries. I’ve found an amazing gluten-free pancake mix that I can also make plant-based and they are delicious!


Oh! We love pancakes, but I would love to make crepes. I haven’t had them since I was in high school. We made them in Home Ec & I loved them. My daughter was just asking about them too. Maybe we can find a good recipe to make them & enjoy them together.


Heh. I’d already decided to post a nice pancake recipe on Monday. Great minds think alike!


Hooray- pancake buddies! Enjoy your blueberry pancakes, it sounds like you have a wonderful recipe! :pancakes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I constantly forget that here in Europe “pancakes” are actually what Americans consider to be crepes- always causes a bit of confusion! :joy: Luckily they are both delicious- although I’ve always found thick and fluffy pancakes to be easier to make (crepes are so thin and delicate- hard to flip! :fried_egg: )

Enjoy your crepes, Krissie! :blush:

Cheers to that, Kasie- we’re always on the same page it seems! :grin::+1:

Can’t wait to see what kind of pancake recipe you’ll share :two_hearts:


It has milk and butter in it so it should be good! :smiley:


You know, the funny thing about the pancakes is that if I remember correctly, there is a tradition that Lora O’Brien and her family does where they make pancakes and the first one always goes to na daoine maithe [na dee-knee ma-hah] (The Good People, also known as the fae) that she works with. Not sure if I could find the link now, but it sounds familiar.


They are very delicate to make. I will see what we come up with. I will have Peanut look for some recipes this weekend and maybe we can make them. She loves to cook new things & find recipes. I’m sure I can get her to help me. I’m looking forward to it. I think I will get some whipped cream for them to go with the strawberries and raspberries.


I saw your pancake recipe, @Amethyst- it looks like a good one! Thanks for sharing :yum:

Offering a pancake is a sweet idea- I like the sound of that, @MeganB! :pancakes: It seems like a good way to please the Fae :grin::+1:

Sounds delightful, @Siofra! I hope you and your daughter had a fun time cooking :blush:


You’re welcome! I was happy to share it!


Oh, I don’t give things to The Good People :sweat_smile: not generally! I did give it My Lady, though, and it was well received. They were delicious, too :pancakes:


A lovely gift indeed :blush: I’m glad they came out tasty! :yum::pancakes: