🌬 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Of the Element Air

Cheery greetings to all! :blush:

Well done once again to everyone who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge- Of the Element Water :ocean:

After diving deep in the wonderful world of water, it’s time to take flight and soar into the realm of our next element.

The theme for this week’s challenge is…

:tornado::dove: Of the Element Air :airplane::wind_face:

The elements can be discovered in just about every aspect of our lives. By examining and incorporating the intellectual and dynamic qualities of air, we can enhance our magick in airy ways :raised_hands:

This week’s challenge is all about exploring the benefits and uses of the element air.

Are you ready? It’s… CHALLENGE TIME! :bellhop_bell:

STEP 1 : Air in Magick :tornado:

There are so many possible ways to use the qualities of air in your magick. And the celestial heavens on your side with the Sun in Airy Aquarius :aquarius: this week.

Here are just a few suggestions to help get you started:

:wind_chime: Learn about the qualities of air

The Spells8 Air Elemental Page is a great place to learn more about this element.


:open_book: Find air correspondences

Crystals :gem: , horoscopes :capricorn: , animals :bird:, and herbs :herb: are just a few of the things that can be tied to elements. Consider looking into your favorite tools to find which things draw on the energy of air.

:raised_hands: Working with air

Here are some additional air-based spells and rituals you might consider:

:handshake: … And more!

Feel free to let your creativity soar with this challenge :grin::dove:

STEP 3 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

No matter how you choose to tackle this challenge, you must share your experience!

Please share:

  • Your experience learning about or using the qualities of air in your magickal practice

For your entry to be counted, please write about your experience in the comments below and/or create a new post in the forums.

If you create a new post, please tag the challenge by adding a hyperlink back to this post - thank you! :bowing_woman:

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2021-01-26T06:00:00Z CET (Central European Time Zone)

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After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given.

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A warm reminder that all challenges are designed to be very open- everyone is encouraged to participate in a way that reflects their unique practice :open_book:

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For those new to challenges, know that these activities are designed to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in creative ways :hugs:

Wonderous travel and big ideas come from the power of air- will you use this magickal element as the breath of life or as a wild tornado?

Blessed be! :yellow_heart::wind_chime:


In the Chinese Zodiac I am a blue water dragon. but I have always had a fascination with air.

I used to rock climb when I was younger. My favorite climb was a tower in North Phoenix that offered a variety of crack climbs and bomber holds that made the 50’ climb a challenge but doable. I loved this climb because the top offered some fun. A formation called the bird nest. You could access the formation and if you lay back in the center the wind would lift you. I suppose it might have been more dangerous than I wanted to think about, but it was thrilling. Sadly the land was privatized and no-one is allowed to climb there anymore.

Also, my Dad loved to sail. and I was constantly amazed by the power of wind. Running is when the boat is ‘Pushed’ heading with the direction of the wind with sails 90 degrees to the mast. When running the sensation of breeze stops, the hull lifts and everything gets quiet except the rush of the water against the hull. Sometimes the center board would hum.

I was so lucky to have been friends with a man who held world soaring records. And for my birthday one year he took me soaring. Flying in the air with no motor was as close to experiencing what it is like to be a bird as I will ever get. Corkscrewing up through thermal updrafts from the desert floor is THE most intense ride and I admit getting sick as a dog… but at the same time I did not ever want to stop. It was one of the most memorable present of my life.

I tell you this because we sometimes take the air around us for granted. It is not a great nothingness that circles our planet but an unbelievably powerful force and sustainer of life, protecting our planet and needs our respect.

Just like with water when I call to the air… I remember the impressions it has left on my life, and the power it holds in our natural world.

Additional correspondence - WATER

( I didn’t have time to add these last week)




Monday, Friday, Saturday


Parenthood and middle age

Black, blue, blue green, green , grey, indigo

Bowl, Cauldron, Chalice, Cup, Trident

Moon Saturn, Venus

Aquamarine, Jade, Malachite, Moonstone, Pearl

Aluminum, Copper, Mercury, Silver

Additional Correspondence - AIR






Old Age, death

Dagger, Wand, Staff, Rod

White, blue-white, yellow

Jupiter, Mercury

Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Labradorite, Topaz

Aluminum, Mercury, Tin


This sounds really, really cool, Berta! :ocean: :dragon::star_struck:

I know I’m a rooster :rooster: in the Chinese Zodiac and that my Primal Zodiac (a combination of Eastern and Western Zodiac signs) is an owl :owl: but I didn’t know my element…

I found a Chinese Zodiac Sign and Feng Shui Chart to find that I’m a water rooster :ocean::rooster: . Paired with being a Scorpio, I guess I’m a double-water sign :scorpius::joy:

Hooray for being water element buddies! :laughing::+1:

Rock climbing and soaring through the skies- it is amazing how cool you are, Berta! You really are a brave and fierce dragon :dragon_face::blush: Thank you for the inspiring stories- I hope I get the chance to fly like you and your dad someday :dove: (and I hope I’d be brave enough to actually do it :laughing:) and also for the correspondences. They are helpful- thanks for sharing! :heart:


You are very brave! I used to rock climb but nothing too big lol Thanks for the correspondences!


HEHEHEHE :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thank you for thinking I am brave… some might opt for crazy…


I’m gonna have to really think about this one. I’ve always had a difficult time connecting to the element of Air :wind_chime:


Oh I’m going to like this one too. After last weeks, I really want to learn about the other elements and the zodiacs that they are associated with and more about them. I can’t wait to try this one and I was just rewriting the Elemental Air Oil recipe from Silver Bear this week too. I had to fix the page that it was on for my BOS. I loved that series of the oil & sprays for the elements.


I know the feeling, @MeganB- I’ve always related to air in terms of travel :airplane: , but it tends to be one of the harder elements for me to work with in my magickal practice :sweat_smile: It’s a challenge for sure this week! :grin:

That sounds like a plan, @Siofra! I know you found many new connections with the water element- perhaps you have more connections to air than you are currently aware of! :wind_face:


I have found that Aries and I come together a lot. So I’m hoping to learn more about that in the coming weeks. I am very drawn to the Fire sign. My oldest son is a Taurus & I also have a lot of Gemini in my life that have come or gone or stayed. So I’m looking forward to upcoming challenges. I’m going to look into cusp signs too. One of my favorite people is a Pisces/Aries cusp. We are very close & I want to explore that a little more too.


Huh, while looking for more information about my Chinese zodiac sign, synchronicity led me to reading more about the cusp signs on Astrology.com, and this is what I found!

Dates: July 19 - 25

PUT A CANCER and Leo in one body and what do you get?

Drama, that’s what.

When the personality traits of the emotional Cancer and the fiery Leo are combined, the smallest things can really be blown out of proportion. But, hey, they keep it interesting.

I was born on July 21st, so… eep? :sweat_smile:
I do know someone who’s born on July 25th, who clearly has more fire in them than I do, but otherwise we’re pretty similar(ly conflicted)! :purple_heart:

Not sure if that more /explains/ how I’m a Water sign in the Western zodiac and in the Chinese zodiac my element is Fire, or if it just adds more… “interesting” in the mix? Out of the four elements I’m most drawn to those two.

Where Air enters the mix for me… I’m a curious cat, I love learning new things and categorizing information, even to the point of forgetting that I have physical needs too. I live in the cold north where the wind is often biting but I don’t really mind, bite away! :grin: I love the look of metal, shiny or cold and hard, though I can’t wear it on my skin, at least if it contains even a tiny amount of nickel.

Speaking of categorizing information… I might do a similar map of correspondences for Air too for this challenge, but I have another idea in mind too! :smiley_cat: :blue_heart:


I went to look up the air signs because along with Aries I also have a few Gemini men in my life that I have had or have a relationship with of some kind. One of them is my father and another is a best friend. Past relationships with me as a Scorpio and the other a Gemini haven’t worked out for me but I have close relationships with them if we aren’t dating.

Air Signs

Broken down by sign…
The three Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, will express the element’s qualities in a unique way.

**Gemini will manifest the element of Air as an acute ability to instantly notice and communicate about everything in its environment.

**Libra will apply the element of Air as a drive to use its intellect in a way that promotes social harmony.

**Aquarius will utilize the element of air to achieve the most remarkably detached ability to connect all people and every concept.

I call my Gemini friend my realist as he keeps me from dreaming way too far off. He keeps me from losing myself in my head. I appreciate that about him and in a way it makes sense that he would remind me of my father also. My father does this to me when I talk to him and has for as long as I can remember. I am really close to both of them and sometimes they know me better than I know me. That gets under my skin sometimes, but I keep them on their toes because I always have something else going on that they didn’t anticipate.

Air and water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces): These two benefit from each other by bringing balance to feeling and thought. Waters show airs a path to feelings and can help them grow toward being more nurturing and emotionally expressive. A water helps an air make the heart connection. An air lifts a water out of the murky swamp into the realm of thought. Like talk-therapy, airs encourage waters to find distance and to become intellectually curious about their experiences.

[Love Compatibility with Water](https://www.liveabout.com/air-element-with-love-compatibility-206722#:~:text=Air%20and%20water%20(Cancer%2C%20Scorpio,air%20make%20the%20heart%20connection.)

I found that when I had Gemini boyfriends, we were good with each other for a long time but ultimately we didn’t stay together. I am much better friends with them for the long haul. I have had 2 boyfriends that were Gemini and one was very toxic plus damaging and the other was very aloof. They were two very different people and actually they were both Taurus/Gemini cusps, both born in late May.


I will definitely come back with more details as to how I’ll do this challenge but I just wanted to drop in and say - Today’s northern winds are quite intense in Montreal! I might not have started this challenge yet, but the air element really wanted to remind me of it’s presence!! :smiley:


So sorry you had this experience… May/Gemini cusp personalities are tough… as I am one…and was married to one for 8 years. I believe we are in our heads - a lot, -and as a result we seem to be self centered and self indulgent. In reality I think about other people all the time, maybe too much. I have a real soft and squishy heart, that has been hurt a lot. As a result I am a happy hermit. Being a creative doesn’t help that. I have to think about projects a lot. I tend to want to have it all worked out in my head before I act. Doesn’t leave a lot of room for spontaneous action. (Something I have fought to correct in my own nature.) It only took me 60 years to figure out I was unlovable. Life has been simpler now that I stopped hoping for love to find me. Too bad I didn’t figure it out sooner. :blush:


The cusp was difficult for me but one in particular was very toxic to be with, after he had some unfortunate things happen. He never recovered from the accident or the aftermath. He is better now, but I still keep my distance. The other one is definitely my realist, he is in his head and needs to have a plan of action. Rarely he will fly by the seat of his pants.

I’m a happy hermit too @berta and a creative one so I understand what you mean. I’m very empathetic and I take on other’s feelings as they were my own and that causes some problems for me. I’m happy that life has eased for you though. It takes a while to really find what it is that makes you tick and who you are.


I have a 2 Gemini’s close to me; my mum and my daughter and I have my moon in Gemini so we have a lot of Air around the three of us :laughing: All three of us talk non stop :blush:

I miss my Mum a lot at the moment and I know she misses me and Connie, so I’ve ordered her a bracelet with all three of our birthstones on this week. I hope she likes it! The pattern will go Pearl (June - Mum) Peridot (Me - August) Pearl (June - Connie) I usually prefer to use Moonstone for June but apparently you can use Pearl too :grin:

I also welcomed the Sun into Aquarius with the Air Invocation on the spells8 page :aquarius:


I can relate to so much to you both @berta and @Siofra… soft and vulnerable, in my head a lot, love to dissect just what makes me tick and worried that I come off as not caring about anything else than myself when doing that publicly, when in fact there’s so much empathy but it’s often so hard to express, afraid to do it wrong and get negative feedback… σε βλέπω, as they say in Ancient Greek, I see you…

The way for finding love for me was to find people who gently led me to question all the traditional ideas of dating, romance, friendship etc. and what’s expected and allowed in each of them. Throwing away all expectations, trying different things without judgement and letting the relationship grow and evolve without needing to put a label on it or say “now it’s good, let’s not change it anymore”. As a counterpoint, social expectations and fixed ideas of what is proper were very much what made me a hermit. Open mind is such a lovely thing, and way too rare.


Thank you for the correspondences, @berta. :pray: (Side note, I don’t believe anyone is truly unlovable. It’s been my experience that air signs require a lot of patience and understanding from the other signs but true love is possible. I’m sorry you had the experiences you had and this isn’t the same but you are loved on here.)

I’m totally a water sign. I love black candles, autumn, sunsets, Saturdays, the moon, Venus, and feminine energy.

With air, I have started using clear quartz, fluorite, and amethyst in my crystal magic. Why is North listed for air? I always associated it with East. :thinking::question:

Air is Swords in tarot. While a lot of people dislike death or the tower in tarot, I dislike many of the :dagger: cards.

This is a hard sign for me to understand and to fully appreciate. I know it’s just a kids’ show, but I liken my difficulty to The Legend of Korra. She was from a water tribe and had difficulty learning Air Bending.

I keep practicing with yellow candles and I’ve gathered other crystals associated with communication and clarity to help. Thoughts on anything else I can do?


I use a lot of incense, so I wrote this to say when I light it up to cleanse my space.

Rulers of air! Rulers of wind!
Bless the smoke and scents within!
Cleanse the space where I reside,
leaving only happiness inside!


Even with your strong ties to your watery and fiery horoscopes, it sounds like you still have lots of lovely air influence in your life, @CelestiaMoon! :blush:

Ohhhh I loved your map of correspondences for water- would love to see an Air map too if you’re up for the task! And I can’t help but be a curious cat myself to see what else your creative mind is thinking of :smiley_cat::+1:

That’s such an interesting idea to look back on your past relationships with Air signs, @Siofra- it looks like you found some key knowledge! Thanks for sharing your insights! :grin:

Perhaps through looking back and examining similarities across past air relationships, you can discover some guidance for how you might be able to improve current and future relationships with air horoscopes :blush::wind_face:

Hang on tight, @laurie! :laughing: :wind_face: I imagine those northern winds are pretty chilly up there- stay warm! :two_hearts: I’m looking forward to hearing your take on this challenge :blush:

I agree wholeheartedly with what Benjamin said- I don’t believe anyone is unloveable. For some people, romantic love isn’t their cup of tea for one reason or another- and that is totally fine! :+1: But there are many types of love that a person experiences over their journey through life :national_park:

I can confidently say that you are loved, Berta- love from your daughter, love from your father, love from friends and other family, and of course- love from the coven here. You are a bright and talented soul who showers love on others- I hope you can feel the love being reflected back on you! You are treasured and adores- perhaps more than you know :hugs: :heart:

That’s a lot of air- I can only imagine the delightful conversations the three of you must have! It sounds like fun :grin: You are so sweet to order your mother the meaningful bracelet, I am sure she will love it :prayer_beads: :two_hearts:

A great idea to welcome in the Aquarius Sun with the Air Invocation- nicely done! :blush::wind_face:

This is so powerful- good for you, Krista! :raised_hands: You are so right about the joys and freedom that an open mind brings :blush:

Oh gosh I love this show! Korra has her flaws, but she is also a big role model for me. It sounds like we relate in that sense, Benjamin- air is a tricky element for me too (perhaps also due to the strong influence of water in our lives :droplet: )

Yellow candles and air element crystals are a great place to start :candle: :yellow_heart: :gem: Do you have any feathers? :bird: Any momentos from past travel? :airplane:

You could also approach the air element from an intellectual or creative point of view :brain: - doing a meditation/vizualization/spellwork to delve deep into the mind or open new doors :door:

It’s a tricky element- I’m excited to see what you’ll do! :grin::+1:

Gorgeous chant, Kasie- you always capture things perfectly in your words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This is a lovely and powerful air invocation. Nicely done! :clap: :wind_face:


I can’t help but smile reading through everyone’s posts- it seems like there are many of us who have stronger ties to other elements and struggle a bit when it comes to air!

I was also a bit stumped for this one… so I decided to do a reflection on my past travels :flight_departure: :world_map: As we all know, last year wasn’t the year for traveling and adventures abroad. So going through old photos of past trips was kind of like catharsis in a way- it felt good and freeing :relieved: :framed_picture:

(I chose a few of my favorite skylines to share with you all! :sunrise: )

Hyannis, Cape Cod - Working at the International Hostel in 2019

Hong Kong - An Asia Backpacking Adventure in 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Night out on a Backpacking Trip in 2019

Tuscany, Italy - A home away from home volunteering on an animal farm in Tuscany in 2016

Oxford, England - My second trip to Oxford (where I had studied abroad in 2011) in 2018

After reminiscing on old adventures and enjoying the swirling feeling of excitement rise up inside me, I decide to do a small meditation on the element Air :wind_face: :person_in_lotus_position:

I don’t have many magickal tools to represent this element- but I found two feathers that flew over the sea in a package from home :package: and my citrine crystal- a gem of the air element :gem:

It was a fun reflection- but goodness gracious do I miss traveling! :laughing:

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this year will open the door for safe possibilities for more fun adventures to come :pray: :blush: