Best book of Correspondences?

Merry meet all. In keeping with my ‘plan’ to reorganize and clean up for the new year. I was working on ‘cleaning up’ some of the spells I have in my BOS and I am working toward having all correspondence attached to the spells. For that purpose I need a good reference of Correspondence. The most popular book on Amazon is a Scott Cunningham book. I rather like some of Scott’s works, but I have read some reviews (supposedly from practiced and seasoned wicca devotees that Llewellyn is ‘promoting misinformation and no longer a reliable source’ ???

Does anyone have a reference that they like and trust?

I did find this book review on YouTube which is probably what I need to listen to.

Correspondence Review


I’m afraid I can’t offer much here, as the only Book of Correspondence I’m familiar with is the Scott Cunningham one and my knowledge comes mostly from the things others have shared about it! :laughing::+1:

Perhaps those who have read it can offer some deeper insights for you, Berta:

I imagine that, as with most things in life, what works for one person may not be someone else’s cup of tea. And some people can be very tough critics!

I think it’s very smart to read reviews to get a better idea about the book- so hear what others have to say and then let your own trusty instincts guide you forward :grin::+1:

Good luck and happy reading, Berta! :open_book:


I’ve found correspondences to vary quite a bit from person to person, and since magic is all about the intention I find those kinds of criticisms very absurd to be honest… :grinning:

But also because of the variance no two books from two different authors can have the exact same correspondences, I guess that can lead to heated arguments if you’re the type… I’d say keep an open mind and try different books and see what you can connect with personally! What feels right to you, usually is :heart:


Actually when I was just starting I tried to write my own reference until I realized how huge of an undertaking it would be… :grin: Maybe I still eventually will, once I find the right format. I’m just in love with correspondences, associations and connections between things, intuitive and otherwise :revolving_hearts:


Llewellyn is a platform for contributors. Some are good some maybe not. I’ve heard negative things said about D.J. Conway and Silver Ravenwolf and I find nothing wrong with their writings.
Silver Ravenwolf does the best job at explaining the confusing use of Planetary hours.



Thanks @John4. That makes sense. Some of the harshest critics were rather knit picky in their reviews and even in their harsh "don’t waste your money’ rant seemed to focus on one or two areas that were not ‘up to their standards’ or ‘conflicted with other resources’ which sometimes remained annoyingly unnamed. Others who did site texts referred to Skinner, Crawley and writings that were out of print or so pricey I couldn’t justify the expense. I know there are societies that keep treasured information close to the chest or for member use only. Perhaps I will enjoy the Cunningham book faults and all, and as one reviewer who really loved the book said - “i know it says to use a white candle but I just love purple so I use it instead…” and go with my gut. Then if the spell goes horribly awry I may have to rethink my process. LOL


I agree with the points made here. Correspondences are very personal and you can make your own:

If upon seeing a new plant/herb/crystal, it immediately tells you something (e.g. purple = spiritual awakening), then that’s going to be the correspondence that works for you, and nobody can tell you whether it’s right or wrong.

The ones in books are probably of a more traditional character or even accidental discoveries. You can see an example of this in the Philosophy of Natural Magic, by Henry Cornelius Agrippa: (Chapter XXIV)

" These things are Lunary, amongst the Elements, viz.: The earth, then the water, as well that of the sea as of the rivers; and all moist things, as the moisture of trees and animals, especially they which are white, as the whites of eggs, fat, sweat, phlegm, and the superfluities of bodies. Amongst tastes, salt and insipid; amongst metals, silver; amongst stones, crystal, the silver marcasite, and all those stones that are white and green. Also the stone selenite ( i. e. , the Moon, Lunary), shining from a white body, with a yellow brightness; imitating the motion of the Moon, by having in it the figure of the Moon, which daily increaseth or decreaseth as doth the Moon. Also pearls, which are generated in shells of fishes, and stalactites, formed from the droppings"


I enjoy Scott Cunningham’s books & was actually thinking of picking up this book for myself. I would take other’s reviews with a grain of salt because it is your craft and you agree with what is there then it should work for you. Other books may not have the same feel to them when you go through them. I feel like I am more in line with what Scott Cunningham writes about and I feel good afterward.