🔹 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Elemental Mastery

A warm welcome to all!

Well done once again to all those who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge- Of the Element Earth :mountain:

After spending time working with each of the elements in turn, it is time to put our knowledge and skills to the ultimate test :trophy:

The theme for this week’s challenge is the climax of the elemental challenges and is…

:fire::ocean: Elemental Mastery :wind_face: :mountain:

The knowledge we explored in the past elemental challenges has helped in finding ways to incorporate the elements in our practices. It has all been leading to this!

This week’s challenge encourages you to creatively incorporate what you already know- by using multiple elements in your magick!

Are you ready? It’s… CHALLENGE TIME! :bellhop_bell:

STEP 1 : Using Multiple Elements :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

By using all of the elements in a spell or ritual, it helps to give your magick elemental harmony :peace_symbol: and nautral balance :balance_scale:

You might consider:

  • :writing_hand: Adjusting a Spell- by adding or adjusting the elemental components of a spell, you can change the spell’s direction or intention to better suit what you need and make it more personal.

  • :scroll: Designing Your Own Spell- by using the elements as a guide, you can make a balanced and harmonious spell that you design yourself!

There are many ways to incorporate the elements into your spellwork- here are a few suggestions to help get you started with this challenge!

:books: Review the Core Elements

Before mixing and matching the elements, you may want to re-visit the resources and ideas from the previous elemental challenges:

The elemental invocations can be found on the Spells8 Elemental Page:


:mag: Explore Additional Elements

Witches and pagans come from delightfully diverse backgrounds with various beliefs around the elements.

While fire, water, air, and air generally tend to be the standard, different practices often have different names and/or consider elements beyond these four.

  • In Chinese philosophy and spirituality, many believe in the elements of Wood/Tree and Metal

  • Many practices draw on the Fifth Element of Spirit, while others may consider Spirit/Life (sometimes called Aether) to be the combination of all other elements


Another good place to explore the 5 elements of Wicca is by visiting the Spells8 Elements of Wiccan Wisdom Page.

Feel free to explore and define what elements are important in your practice, and how you like to use them! :mag:

:balance_scale: Spells that Draw on Multiple Elements

Here are a few ready-to-go spells that use multiple elements in harmony. Feel free to follow the instructions, explore substitutions, or use them as inspiration for spells of your own creation!




:handshake: … And more!

Feel free to let your creativity be limitless with this challenge :grin:

STEP 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

No matter how you choose to tackle this challenge, you must share your experience!

Please share:

  • Your experience learning about and/or using multiple elements in your magickal practice

For your entry to be counted, please write about your experience in the comments below and/or create a new post in the forums.

If you create a new post, please tag the challenge by adding a hyperlink back to this post - thank you! :bowing_woman:

:exclamation: This challenge will close in 6 DAYS :exclamation:

To join in, please share your experience by:

2021-02-23T06:00:00Z CET (Central European Time Zone)

For their efforts, all participants will receive a special shout-out and the a small prize! :gift:

Acknowledgments will be given in a Props and Presents Post that will appear in the forums on Tuesday.

After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given.

:gift_heart: :gift: :gift_heart:

A warm reminder that all challenges are designed to be very open- everyone is encouraged to participate in a way that reflects their unique practice :open_book:

If you have any doubts about if something is acceptable to post or say, please double-check with the Forum FAQ and/or reach out to a moderator.

For those new to challenges, know that these activities are designed to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in creative ways :hugs:

The elements are each a mighty force on their own- but combine them and you may that they unlock the magickal potential of the universe!

Blessed be! :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: :sparkles:


Wow. This one looks interesting. I’m never good at doing more than two things at once, so I’ll have to think up something good!


'‘This is a challenge’':thinking: … brain storming.


Ah this is interesting! I will have to do some thinking/brainstorming as well for this one :thinking:


It is indeed a challenge this week- I’m excited to see what paths you will pursue @Amethyst, @NickWick, and @Missa! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Since it can tricky to find ways to include multiple elements, here are a few more ideas that may help:

Using the same item in different colors

Use colors to represent each of the elements:

:red_circle: :green_circle: :yellow_circle: :large_blue_circle:

You could consider using candles :candle:, stones :gem:, paper :scroll: , foods/spices/herbs :bowl_with_spoon: , etc.

Crystals to represent the elements

Every crystal is tied with an element! If you are a crystal collector, consider making a crystal grid with crystals from each element:

(Example) :gem:
Citrine for Air
Carnelian for Fire
Aquamarine for Water
Bloodstone for Earth

Using symbolic items

There are several Books of Correspondence that could help you find items that tie into each of the elements- or you could explore your own personal correspondences!

Your creativity is your only limit as you find your own symbolic items:

(Example) :raised_hands:
A bird feather, windchime, fan, etc. for Air :bird:
A leaf, flower, rock, soil, etc. for Earth :sunflower:
A seashell, salt, water, ice, etc. for Water :snowflake:
Charcoal, volcanic rock, ash, candle, etc. for Fire :candle:

Once you decide how you’d like to represent the elements, you may use them magickally in many different ways!

You might consider:

  • Meditation
  • Shower/bath ritual
  • Candle ritual
  • Kitchen and Cooking magick
  • Making a spell or ritual with an objective

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:

:red_square: :orange_square: :green_square: :blue_square:


As I did this Thursday’s tea meditation I started to think how to combine all Five elements in one spell. :thinking:

I think they all come together in the mind of the spellcaster (with symbolism!) and I remembered this spell that I saw somewhere. It’s a tea spell! :tea:

If we think about it, when we drink our tea…

  • :droplet: Water is the medium where all the ingredients will be work together.

  • :herb: Earth are the herbs, gifts of the earth, that we use to calm and heal ourselves.

  • :fire: Fire heats the water and helps release the healing properties of the ingredients.

  • :hotsprings: Air makes us feel the aroma and warmth of the tea, a fundamental part of this experience.

  • :sparkles: Spirit is present when we invoke the healing gifts of our potion.

In turn, each of the elements makea us feel:

  • Loved
  • Grounded
  • Energized
  • Safe and
  • At peace

And the most effective spell for this ritual is:

“This tea is healing me”

Drink up and it’s done!


That’s great! I never thought about it this way!


How to incorporate all elements? * puts on thinking cap *


Ooof this is a long ritual off the top of my head.
It is not mainly the ritual and process that is most challenging, but it is intent.

Short of practice or training, why would I do this?
:thinking: :earth_americas: :wind_face: :fire: :wine_glass:


This tea spell is absolutely beautiful, @Francisco- and I think you are absolutely right! :star_struck:

It makes me think that perhaps many aspects in our daily lives are already a combination of the elements- it just takes the intent to find them and explore how their deeper meanings tie to the elements :sparkles:

Cheers to this tea ritual- I love it! Thanks for sharing :sparkling_heart:


Good luck, Stephanie! :blush: I’m looking forward to seeing what your creative mind comes up with! :sparkles:

I agree, Abby- when making my own spell or ritual, the hardest part is often deciding the intent of the spell!

When searching for a direction for the spell or ritual to go, you may consider some of the following:

  • Is there something in your life you’d like to change or enhance?
  • Maybe there is a force you’d like to welcome in (or banish)?
  • Do you have a diety you could make an offering ritual to?
  • The elements are forces of nature- perhaps consider a ritual for the benefit/healing of the world?

Making your own spells and rituals is a great practice, but it can be tricky to get started! More guidance for designing your own spell can be found in:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


I’ve been trying at my shadow work lately’ & it’s lonely and draining in all kind of ways ’ :scroll::last_quarter_moon_with_face:
But having all the different elements there and working through each one 🪞🌝
Will help & hopefully not so draining and lonely


Yes, but I am not ready.

That may be a good one for me. I would like to retire early :sweat_smile: :smile:

I normally stay with Old-World Deities. I am comfortable with more Primal Energies. I’ll think about that.

A great suggestion! Especially with the way things are in Texas.

@TheTravelWitch I truly appreciate the though-provoking questions. I will meditate on them.


Just finished Jordan’s spell to create harmony and emotionally recharge with all four elements and when I was evoking the fire magick and envisioning the black bits burning I’ve never felt so powerful. This was much needed


I bow to the Bee as a spirit guide, with its intelligence that is activated by the 5 elements and use her for my meditation and inspiration for my divination art. So I incorporated the 5 elements into a spell for a balanced, holistic day where I call upon water (abundance), Fire (passion), Earth (groundedness) and Air (mind, thoughts):

Beyond elements that I can see
Intelligent Aether calls the Bee

Heart-felt abundance, let no harm be done
Spark heated passion from the Sun
With grounded feet my garden grows
From scattered thoughts my psyche knows

All forces garnered in entirety
Universe be thanked, So mote it be!

That was so fun!


SacredBee, Did you make that yourself? It is beautiful! :star_struck: Regardless of where it came from, it would be easy to modify for any deity. Thank you for sharing it.

AliceInWonderdab, The power we can feel moving through us when we engage with all of the elements is moving, isn’t it? I can’t wait to see what you share about the more primal energies found in the old-world deities. Even if not in this challenge, please share more of your experiences with us. :grinning:

steph, shadow work can be a lonely and draining business. I hope you don’t feel that way all the time, though. May peace, happiness, and community find their way to you. :hugs:

Apikaile, I keep trying to retire early! :sweat_smile: That lottery ticket never works. :wink:

Francisco, I wouldn’t dream of drinking my coffee without “charging it” with elemental magic. Thank you :pray:t3: for sharing the ritual with us.

TheTravelWitch, maybe I missed it but, besides the start of this thread, did you share something? I would love :black_heart: to see what you come up with in your personal journey.

I really hope this is okay. I am slowly starting to do tarot readings for people other than my IRL circle. Eventually I will charge people for this service because I dedicate a lot of time on each one. The person I did this pull for (The cards aren’t flipped in this picture because the reading is for them alone.) I will never charge because I am still starting out. They get grandfathered in, along with one of my best friends.

The random crystal drops represent the earth. The moon water represents the water. The candle represents fire. And air is being consumed by the fire as it always is in my life. I cast a circle of white light with a spell for wisdom and spiritual clarity as I meditated on the person and their intent. This circle is drawn with the four elements, too.

Edit: That’s my latest modification to the Gaia tree. :deciduous_tree: I will explain it someday.

Blessings to all of you!


Okay! This was much easier for me than I expected after looking around this site.

I was planning to incorporate roses in a bathing ritual last night, but I ended up getting nauseous after eating food from Long John Silver’s (started eating seafood on Friday for my goddess), so I decided to use instead.

I may have used some of the elements more than once, :joy:

I made myself a cup of peppermint tea (earth, water), said to simple prayer to Apollo for healing (fire because Apollo is a sun god?), made a hot bath (fire, water) with peppermint essential oils (earth), lit some tea light candles (fire) and played a YouTube video with wind chimes and ocean waves (air, water). Since peppermint is associated with the element of air, maybe I incorporated air more than earth, fire, and water?

I was pleasantly surprised how well the peppermint abated my nausea! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Note to self: don’t order from Long John Silver’s again (or at least for a long, long time).:laughing:


I fully believe in the art of practice and that’s why I don’t charge yet either. I’m confident in my abilities but I want to be certain I’m doing what’s right :black_heart:


What a lovely spell @SacredBee! You did great!

It looks as if you’re really putting effort into your tarot readings @praecog29, that spread looks totally cool if complicated.

That’s okay @Kasandra, it’s hard to get fire without air so you’re usually calling that twice when you think about it. I could get deeper but it’s getting late so I won’t. LOL. But it sounds as if you’ve had a great idea to use the elements and it helped your tummy too! I hope you’re feeling better.


I can share more about it at some point - probably during one of Megan’s divination challenges. :slight_smile:

Basically, it’s the querent/question/intent in the middle. The roots are the shadow self or shadow work depending on the reading. The top left is the higher self. The top right is the future/answers. Two oracle cards are drawn for clarity and can be applied wherever I feel clarity is needed. One oracle card is a message from the universe.

I want my friends and the people I pull for to feel like it is an experience and this helps them with that. With the crystals added to it, a lot of interpretation can be made and the answers can be far more specific to the questions. I also don’t require people to share their intents or questions before the pull but I always require they share afterwards. (I trust the cards.)