Spell To Create Harmony and Emotionally Recharge

Support Your Heart With All 4 Elements

The heart is valued even in mainstream culture. From being associated with compassion, love, and peace it is seen as a neccesary component to enjoy the human experience.

When it comes to the chakra system it is our center. We have the upper 3 chakras, the celestial, ones known as the spiritual centers. Then we have the three lower ones connecting us to the earth and the material world.

The heart is the home of the bridge that connects both. It unites the two realms through feeling, compassion, and love. With the heart acting as a space of unification we can call in all 4 elements to bring balance and emotionally revive this sacred bridge.

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When performing this spell you can be as creative as you want and tailor it to however your heart sees fit. You may follow your own intuition or this guideline to call in each element.

Either way, find a comfortable position with some space around you. We will be setting up a little altar for each element in a circle around you at each of the directions. We will then be calling in the presence of each element to support and nourish your heart.

Grab a compass (you can use one on your phone) and we will begin placing a welcoming altar for each element. Before beginning, I recommend opening up sacred space and getting yourself into a open mindset.

You can burn sage, palo santo, or incense and picture the space being cleared and filled with love before you even begin. Then once your ready we start with the earth chakra in the north.

Earth Element

As our lovely earth is often referred to as mother earth, it can be understood that her native qualities are nurturing and soothing. Consider what elements of the earth you are looking to bring into your life and into your heart space.

Aspects of earth energy include:

  • Stability
  • Humbleness
  • Structured
  • Attention to detail
  • Feeling safe

To create your earth altar find the direction that is north using your compass. Grab items that represent the earth’s energy to you. You may feel free to use herbs, fresh flowers, or a green candle.

You can choose crystals that are dark brown, black, or red which correlates to the earth. You can even place a plant in the earth’s designated spot.

After you have the earth element set up you may say silently or aloud “I am now invoking the elemental energy of the earth to support, soothe, and strengthen my heart”.

You may wish to speak this earth invocation below in order to continue to call in the earth’s energy.


Water Element

The water brings us the gift of fluidity and reminds us of infinity due to its formless nature. You can see the creativity it exudes in all the different forms it comes in. The connection it has with the moon reminds us of its feminine nature and its innate intuitive qualities.

Aspects of water energy include:

  • Intuition
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Free Expression
  • Surrender

To create your water altar find the direction that is west using the compass. Grab items that represent the water’s energy to you. Again, you can pull on anything that represents the essence of water energy to you. You may feel to place a bowl of water around you, light a blue candle, blue cloth or bring in seashells.

After you have the water element set up you may say silently or aloud “I am now invoking the elemental energy of the water to support, soothe, and nourish my heart”.

You may wish to speak this water invocation below in order to continue to call in the water’s energy.


Air Element

Air shows us a clear perception by giving us a larger view. It gifts us with innovation, imagination, intellect, and decisiveness. You can see in the way that the wind shifts directions it brings in its own layer of authentic expression and connection to oneself.

Aspects of air energy include:

  • Innovativeness
  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Communication
  • Detachment
  • Understanding
  • Decisiveness

To create your air altar find the direction that is east using the compass. Grab items that represent the air’s energy to you. You may choose feathers, air instruments, a yellow candle, or anything that makes you feel connected to the air element.

After you have all air element set up around you you may say silently or aloud “I am now invoking the elemental energy of the air to support, soothe, and calm my heart”.

You may wish to speak this air invocation below in order to continue to call in the air’s energy.


Fire Element

The element of passion, spark, and transformation, fire brings with it energy and determination. This element is bold, creative, and playful. It burns up all that is no longer serving you and turns it into nourishment and what does.

Aspects of fire energy include:

  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Sensuality
  • Confidence
  • Strength
  • Boldness

To create your fire altar find the southern direction with your compass and set the altar up in that direction. Grab items that represent the fire’s energy to you. You may choose a red candle, a lighter, red or orange cloth, or anything that makes you feel connected to the fire element.

After you have the fire element set up around you you may say silently or aloud “I am now invoking the elemental energy of the fire to support, soothe, and revitalize my heart”.

You may wish to speak this fire invocation below in order to continue to call in the fire’s energy.


After Invoking The Harmony of The Four Elements

Sit in the circle and bring both hands to your heart. Allow your eyes to close and breathe into the space in your heart. Take time to visualize each element greeting and nourishing your heart with their own strengths and gifts.

You can see green plants growing around your heart as it flourishes and expands. You may see an ocean running through your heart and clearing it of any murkey water. When you connect to the air you may see it swirl around your heart.

See if you can feel in your body each of these elements coming in and supporting you. The fire you may see it burn up any blackness within your heart and after the flames cover it your heart is shiny and revitalized. See your heart strengthened and pumping more easily now.

Sit here as long as you would like to soak in this harmony. Once you are ready thank every single element for the wisdom it has taught you and healing it has brought you one by one.

You can view this gratitude also as a way to integrate and close the emotional recharge spell.

Share with me what your experiences are with this!

:sunny: Are you tailoring this practice to fit you differently? In what ways?

:crescent_moon: What element do you feel supports you the best right now?


Thank you for this. :smiley:


Thank you for this. I will definitely have to do this when I have a bit of time without anyone around, right now my daughter is more than my shadow. When she goes out with my husband or one of the neighbors I should have enough time to try this and get back to you on my experience with it.

I’m still working on the meditation for your inner temple. Every time I try to get through it, someone or something interrupts me.


Ooh, this is just what I needed! I’ve been working on being of the love frequency. Ill do this tonight and let you know how it turns out. Thank you! :pray::prayer_beads:


Thank you Jordyn! I’m adding it to my BOS.


Beautiful- I love how you included so much information (and the lovely invocations) for all the elements! :seedling::fire::droplet::wind_face:

Right now I feel closest to the water element! :ocean: Even if I’m far from the ocean now, as a Scorpio in rainy season here- I’m pretty much surrounded by water!

Thank you so much for sharing, @jordyn! This was a beautiful read :heart:

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I think I am going to try this today. I did a lot of work yesterday and I made sure to ground myself but today I am off. I’m a little on the depressed, down side today for no obvious reason. I was fine when I woke up, but now I am just really down. I think I am drained from ALL the things I did yesterday between my home and the moon. I’m going to try this and see if anything changes. I hope so because so far, I haven’t done much with my day and I don’t want to really get out of my bed.


You’ve done so much recently, @krissie117- it sounds like you could use a bit of recovery and rest after all your activities. @jordyn’s spell above sounds like a great way to restabilize and bring back harmony :+1:. And if you think you might be feeling some spell burnout from everything, I recommend some of the rest and recovery tips shared in this helpful post about spell fatigue.

I hope you can invite some positive energy in and feel much better soon! Sending love and light to you Krissie :pray::two_hearts:


@TheTravelWitch thank you again. I always value your advice and conversation. I’m going to the nursery today to pick up some Rue and Jasmine. I want to take a nice shower today and just relax for the day after my errands. Once Peanut wakes up we are going to a couple of places real quick and then I am under strict orders from my husband to take the day off and rest. The way he explained it made me feel valued and appreciated at home. He’s been wonderful over the last couple of weeks with some things we have going on here. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend my life with.


Your husband sounds like a great partner and a big blessing in your life, @krissie117 :blush: Take his advice and enjoy your day off to rest and relax :woman_in_lotus_position: I hope you feel emotionally recharged and energized again soon! :sparkling_heart:


This is lovely :relieved:

thank you for sharing, I will cast this this weekend :grin:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch, we have never been so close as we are this year. I worked on a lot of past trauma and feelings over the last few months and we have just gotten closer with each hit that is thrown our way. He is a blessing for me, I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. I’m taking today off because yesterday I failed that mission. I just have an appointment and I’m going for a walk with a friend of mine. Something that started to get me out of the house and talk to someone has turned into a weekly thing that we both look forward to doing with each other.


I performed this last night. What happened was that my heart​:black_heart:caught on fire :fire:, turned to ash :funeral_urn:and became new and whole again :heart:. Like it was reborn. The feeling of love was overwhelming and intense. I enjoyed every second of it :blush: thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :v: