Feeling tired after spellcasting? 😴 Here's why - and how to help!

Many people don’t think about it, but casting spells requires a lot of energy. Because of this, it is common to feel tired or fatigued afterward, even for several hours or days. The intensity of your fatigue will depend on several things: where you get your energy, ritual hygiene, energetic replenishment.

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Why am I tired?

When you cast a spell, you are not only raising the energy around you but using your own energy as well. If you have not grounded or centered yourself, you might feel more tired than usual. It’s natural to get tired after casting spells. You use your energy for the movements, the memorization, and the energy work. Of course, you’re going to be a little depleted!

There’s also the case of not using energy from your surroundings. If you only rely on your personal energy and don’t draw energy from around you, then you will lose energy and feel tired faster. It is a common practice among witches of many traditions to pull energy from the objects around them. Many witches also choose to call for the aid of the elements and the Earth. This can help with losing energy, but again, it will not prevent the feeling of fatigue.

Can you avoid it?

No, you can’t. You can make the depletion of energy less intense, but you will get tired after performing magick and spellwork. It’s the nature of being a magickal person! The loss of energy will also be more intense depending on the intensity of the spell you cast. If it’s a small spell, the energy depletion will be small. If it is a larger and complex spell or ritual, the energy depletion will be greater.

What can you do to help?

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Grounding and centering before and after ritual are both good ways to help with your energy. Practicing this before your ritual or spell allows you to remove any excess energy you may have from excitement, nerves, or emotions. It also allows you to center your focus and thoughts on what you want to accomplish with your magick. Then after, ground and center yourself for the same purpose. You might have taken on some flyaway energy in the air during the ritual, or you might be excited from casting your spell. Whatever the reason, grounding and centering are necessary for proper energetic health.

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Eat! There’s a reason that most rituals end with food and drink. Everyone has used up their energy and food and drink are ways to replenish it. Food and drink not only provide our bodies with the necessary energy to keep our muscles and nerves working properly. It also provides energy to our energetic bodies. This is why, when taking part in food and drink after a ritual, you should always opt for healthy food and drink options.

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Sleep is also another way you can lessen the effects of depleted energy. By taking a break - or taking a nap - you allow your body the time it needs to refocus and reset itself. A lot of times, I will do spellwork at night because it is close to bedtime.

How tired do you get when casting spells?
And do you have methods that help you replenish your energy?