What do we do with a tarot reading?

Hi all! Question for anyone who understands Tarot spreads and such. What do we do with the information or insights? Is it bad to do more than one reading a day? Thanks all!


I do tarot partly out of entertainment and intrigue and partly because I haven’t had a false reading yet. I am sure someone will give me one someday but it hasn’t happened in 25 years.

Here are some of the wild results just from this summer:

  • cards said I would have a new girlfriend. that month i did.

  • cards told my girlfriend and i that we were meant to be together as friends but not lovers and by trying to be lovers we would cost ourselves our friendship. that happened.

  • cards said we would only talk in september and then everything would be over because we didn’t listen. that happened.

  • the cards we chose the night we became a couple are the same cards i got in reverse on the night i was told the relationship was over. i shuffled the deck, split the deck in two, shuffled the separate decks, placed them back together and shuffled them again. same cards in reverse as before. my wife sat there and watched it happen.

  • cards said I would get back with my wife and we needed to finish our story in this life so in the next life my ex gf and i could try to get things right. i didn’t believe them. my ex, we were still dating at the time, totally believed them. she was right and so were the cards.

  • cards said i would end up almost dying and i needed to hold on to the light in order to live. that happened.

In the end, do what you want with the results. It doesn’t matter how much you read them in a day. The results are based on your energy in that moment and the outcomes aren’t fixed. You can change them by changing the energy you attract and give out. You may not have the same experiences with them. That’s okay, too. In the end, they are just cards and rituals. The magic is in the universe and channeled through you and the people you know that practice the craft.


I’ve always been interested in tarot and divination in general - I’m still very new to the practice but I take pretty much everything as advice or the general message ‘if you keep going down this path this is where you will end up’ and if you’re happy with the outcome you know to continue whatever you’re doing, if you’re not you know something needs to change. Sometimes the cards will tell you what needs to change too!
I see no harm in doing more than one reading in a day but I get a sort of feeling when it’s time to put the cards away - like I’m suddenly drained of energy/sleepy.
I hope this sort of made sense - I tend to ramble :sweat_smile: :heart:


These are amazing! Also sorry things have been so chaotic :flushed:
I haven’t had anything that crazy yet - I’m working on doing week ahead spreads and comparing the little things in each day at the moment, no huge insights coming into fruition yet :sweat_smile:


@Nadialuna, it’s not bad to do more than one reading! The more you practice the more intuitive you become- I started a tarot journal- I’m new to Tarot readings as well. The readings have been coming out accurate according to their book meanings. However, I haven’t developed any intuitive reading, yet! I’m hoping I do as I practice more, and continue to learn their meanings. I’m trying to learn 10 cards at a time- Its not easy to rembemer their meanings- I’m doing just 3 card spreads for myself to gain practice skills and it’s unbelievable how accurate they are! I have issues relating the cards to each other- I just don’t get them- I’m trying, but it’s been difficult. Any easy advice is also welcomed!
Happy readings! Practice, practice and more practice.


Hello @Nadialuna!

Great question- tarot is such a wonderful aspect of magick with a host of insights into both our own lives and the world around us :flower_playing_cards:. After you’ve done a reading, a great practice is to record it in a tarot log. Then you can go back later and check to see if your interpreations where correct- it’s a great way to learn the cards!

There is no limit to how many readings or spreads you can do in one day- as long as you have the energy! If you start to feel drained, you might be experiencing spell fatigue and it’s probably time to rest for a bit.

For anyone fascinated by tarot and looking for more info and answers, some great resources to delve deeper include the Complete Tarot Course and these Free Ebooks/PDFs on Tarot Books and Grimoires.


Tarot is complex but very rewarding! Happy card reading- may your deck give you helpful guidance and show you the way forward :pray::blush:


Thanks! I am really impressed by the support and guidance of the group. Everyone is very supportive and helpful.


So happy to hear that, @Nadialuna :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good luck with your tarot readings- please let us know how they go! :flower_playing_cards::two_hearts:


I’m still getting through the lessons and I just finished the Tarot Course! Very insightful and helpful , I feel more confident with my readings and process now. Thanks!


That’s great to hear!!

Just like Benjamin wrote above, the cards will show you what to do. Just focus on gaining confidence.

You can experiment in many ways, like

You can also ask a question to the cards everyday.

Another exercise is to write an affirmation or poem about each card, like Kasie has been doing!


I know this was posted a while ago, but just wanted to share my insights on intuitive readings. I think the fact that you are studying the cards and their meanings is great. Keeping a tarot journal is fantastic as well. My suggestion for practicing intuitive reading is drawing a card then saying or writing whatever comes to you. Don’t focus so much on what the card is “supposed” to mean, but more of what does it mean for you. What is your message. If you would like to practice with cards in a spread take everything into account, colors, shapes, what draws your eyes in, are the images looking/pointing in a certain direction or “at” another card. I’ve seen the Two of Wands so many times in readings, but each time the image looks somehow different. One time it looks like one wand is walking away from the other, another one seems to be leading the other.

When I do readings for others I tend to just give the information of whatever I feel first, then relay actual card meanings. Like you said the more you practice the more intuitive you become, but if you’re drawing a blank that’s perfectly fine too. It could be that the message needed to be heard is already in the card meaning itself. Since the cards are guidelines, nothing is set in stone, and it lies with us to create our own fate; there really is no “wrong” message. Just like everyone may see the same cloud or inkblot differently, the messages that come through are for you and what you need to hear.


Thank you very much for the advice! I’m trying to see and feel intuitively, but somehow I feel blocked. Maybe it’s me?! I’m not letting go in order to feel it, and just rely more on the cards actual meanings.
Thank you!


The tarot use numerology in a big way. You can use this “shortcut” to help you.

@Francisco’s advice, regarding 1-10 and the “face” cards for regular playing cards, works well with real minor arcana cards, too. The major arcana have a lot of imagery you can use to create your own personal meanings.

For the major arcana:

  1. pick up a card
  2. ask yourself what does it mean to you
  3. then try another card
  4. do this once a day until you are comfortable with your own personal meanings

In this way, a card can mean one thing with one deck and another thing with a different deck.


That is some wonderful advice about intuitive card readings, @gambit! I think I’ll start doing dual interpretations when I draw to get some practice with this. Sounds like a great method! :+1:

I love the idea of combining numerology with tarot, @praecog29! :star_struck: It seems that a lot of the cards I use have interpretations that don’t touch on the card number. I agree this is a great place to open up creativity and connect our own personal meanings :grin: