I Need A Spell! Can You Cast A Spell for Me?

I have to say, I love doing what I do with The Eclectic Green Witchery. I love providing people with a safe, trustworthy, witchy source. However, I am very shocked at how many private messages I get asking me this very question, "I need a spell, can you cast a spell for me? "

The simple answer is, NO . No, I will not do a spell FOR you.

But WHY?

“I have zero vested emotional attachment to your issues.” – I know sounds harsh, but read on…

Have I ever spoken to these people that message me out of the blue? No. Do I know anything about them? No.

If I’ve never spoken to you, and the first thing you message me with is, “ Hey, cast a spell for me? ” The answer will always be no. For one thing, this is rude and for another thing, it’s super rude!

I mean you could at least open the conversation with a “Hello!”

This is not mean or heartless for me to say either. I’ll tell you why…and of course, don’t get me wrong, I can and will sympathize and/or empathize with people and their situation, but I don’t have that personal connection with them or a personal connection with their situation. Especially if we’ve never spoken before!

You are energy. Your situation is energy. You need your energy to deal with your situation.

The only person on this planet that has absolute 100% vested interest in your issues is YOU. Period. Only YOU will have the unadulterated energy to place into a spell for you and your situation. Only you have the precise power to perform a spell on yourself, for yourself.

Have I made my point yet? Ha-ha!

What I CAN do, is help guide you, give you ideas, give you a direction to go in and even help you find places to gather your supplies and all the things you would need. What I CAN do is direct you to my YouTube demonstrations, what I CAN do is show you some trustworthy websites and books to read, but ultimately the research, the study, the commitment, and the magick must come from within you. The magick must be done by YOU if you want success.

Now, what I WOULD do and HAVE done in the past, if someone asks me for a blessing, or “hey please send me good vibes” and I feel I have the energy to spare, I will add them to my meditation, I will add them to a small ritual of my own to help manifest good things. But what I won’t do, is go out of my way and research, buy ingredients, write a spell, piece it all together, do the spell, and clean up from the spell just because some random person on the internet asked me to. That is not how this ‘spell stuff’ works.

This is a very serious practice for those that are truly committed to this path.

Sometimes when I see people asking, “hey, can someone do a spell for me?” As a witch that has read book after book, conversed with elders, researched the internet for hours. Spent numerous amounts of money and time to take courses on certain topics…poured my blood, sweat and tears into my practice, to be met with someone asking, “do a spell for me.” It makes me mad, and it makes me want to slap a witch. :slight_smile:

Now when I see this question, I perceive it as, bluntly as this, “Do this spell for me, as I don’t want to exert any effort on my own. – I’m lazy.”

Now, with that said, don’t start to panic if you truly don’t know what to do. It doesn’t mean you have to start writing your own spells right out of the gate. You can certainly start your practice by reading from another’s book, but let me tell you, when you really let go, and allow yourself to feel that energy flow through you, when those words come from your heart, come from your soul, that is where the true magick happens. The true connection to the energy of the universe.

The entire point of spellwork is the experience of the energy. It’s the changing of your vibe, your thoughts, your words, your actions. YOUR energy.

Let’s talk about scammers. OY! These people drive me nuts! THERE ARE SO MANY! They are the complete opposite of what magick truly is!

If someone is charging you $500 to help ‘unhex’ you, or help ‘bring love’ into your life, they are full of horse crap. Yep, I said it. It’s nothing but shenanigans! THAT, my friends, is the biggest scam out there. People that prey on others emotions. It’s a scam, plain and simple . Don’t fall for it. YOU have the magick inside YOU. Trust the journey. Trust the process. Trust yourself and your intuition.

“But, Laurie, I am not sure where to begin!” If you really have no clue where to start, this is just one of many reasons why I started our Facebook group, for educational purposes. To offer people with trustworthy sources. As I said before, there are a lot of scammers out there and not so trustworthy sources, so I wanted to create a safe place for all paths, for all levels. I wanted a place for Maidens, Mothers and Crones. A place that includes everyone no matter what religion, gender, political stance or skin color. All I care about is if you are kind.

Please, be mindful and don’t come into the group and ask someone to do a spell for you! Put in the work. Put in the effort. Feel free to ask for direction if you are feeling lost, ask for guidance if you are feeling overwhelmed. There are several qualified and amazing people within the group to give you some very sound advice and direction.

BUT once you’ve been assisted, you must now be willing to put in the work and continue the research on your own at that point. Read books, read articles, and read the plethora of files that are located in our Facebook group, visit the YouTube channel. When you feel ready and confident cast your own spell, using your own energy. I promise you, there is no better feeling!

You can post about your spell experience in the group if you wish, and we will cheer you on!

For those of you already doing your own spell work and rituals – ROCK on with your bad self! If someone asks about spells or spellwork – kindly, point them in the right direction, offer them knowledge and support, but don’t do the work for them.

Remember, no, is a complete sentence and there is no reason to feel badly about saying it.

Until next time, Live, Love and Magick!


PS - and of course check out Francisco’s YouTube as well!


Asking others to do a spell for them is plain rude! Someone once asked me over and over again. I just ignored that person. I did at first try to help guide them in the right direction. I do understand your frustrations. :exploding_head:


I was flabbergasted LOL This person, no clue who they are…messaged my business page.

“Cast a spell for me.”

It was not even worded as a question.

Not the first person either…but his was the last straw and the motivation to write this article lol.


I reckon Cast a spell for me is about as nice as a demand to be picked up from the airport when they have a ride already, they’re just being lazy.


Or… “fix my marriage”

Wait…WHAT?! lol.


Or clean my house for me! :angry:


LOL. Too true. You’ve got to put in the work if you want results.


I’ve asked for guidance or advice, but I would never ask another to cast a spell for me. Rude, yes. Also, how would you trust the others intentions as that is the root to all magic?
Kudos to No, a small word with bountiful power.
Blessed Be,


Guidance, advice and support are to be expected in groups. I don’t mind that at all. It’s the demands lol.


Lol…demands are never an option. What kind of person demands a request anyway? Delusional ones obviously… :rofl:


Great post @SilverBear!! Thanks for your efforts in educating Witches!! :clap: :clap:

My two cents: Anyone who asks for someone else to cast a spell on their behalf is missing the point entirely.

Saying “I’m not a witch” or “I don’t have Magic” so “can you cast a spell for me?” means that they don’t really understand how Magic works!

Everyone has access to it!! Magic works whether you believe in it or not! And Witchcraft is the art of using Magic for your own good!

(Having said that, I believe we can also use this power to help those who we care about and who consent to it :+1:)


I can’t imagine asking someone to do that for me. I would ask for advice about the type of ritual or spell that I should do for myself, but I wouldn’t even consider casting one for someone else. Especially someone from the internet that you have no vested attachment to in the first place!


I agree completely!

A friend of mine asked me awhile ago if I could do a spell for her; she was having some anger management issues after a bad breakup. Now, the situation was of course a bit different, seeing as she is my friend whom I know very well, so I knew she wasn’t trying to be rude or lazy, but that she just didn’t know much about magic and spell works.

I did of course tell her that I can’t deal with her emotions for her, only she can do that, but I wrote a spell for us to do together. She did the main work, I just guided her through it - and luckily it worked very well :blush:


This is so beautifully written- and yes! :raised_hands: It is understandable when those new to the practice are hesitant to give magick a try, but there is SO MUCH to gain from that first attempt! No one can ever understand your situation like you do, and thus, any magick you do will always be, in my opinion, the strongest and most meaningful to yourself :blush:

A witch has every right (and plenty of reasons!) to turn down those unwilling to put in the effort on their own. And I think if you do spells on someone else’s behalf once, they’ll likely keep coming back for more and never learn for themselves! It’s like that old saying:

"If you give a man a fish, he’ll have food for a day. But if you teach a man to fish, he’ll have food for a lifetime" ~Maimonides


Awesome!! I’m sure your friend appreciated that a lot more than if you had just done some work on your own and kept her in the dark!


In all my troubles I have never asked anyone to do my spell work that is plain LAZY I think too! Like you said you don’t know exactly what’s going on and to be honest! I’ve been a Witch for not that long and I know that you need to believe in myself, to create change! It starts with the spell work, and ones intent on the circumstance! I appreciate your honesty, and would never ask you to do my work! Anyway I appreciate you walking me through my magical experiences if when in doubt I don’t understand or have questions or help with motivation! You always have my back! This witch is not Lazy! I own that I just finished my kitchen witchery spoon! Thanks to you, I learn from the best! I feel my life really about to change thanks to spells 8 and the theory behind magic! You need to do the work because it’s a mental process! One must trust the process!


Demanding spell work from someone they don’t know is extremely rude. Strangers and rude people don’t deserve the time and resources I put into my craft, if so they are interested in is using me. I would never say no to a close friend that doesn’t practice Wicca and is asking for candle magic, though. Sometimes people are hurting and they don’t have time, the strength, or the ability to do the spells themselves.

Education of the craft, of energy, of intent and will, etc. is all important in it’s proper time and place. I much rather teach someone how to research and to do things themselves. I much rather practice with them than for them. But I can’t deny someone dear to me a spell in their moment of need.

Maybe I’m wrong on this?


I agree with you! For my friends and family in need I will always try to help with any spell work i can do for them. What’s a good book on candle magick? I think I’d like to start learning more about candle magick in the beginning of the 2021. Want to start buying colored candles. Any great sites to buy from? I’ve checked out on amazon but not sure. Some of the candles have mixed reviews. I use my votives for the simplicity of it. Mostly always white, only because different colored votive candles aren’t easy to find locally. Thank you.
Blessed Be


That’s funny! :joy::joy::joy::rofl::joy:

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If it’s someone I KNOW…and have a connection with, I would always be willing to aid them. I however, will not help someone I don’t know and they message me with “hey, do a spell for me” LOL