WC 18th January - The Sun in Aquarius, First Quarter Moon and Vesta is Retrograding

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

The Sun in Aquarius :sunny: :aquarius: 19/01/2021

On 21st December 2020 Jupiter and Saturn aligned in Aquarius for the first time in nearly 400 years, aka The Great Conjunction. This is a rare cosmic event, which many believe will usher in the Age of Aquarius, shifting our focus towards unconventional thinking and humanitarianism.

Aquarius energy asks us to be more progressive in our thinking. Its about fresh perspectives and embracing the unique and the unconventional. This energy will be felt heavily in February when a whooping 7 planets (The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn and the asteroid Pallas) will come together in the sign of Aquarius creating a Stellium :ringer_planet: More information on that to come in February :blush:

As mentioned above, Saturn and Jupiter are already in Aquarius and The Sun will be joining from 19th January. When The Sun is in Aquarius, we are motivated by our hunger for knowledge, experience, and originality. Innovation is more important to us than convention. We become more aware of what is outdated in our lives, and strive to find new perspectives and new ways to do things :dizzy:

A lovely way to welcome The Sun into Aquarius would be by honoring the element of Air - I’m planning on using the Spells8 Air Elemental Invocation Chant the morning of the 19th January during Sunrise to welcome The Sun into Aquarius :aquarius:

Air Elemental Invocation Chant

Vesta :fire: Retrogrades in Virgo 19th January until 20th April 2021

Vesta is an important baby planet or asteroid :comet: linked to sacred feminine energy. Vesta, the keeper of your spiritual flame, represents the sacred feminine creative energy that allows you to dedicate yourself to aspirations, plans, and goals. Vesta shows where you have a nun-like devotion to a cause, project, person, or belief that is sacred to you.

Vesta is retrograding - which means we will “feel” the energy from the planet internally, and we need to go on a journey of self discovery :relieved: in order to express those feelings externally. This process helps you develop a deeper understanding and strength of the traits associated with Vesta.

It is worth noting the planet is retrograding in Virgo :virgo: - In Virgo, the mood is geared toward busy productivity and adjusting with minor tweaks here and there. It favors clearing, refining, purging, detoxing, and organizing. It favors launching self-improvement schemes. I also feel its interesting to point out the links between Vesta and Virgo - Goddess, Virgins, Purity - it might be worth exploring theses connections during this retrograde :princess:

I have included links to some interesting articles on Vesta and also a way to find out where Vesta is in your birth chart incase it’s of interest to anyone.

Vesta - The Goddess
The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology
Vesta in your Birth / Natal Chart

First Quarter In Taurus :first_quarter_moon: :taurus: 20/01/21

When the Moon is in Taurus we are motivated by the desire for serenity, security, peace, and comfort. The Moon is at her most sensual and constant in Taurus. Our basic impulses are to relax, resist change, and “stop to smell the roses”. Life slows down a little, and we get comfortable. We may also be inclined to stubbornness and materialism under this influence.

I intend to take advantage of the fabulous Moon in Taurus Meditations and spells recommended on the Spells8 website, to honor this First Quarter in Taurus:

Moon in Taurus Meditations

To encourage a deeper link with Taurus’ earthly pulse, I’m hoping to meditate in the garden or in the woods this week - weather dependent! :leaves:

A Final Note

The 20th January carries with it a potential for arguments as Mars, who loves to pick a fight, meets Uranus, the planet of electricity :zap: - Make a mental note to be extra kind to others, carry a calming stone and breathe. This is also a good time to try @SilverBear 's Anti Anxiety Jar Spell for an extra blast of peaceful energy around yourself and your loved ones :white_heart:

Have a Blessed week all X

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So, there’s alot going on. I’m always trying to keep up more with astrology. This definitely helps!!! Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I look forward to your astrology posts!


@Abs53 I have missed your posts! There seems to be a lot going on right now but it doesn’t seem too chaotic to me anyway. We have been through much worse than this and we all made it. I think I am going to do some calming spells and carry a stone or 2 with me for some time. I have gotten away from it and need to get back to doing it. I felt better when I had them with me.


@christina4 and @Siofra, thank you so much for your kind words :blush:

I’ve realized over the past few months how much joy I get from Astrology so I’ve made it my mission this year to keep researching and learning and sharing as much as I can about it!

I feel so much more content when I work with The Moon and The Planets :full_moon:

This year is looking to be a lot less chaotic and a lot more progressive than last year - I cant wait to share more insight with you all over the coming weeks - be prepared for a lot positive, intuitive, creative and energetic energy coming in February :smiley:


Thanks for all this wonderful information!! I agree with you! Astrology is such a stimulating subject! :aquarius: :smiley:

I personally feel that we’re living in the Age of Aquarius since the start of the digital age. But perhaps we won’t reap the benefits of this era until it matures or passes this current stage of adolescence. Maybe until Pluto is in Aquarius in 2024?


@Abs53 I love positive. I have some things coming up and I am going to need all the positive energy I can muster. So any help from the universe will be quite welcome. I’m happy that the chaos has died down and 2020 got most of it out of its system. Maybe all at once, but it got it out. Sometimes we need a breakdown to start moving forward again.


This is fascinating- I also love reading your Astrology Newsletter, @Abs53! :heart: Thank you for sharing your wonderful wisdom and also for presenting in such a great way. You make it fun to learn! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::ringer_planet:


@Francisco That actually makes a lot of sense! Pluto being heavily linked to transformation, it kind of feels like it would complete the cycle once its in Aquarius :grinning: I’m really looking forward to the Stellium in February - I can almost feel the energy building now!

I cant wait for Mercury to retrograde - I know that sounds weird but I get such bad headaches in the shadow period prior to the retrograde, its actually relief once it gets here! Plus I use those 3 weeks to reflect on the progress I’ve made since the last Mercury retrograde and its now become something I look forward to instead of dreading :sweat_smile: :white_heart:


@TheTravelWitch thank you so much for your kind words, as always :grinning:


@Siofra I love that - need a breakdown to move on again - you’re so right. Fresh starts are the best :white_heart: