Repotting and Wishes 🌿 From Seed to Sprout

Brigid is dear to my heart and with Imbolg, I always try to do some sort of planting or growing. For this challenge, I wanted to include my Imbolg celebrations and my plant babies.

Imbolg heralds the beginning of Spring, regardless of where you live. Though the crocuses may not have poked through the frozen ground in your area, we know that after Imbolg passes and Brigid walks the earth, our climates will begin to shift into the seasonal transition. The days will get progressively longer, the weather progressively warmer (although this is subjective), and the quickening of the fertile land will become more apparent.

I bought these plants a few weeks ago when I went to a local farmer’s market. They survived well enough in their plastic containers, but it was time to give them new home so they can flourish fully.

Pictured is garden sage, rosemary, and a hopefully-still-alive peppermint plant.

I played some Irish music while I repotted these and just let my mind flow wherever it wanted to. The peppermint didn’t do so well in its original container, so hopefully moving it into a larger container will help give it some more pep. My garden sage just took off which really shocked me, honestly.

I also found this Daisy grow kits at Goodwill, so I bought two and my daughter and I created a wish flower. With the cultivation and growth of our daisies, so too will our wishes blossom.

Besides taking care of my plant babies, I made pancakes this morning, gave my offering to Brigid, brought in my Brat Bride from outside, and have plans for a cleansing shower in a bit before I continue my work. I hope you all have a wonderful Imbolg or Lughnasadh wherever you are!

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You have some lovely choices there and I can see you were very busy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I definitely love your spirit. I myself did a little planting a bit early on the full moon while preparing for Imbolg which was something I wanted to do for some time.

I actually planted two small baby ginger pieces and a pair of love tree, :seedling: which signifies my love for the divine :innocent: Its actually my first time witnessing Imbolg, with is very good :upside_down_face: I plan to celebrate by burning a cinnamon candle and meditating on good intentions while doing this.


It sounds like you’ve got some lovely plans! Planting on Imblog has always been a large part of the day for me :herb: as well as burning candles and leaving offerings for My Lady :fire: I hope your celebrations are wonderful!


Sounds as if you’ve had a wonderful holiday! Great job planting. I bet you peppermint peps right up after the shock of being replanted. It’s hard to kill peppermint.


A perfect way to spend the Sabbat! I have to admit I am jealous of your nice weather and lovely new plants, @MeganB :seedling: :two_hearts: :laughing: I’m afraid spring may still be far off here in Poland- it is so chilly out there! But you are right that Imbolc reminds us it is on the way. I hope it comes sooner than expected :blush::green_heart:



An Ode to Brigid

Buried in snow the blessed seed
The promise of future lay resting
Waiting the time of growth to be
when birds return to nesting
Come by sweet Brigid rest ye here
Be warmed beside our fire
Bless those who precious we hold dear
All stress and ills retire
Protect and keep us through these days
From the ignorant and heartless shroud us
Your cherished heart within us stays
Your clear pathways always lead us.
We lift a cup of beer to thee
and thank you for its slaking
We blind may see though in darkness be
Your gracious spirit in us waking.

                                       -  Berta Morgan


Beautiful prayer as always @berta! Thank you so much for sharing that and the wonderful pics!


I hope so, but I’ll keep you all updated :laughing: Right now, it is very wilty and sad looking. It doesn’t help that it has been extremely :wind_face: windy :wind_face: here the last few days, and colder than normal, but I’m hopeful that it perks back up!

It didn’t last too long :laughing: that night, we had our first heavy rainstorm in a while and it has been windy non-stop for a few days now! But yes, I do hope that Spring comes early for us all!

That is :heart_eyes: beautiful :heart_eyes: Berta, thank you so much for sharing!


Gorgeous pictures- and such a lovely Ode, @Berta :heart_eyes: I feel warm and hopeful reading it. Your talent shines through! :sun_with_face: Hope you had a very blessed Imbolc :blush: