🕊 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Earth-Friendly Witchcraft!

Very warm greetings to all! :blush:

Thank you again to everyone who shared their creative talents in last week’s challenge: The Thrifty Witch! After saving a bit of money for ourselves, it’s time to give back to a very powerful force in our lives :pray::deciduous_tree:

The theme for this week’s challenge will be…

:national_park::dove:Eco-Friendly Magick!:evergreen_tree: :sparkler:

This week is all about giving back to nature! Many of us draw power and inspiration from the world around us. Witches of all paths may use and look to the sun , moon, stars, and earth, or draw on elements such as fire, water, air, earth, or metal. There are also many deities who represent or are tied to elements of the world.

Since so much of what we do depends on the world around us, it is important to try our best to nurture and care for the earth that gives us so much! :hearts:

Are you ready? It’s…

:trophy: CHALLENGE TIME! :medal_military:

STEP 1: Practicing Earth-Friendly Magick :dove:

In order to complete this challenge, you are tasked with doing something that either gives back to the earth or promotes practicing in an eco-friendly way. You are welcome to interpret this challenge in your own unique style and apply to your individual practice. Creativity is very welcome!

Here are few suggestions and possibilities to get you started:

~Don’t be wasteful~

  • With the next Sabbat Lughnasadh almost upon us, it is time to celebrate the harvest and reap our bounties! As you celebrate, remember not to be wasteful- especially with all of the food that comes with holidays at this time of year! :yum::ear_of_rice:
    For more information about Lughnasadh/Lammas and how to celebrate, check out How to Celebrate Lughnasadh

How to celebrate Lughnasadh alone

  • When using plants, try to use the whole plant :herb:. Any leftover parts can be used in creative ways: other recipes, dried and ground into incense, or perhaps pressed and made into plant cards or bookmarks infused with your blessing and the medicinal properties of the plant.

From the Compleat Naturalist’s guide on How to Press and Dry Plants

  • After offering food on your altar, consider eating or composting the offering after the ritual, instead of throwing it away.

~Re-use materials~

  • Think back to last week’s challenge about Thrifty Witchcraft- instead of buying something new, maybe you can think creatively and re-use materials you have on hand in new ways. In addition to saving money, reusing is one of the Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to help reduce climate change and save the planet! :earth_africa:

  • If you used salt in a ritual or purification, you could then re-use the salt for a ritual bath! :bathtub: (*Keep in mind that if you used materials for a spell absorbing negative energy or forces, it is not a good idea to re-use them for a different purpose- you should safely dispose of these materials far away from you.)

~Try ‘Shinrin Yoku’ Forest Bathing~

  • Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku in Japanese) is a form of forest meditation that is becoming popular worldwide. Simple and easy, this meditation involves immersing yourself in nature to feel more connected to the earth and your inner self :woman_in_lotus_position::evergreen_tree: .
    Meditation expert Micah Mortali presents an introduction to Forest Bathing in his video here:

~Be thankful~

  • Consider doing a gratitude meditation in thanks for all of the wonderful things the earth has provided for you :pray: . A nature-based meditation focusing on mindfulness will offer your thanks to the Earth, and through expressing appreciation, you will feel your own spirits lifted as well :blush:! Here is a cute Mini Meditation on the theme of appreciating nature:

~Plant something~

  • Consider planting a new tree or plant- you can get a seedling or sprout, or begin from seed. To draw on your powers, imbue a seed with your intention or wish and then nurture it as it grows :deciduous_tree: If you’d like a spell, Danu Forest shared a Magical Seed Sowing Spell on the blog Witches & Pagans. Here is a passage from her blog post:

"Take a pot filled with soil or compost, and sow the seeds thinly upon the surface, before covering with a fine layer of soil or grit. Then water gently. If the pot has holes underneath for drainage, stand in some water for a while rather than water if from above so it can draw the water up from underneath.

Take another three deep breaths, and focusing your intention again, see in your mind’s eye the plants growing strong and beautiful, and your desires coming into fruition as they grow. Place your hands gently upon the soil, and send the seeds your love and energy, whispering any prayers for your desire into the soil. Thank them for the new life they will bring.

Tend to the plants gently and carefully, see they get the right amount of sunlight and water, and watch them grow, and take practical steps in your own life as well, to draw to you what you wish for. Over the next three months, as the plants grow and come to maturity, so shall your desires. See that it is for the good of all and harms none."

(From Magical Seed Sowing Spell by Danu Forest)

STEP 2: Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

In order to participate in the challenge, you must share your experience! Please feel free to create a new post in the forums (and don’t forget to mention the challenge!) or write about your experience below! :memo:

:exclamation: This challenge will be open for the next 9 days! :exclamation:

If you would like to participate, please post about how you practiced in harmony with nature by Midnight on Sunday, August 2nd! After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given.

For those that give back to nature that gives us so much, there will be a small prize awarded! All participants will receive a shout-out and a gift for their efforts :gift: .

A warm reminder that this challenge is very open- you are encouraged to participate in a way that reflects your unique practice :sparkling_heart: . There are no right or wrong answers so long as you practice respectfully, and there is no way to ‘lose’ the challenge if you participate!

The hope with this challenge is help you help yourself- to encourage working in harmony with nature, diversify and strengthen your magickal practice, and bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another :heart::evergreen_tree:

May you always find peace in the abundance of nature around you, as your magick brings harmony to yourself and to the world!

Blessed Be! :two_hearts:


Yayayayayayaay!!! I am so stoked for this! Earth friendly EVERYTHING is my life.

**Here are a few pics from Anchorage, Alaska :slight_smile: **


Beautiful pictures!! Nature takes my breath away! But also I control my breath in nature!


I love earth friendly anything! Ok. When I’m finished with a spell, I give back to nature by either simply disposing of the remains out in nature or compost for my garden. It’s funny bc what was said in the challenge I mostly do anyway. I press flowers and four leaf clovers. I’ve got a story for the clovers in another post. I feed stray cats and birds. I work at a shelter. If you couldn’t tell, I love animals and they love me! I had a woodpecker, dove, robins, a squirrel, dragon fly and lady bug all come up to me within the last couple weeks.


Excellent :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart: me and Connie usually meditate in the woods once or twice a week… I’ve got a couple of ideas for this one :heart:

Thanks @BryWisteria!


What beautiful pictures :heart_eyes: :heart: I’m in love with the Moose and her baby! Plus dragonflies are my favorite! This year there has been many more of them than the previous years…I’m okay with that.


Well today I bought some plants and flowers that were 75% off and were just dying on the shelf at the store. 3 lavender 1 rue and a few others, all annuals. Yesterday we captured a huge dragonfly (like the one in the pic above) that was stuck in the shed and set it free. And when i meditate in the morning it is always outside with just the sounds of nature and lots of birds. (i live outside the city on a dead end street surrounded by woods) :two_hearts: :slight_smile:


You were able to buy Rue? I can’t seem to find any here in Ottawa. I even went to the expensive Landscaping shops. I don’t have green thumbs to grow from seeds. So I’ve been on the hunt for some plants :). It seems you got some pretty good deals - 75% off. Whoa!!! :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I found 1 plant at canadian tire (its a canadian store) but u know that @ana6 lol I was shocked actually


Such lovely pictures, @janelle! :two_hearts: Thank you so much for sharing a piece of beautiful Alaska- you live in such a gorgeous place! It looks like a fairy tale come true :national_park::sparkles:

You are blessed to have so much nature in your life, @christina4! :heart_eyes: It sounds like you have a strong connection with animals- it is clear that practicing in harmony with the earth is a big part of your everyday life! :evergreen_tree::two_hearts:

You’re very welcome, @Abs53! :green_heart: I can’t wait to see what you and Connie decide to do! :deciduous_tree::two_hearts:

Nice find at the store, @Katt! :+1: I’m so glad you were able to save those plants and give them a loving home :herb::two_hearts:. Your morning meditation sounds lovely- seems like you have a good spot to connect with nature! :dove:

Thank goodness- we need those dragonflies! :two_hearts: The mosquitoes here where I am have been a nightmare lately, likely because of all the rain. Any good bugs who want to come and eat the mosquitoes are welcome at my place! :laughing: :+1:


Oh yeah! I am an earth elementalist!! I’ve always had a connection with nature and animals. I find serenity meditating and just being out in nature. Listening to all types of animals. Watching the sun. The moon. The stars. I actually have a tattoo of a crescent moon and stars on my neck. There’s vines that are entwined from the moon going down my shoulder like a swing. As a child, I’ve always wanted to swing from the moon! Sorry so long!! But, thanks for reading!!


This is my serenity my meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: place I love listening to the ocean it’s calming I can concentrate and I love to do my work there​:blush:


Oh, wow! Thanks so much for sharing these!! :orange_heart::orange_heart::eye:‍:left_speech_bubble::eyes:They’re amazing :heart: and I can tell how you could work and meditate there! Something special about water that’s so soothing!!


So nice to see the ocean. I miss it from when I use to travel to Cuba and watch the sun rise or sun set and the smell of the ocean air. Just seeing the pictures brings back wonderful memories.


Omg!! Its beautiful!


Oh I love this weeks challenge :heart_eyes:
As a vegan and animal rights activist, practicing earth-friendly magick is very important to me :herb: This is also a big part of what drew me into Wicca, the inherent respect and love for the earth, nature, and all creatures :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dizzy:

Forest Bathing is so much fun! It’s great in general when you can just be with nature for a while. I think it’s also good to find magic in small things - hearing the birds sing, feeling the sun on your face, having the wind tousle your hair… it doesn’t always have to be an elaborate ritual or spell, sometimes just taking a moment to breath and take in the nature around you can be just as powerful :blush: :dizzy:

I have two horses, and when I have the time I like to just sit on their field and watch them be happy :unicorn: especially after a long and stressful week at work it’s really healing!
116016837_631557564146433_2320956148215337271_n 115911011_970495076746847_3795263929922337817_n

Also I just visited my parents back home in Northern Germany, and their house is right next to a nature reservoir, where I made some new friends:


Figured I’d post some of the flowers we planted this year in front on our yard, along with some beautiful creatures too.

We are about to harvest some herbs to make some incense and peppermint tea.

When it cools down I’ll post more pictures of our herb and vegetable gardens.

This year we decided to stain the fence and make flowerbeds on both sides. Our prickly pear took off this year. We always trim those back every year.

We also plant new wild flowers every year for the bees.


This was my run yesterday! I’ve also booked 3 days of camping starting Wednesday. I will be doing some meditation as I’m in need :smiley:


Thank you to everyone for sharing such gorgeous pictures!!! :national_park::two_hearts: Seeing the beautiful landscapes and wildlife is so uplifting :blush::green_heart:

Your tattoo sounds lovely, @christina4! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My father built a swing for me as a child- I love sitting on it out in the woods and listening to the birds! :bird: I think swinging from the moon sounds like a beautiful dream to have! :full_moon_with_face:

You are blessed to have such a wonderful beach close by, @Katherine13! :beach_umbrella: What a peaceful spot to meditate- you must go early in the morning (or at dusk maybe?). It looks like you have the whole place to yourself for a relaxing time and soothing meditation! :blush: :two_hearts:

To Cuba, wow! How exciting, @Katt! :heart: Do you plan to go again sometime in the future? :airplane:

It sounds like nature is not only a huge part of your practice, but also that you have made the earth and its creatures a big part of your life, @christine4! :hearts: Say hello to your horses for me- they are lovely! :heart_eyes: :racehorse: What are their names? :horse::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Your gardens are beautiful, @daniel4! :sunflower: So neat and organized, and full of such lovely plants! :herb: I think it’s wonderful that you are supporting the bees by planting wildflowers too :honeybee:. Do you have hives in your gardens by any chance? :honey_pot: If not, I’m sure the local bees appreciate your love and care for them! :hibiscus:

You have a beautiful course to run on, @ana6! :running_woman::two_hearts: I hope you have a wonderful camping trip this week and enjoy some peaceful meditation in nature! :camping::dove:


I do plan to go back to Cuba at some point , but with my babies its not easy. I miss my horse that I had as a teen, he was a x-mass present one year from my mom.

Yesterday I harvested some veggies from my garden and replanted the chives in hope to get more b4 the cold comes back fo another 8 months. YUCK