Challenge Entry - Witch of Love and Light

:clock3: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!
:white_heart: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Into the Light

My entry for this challenge is this simple blessing from the amazing @BryWisteria with a white candle and a feather. I decided to make one for my mum as she is having a minor surgery tomorrow for a torn hamstring.

I performed the simple blessing took the blessed feather and placed it on my altar, I added a piece each of black tourmaline, tiger’s eye and clear quartz. A sprig each of lavender and rosemary and a little salt crystal. I allowed the candle to burn itself out. I added all of the items to make mum a little protection charm baggie for her to take with her.


I love that! I hope all goes well with your mum! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awesome! I make up pouches for my daughter to keep in her backpack for protection or so she knows that I love her. She has a pocket in the backpack that she can keep them in & they won’t get lost.

I hope your Mum starts feeling your love & blessings when she has the pouch with her. Great entry.


Beautiful! Good luck to mom!!


Lovely work! I hope your Mom has everything go okay!


I love all of this. I hope your mom has a fast and safe recovery from surgery. :heart:


Beautiful work, @jessica72- I think you took the spell and brought it to new heights, I love the additions you included! :herb: :gem: :blush: The set-up looks lovely and it sounds like the ritual went smoothly. Congrats! :sparkles:

Wishing all the best to your mother during her hamstring surgery today. May the procedure go well and that she has a speedy quick recovery! She is very blessed to have you at her side and I am sure the protection charm baggie was much appreciated :purse: :heart:

Really great job and thank you so much for sharing, Jessica! :raised_hands:


Awesome job! Love and light to you and your mum and best wishes for a speedy recovery! :heart: :heart:


I hope everything went well with your mom and she has a speedy recovery! :sparkling_heart: