🔮 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Fortelling the Future

Warm greetings and merry meet to all!

Thank you again to all those who joined in on last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge- Potion Making.

Stirring bubbling cauldrons and creating concoctions have been associated with witchcraft throughout history and have become a pillar in many practices. This week we will peer into another foundational aspect that draws many to use their innate magickal talents.

The theme for this week’s challenge is…

:crystal_ball::sparkles: Soothsaying :sunrise_over_mountains::dove:

[ sooth-sey-ing ] noun

  1. The practice or art of foretelling events.
  2. A prediction or prophecy.

[Definition from Dictionary.com]

What wonders does the future have in store for you? Although some may be hesitant about peeking at events yet to come, there is a certain intrigue and temptation into looking at our future :mag_right:

Depending on your personal beliefs and stance on free will, some may believe that fate is cast in stone while others may see the future as something ever-changing and malleable.

On your journey into soothsaying, you may interpret your readings however they appear to you- as events sure to come or perhaps as guidance to steer you away from calamity.

To learn more about building your intuition and delving into divination practices before you give it a try for yourself, visit Lesson 7 of the Holistic Witch Course: Intuition and Divination :crystal_ball:


Ready to see what lies ahead? It’s CHALLENGE TIME! :trophy:

STEP 1: Divining the Future:crystal_ball:

The art of predictions and making prophecies is shared by cultures around the world- there are many traditional practices that you can use to look into the future!

Soothsaying and the art of foretelling can also be referred to as Divination. While some forms of soothsaying like Haruspex may require extensive training and specialized tools, you may be surprised to find that other fortune-telling methods are much more accessible.

You likely already have divination tools on hand!

Here a few beginner-friendly soothsaying methods you can do at home:


Scrying is the art of looking into an object and reading the symbols, shapes, and signs that appear to you. You can peer into a crystal ball if you have one, but your choices are unlimited.

You can scry using regular crystals, mirrors, or even glass marbles! :crystal_ball:

~Dice Divination~

Fan of board games? Open up a game box and get out the dice- they aren’t just for fun! The seemingly random array of numbers can be interpreted to give you the answers you seek.

Get out your dice and give it a try after reading the Guide: How to Use Dice for Divination :game_die:

~Ornithomancy/Roman Augury/Bird Readings~

Ancient Romans developed a way to turn bird-watching into an insightful activity- consider taking some time to see what messages the birds have for you!

There is a lot to learn about the history and practice of reading omens from bird watching in the post: Ornithomancy :bird:

~Tasseography/ Tea Leaf Reading~

Tea is a beverage celebrated around the world- did you also know you can use it for magick? You can use tea to Answer Your Questions, practice Tea Magick, and relax with Tea Mediations. But when your cup is empty, the real fun begins- read the leaves and sediment to predict your future! :fallen_leaf:

You can learn more about how to get started with tea divinations in the post Tasseography: Tea Leaf Readings.

~Reading Cards~

Tarot cards and Oracle cards have been developed specifically for divination purposes. If getting a deck and learning to read are of interest to you, you may want to check out A Quick and Easy Tarot Guide to Self-Readings and the Complete Tarot Course :flower_playing_cards: .


Don’t have a tarot deck? No worries! It is possible to use a regular deck of playing cards to make predictions too.

~Other Methods~

In the post Other Little-Known Methods of Divination, Francisco goes into detail about the following methods:

  • Cromniomancy- reading omens from onion sprouts :onion:
  • Capnomancy- predicting events by looking through smoke :cloud:
  • Omphalomancy- divination by examining a woman’s bellybutton :pregnant_woman:
  • Onychomancy- reading a reflection of sunlight on your fingernails :nail_care:

~Historical and Traditional Divination Methods~

For anyone fascinated by divination methods from around the world, HarvardX has a free online class called PredictionsX: Omens, Oracles, and Prophecies that goes more into detail about predictive methods and their cultural/ historical significance.


Several of the methods discussed (such as using Egyptian Statues, Haruspicy, and the Oracle of Delphi) would likely not be practical for the modern solitary practitioner. However, the class is free and I found it to be very educational- it is a great source for Divination enthusiasts curious about the history of this fascinating practice!

STEP 2: Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

To participate in the challenge, you must share your soothsaying experience!

What method(s) of divination did you try? and How did it go?

You are very welcome to share any insights or revelations about what you saw, but it is also understandable if you wish to keep personal details private.

For your entry to be counted, please write about your experience below and/or create a new post in the forums (in the Recommendations category!). If you create a new post, please tag the challenge by adding a hyperlink or link back to this post - thank you! :grinning:


All those who cast their magic into the future to reveal the secrets of what lies ahead will receive a special shout-out and small prize for their brave endeavors!


:exclamation: This challenge will be open for 6 DAYS! :exclamation:

To join in, please post about your divinations by 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time) on Tuesday, October 13th!

A Props and Presents Post will appear in the forums on Tuesday after the deadline. After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given.

A warm reminder that this challenge is very open- all are encouraged to participate in a way that reflects their unique practice.

There are no right or wrong answers so long as you practice respectfully, and there is no way to ‘lose’ the challenge if you participate! :raised_hands:

By exploring new aspects of magick and trying new practices, the hope with challenges is to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in fun ways!

May the fortunes guide you safely through the years and foretell much happiness and great joy awaiting you in days to come!

Blessed be and delightful divination to you! :crystal_ball:


This is my dowsing pendulum that I just purchased on Monday. It was interesting in how I came into possession of this specific one, as there were several to choose from. I simply asked each one if I was Brenda. The majority were unimpressive with their responsiveness. This one; however, swung wildly when I asked the simple question, then immediately stopped when it was finished answering. I knew I had my pick.

One of the things one must do when preparing to use the dowsing pendulum is to ask the simple questions of “show me yes”, “show me no”, and “show me maybe”. I’ve noticed that it does have some yes’s and some emphatic yes’s. And definite no’s. I’ve not had any maybe’s yet.

This morning, I asked a few questions:

Will I have a job by the end of the week (emphatic yes)
Will I fall in love again (emphatic yes)
Will I marry (emphatic no)
And I asked about who will win the US presidency (ha, now I know, but won’t share)


This oughta be interesting! I didn’t know all the methods that you listed were even possible… the belly button :sweat_smile: oh wow! Not for me but to each their own. I was going to use my chakra pendulum but @brenda10 beat me to it lol I’ll just share my morning reading from my new Oracle book that @Limeberry recommend. It’s called Daily Oracle by Jerico Mandybur.
I usually do these readings after a tarot or Oracle reading.
First, I center and ground myself.
After I feel a calm sense of peace, I rn my fingers over the pages. When I feel ready, I open my page and read the message.
Here is today’s message:


I love working with my pendulum. I’ve used many but my chakra pendulum is my favorite bc it has a sassy attitude like me :sweat_smile: seriously, it has its own personality. It only likes to be charged a certain way! On top of a citrine chunk. Held a certain way, and asked a question in a specific manner. We have a fun relationship :smirk: anyways I like yours and it must be special if it called to you and works better than the others.


@brenda10 I love working with pendulums, I feel they give me the most factual and direct answers.

That’s so neat that you had an almost instant connection with that particular pendulum!!

@TheTravelWitch Awesome idea for a weekly challenge!! :smiley: I think I know what I will share!!


What a great way to test pendulums and find one that resonates with you, Brenda! Your set-up is beautiful as well- I love the aesthetic and especially that butterfly :butterfly: It sounds like you found a trusty companion with quite the personality- I hope your pendulum has good news about the upcoming election! :laughing:

Thanks for sharing your experience and insights about connecting with pendulums! :blush:

“Your Sensitivity is Your Superpower”- a lovely and positive message that reminds me immediately of your recent Daily Affirmation! :superhero: You’re a superwoman, Christina! :raised_hands:

Thanks for sharing your morning reading ritual- this sounds like a great way to get the day started off right :grin:

Thank you, Francisco! Very exciting- I can’t wait to see what you will share :grin::crystal_ball:


Ohhh this is a little bit of me :joy::blush: hmmm I’m thinking maybe tarot cards and bit of astrology. Maybe focusing on the first 6 months of 2021 :ok_hand:t2:


I didn’t even notice that! I told you they’re always on point :blush: they usually do resonate with me. Thanks for pointing that out! I’m journaling that in my well just a journal I write about divination experiences. :heart:


I pull a Tarot card every day so I thought I’d share today’s pull. The question was, what kind of energy would I have today.

Unfortunately I got the Three of Cups, reversed.

What I see: Disharmony, overindulgence, bad luck all around.

What the book says: Gluttony. Abundance turning into lack. Pleasure turning into pain. Talents are hidden and unappreciated.

I think this card is warning me that I have to keep my attitude good today, or else I might drag myself down. That I need to be positive and not worry so much.

So that’s what I see for today. Although I am interested in getting a pendulum that I can work with, the one I have doesn’t like me so well. Hope this is good for the challenge! :smiley:


Just did a quick week ahead tarot reading for my best friend! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think I will do a tarot pull, but I might also look into either runes or the dice method.
Runes interest me, I made a set but have not used them yet.


I don’t know how exactly it fits in, but I sometimes do dream interpretations, and have for a very long time. It is how I realized I was mystically inclined. I had a dream where I was sitting in my grandparent’s kitchen having coffee with my grandfather. We were just catching up. He was asking me about things that had happened since he had passed away. Everything about the dream told me that this one was not a dream, but a visitation from beyond. The dream made me feel comforted that my grandparents will visit me from beyond.


hmm this one will be a real challenge for me


My single card pull was the Seven of Cups. Cups being connected to emotions makes sense for me, recently. The book associated with my tarot says " Stop building castles in the air, dont be distracted by flights of fancy". I’m interpreting this to say that I need to remain grounded, but focused on what I want to achieve.
I don’t see myself as a person with her head in the clouds persay, Im usually pretty down to earth. I do though get in my head a bit about how I think things should be based on the outlook of others, a thing I hate. For example, the last two days my back has been a bother and I wasn’t able to do my normal chores around the house, which really bothers me. But in my mind I automatically go to what if someone came over, (not that I have anyone that would) and saw my house like this, what would that say? Personally, I’ve always thought that little thing is due to me being a stay at home mom and home schooler (until recently both girls graduated in May) I feel like the house and the kids were always my job so I made sure to have things done and schedules kept. I’m so OCD I even have a Housecleaning chart that lists specific things to do on certain days. :rofl:
Wow, look at me just rambling on… lol.
Anywhooo…I think I really need to incorporate a card pull every day.
Blessed Be
p.s. thanks for letting me ramble… :smiley:


You are an astrology pro, @mrs! :star_struck: Ohhh I hope your cards and readings have some good and positive news for the new year. I’m hoping for redemption after the chaos of 2020!

You were right on, @christina4! :laughing::+1: Great idea to record divination experiences in your journal- they will be fun to look back on in the future :open_book: Enjoy!

You took a darker card and turned it into something positive- well, done @Kasie! It sounds like your tarot practice is coming along amazingly and you are really resonating with your deck- so exciting! :flower_playing_cards: Yes, the reading absolutely counts- thanks for sharing! As for the pendulum, they can indeed have personality. If you have the chance to “meet” some in-person in a shop, that might be the best way to find one that works with you :gem::blush:

Lovely setup, @LimeBerry! :two_hearts: I hope the cards showed good things coming for your friend very soon :relaxed:

All good choices, @Tamera :grin: Feel to cross-check with different methods! It can be interesting to ask the same/similar question and see what answers each methods gives. Good luck and have fun! :raised_hands:

That sounds like such a lovely and soothing visit from your grandfather, @brenda10. It is heartening to know that he checks in on you to make sure all is well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I believe in you, @Katt! :+1: Is there any method in particular that seems interesting to you? If you have dice or playing cards at home, those are easy methods. I personally love tea-leaf readings because it forces you to think in fun and creative ways! :laughing: If you don’t have loose-leaf, you can cut open a tea or coffee bag to get the leaves :fallen_leaf:

I loved reading your insights, @Tamera- and I agree with your card interpretation :flower_playing_cards: It sounds like you have a lot on your mind at the moment, it may be that your life is a swirl of one task after the next right now! Taking some time to ground yourself (meditation and journalling especially) could really be helpful to get you through times of hustle and bustle around the home :house:. Keep up with the card readings- it seems like your deck is trying to give you some helpful advice and encouragement! :grin:


I’ve been really interested in using dice but can’t seem to find a method that resonates with me. I keep searching and searching! I don’t want to say it but I’m thinking that they just aren’t for me in my path right now. :disappointed:

EDIT: I recently came across this. It seems really complicated but I’m still curious!


I forgot to interpret my message:
I believe it’s saying that because I’ve been so sensitive to my others emotions that I need to take a step back and take a moment for me to recharge. I’m always giving out energy but I need to receive (healthy) energy as well.


That’s a beautiful tarot deck @Tamera! Which one is it?


Thanks hon! Yesterday turned out well so I feel sure I avoided whatever the negativity was predicted for me. Thank goodness.

I don’t have a metaphysical shop around here to go meet a pendulum in person, sad to say. But I found one on Amazon that pulls to me and a pendulum board so I’m hoping to get them both later on and start to work with it. There are some days I just want to know if the day is going to be good or bad, nothing really in detail. I figure the pendulum will be better than the tarot for that.


Orshmagorsh I’ve been getting super into this :joy:
Apologies for the lack of pictures for yesterday’s tea. It felt strange but right using the lapis lazuli to assist in the reading…
This morning I’ve done another reading with coffee and I’m sorry to say, Harry Potter fans, I have The Grim :joy: :joy: :joy:
Upon further inspection I’m also seeing: a bird, a couple of hearts, the numbers 9, 5 and 3, the words ‘love’ and ‘happiness’ (inside the long cross), infinity symbol, and the letters GB and P and B :smirk: some of these have interesting meanings to me others notsomuch :joy: what can you guys see? :heart:

Without my scribbles: